Monday, November 14, 2011

Snowmen Set....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I have missed you
ALL so very much! I'm still very busy with the store but
I had a little free time and thought I would post for you today!
It has been a very crazy few weeks already! We've been trying
to clean the store up for the customers and make it an easy
shopping experience for them.... We've received lots of comments
on how wonderful the store is looking! Which makes us feel
really good about what we are trying to do. I've got my
Mom, Husband, sons helping out so much while I'm trying
to continue homeschooling Hunter & manage a store!
It's certainly been a juggling act! I've been working
12 hour days most of the time trying to get as much
stuff done as possible... I know I shouldn't overwork myself
but this is a passion right now that I keep thinking about...
I've had several sleepless nights about what still needs
to be done to the store... I came up with a great name....
Or so I think anyway! It's called "Second to None" Thrift Store!
I was laying in bed not able to sleep when it came to me, so I
had to get up and write it down before I would forget!
I've had many people say they like the new name as well....
The women I got the store from was a wonderful lady but
she had a Hoarding problem! At least that's what I believe
and so do many other people who've come into the store
and have said to me... There is sooooo much stuff it
would make you go crazy! Really! No lie on that!
We had to get a second storage unit to store the items
that we've already sorted through and relabeled...
And have many, many more boxes and bags to go...
But we are open and business has been very good!
We just hope it continues through out the holidays.
I've decided to make some baskets to sell for those
around town that can't afford to shop at major
retail stores during the holidays...
I think our gift baskets will be great for them to purchase
so they can still get something nice for someone and
 not spend a lot of money! I was really surprised by how
many NEW items come into the store.... With the TAGS still
on them! WOW! That's when I thought the gift baskets would
come into play... I've also started to sell some of my cards
there too.... I figured I have so many of them.. why not
help the store out by selling them! I guess I could go on and on
about my new adventure but I will stop at this point and
show you something I made... Actually I've made 2 of them
before but forgot to take a photo! UGH! I made sure
when I made it for the third time to take pictures!

The snowman in the front was made using my IMAGINE!
The Cartridge was "Enjoy the Seasons"
The Box was created using a Sizzix die
I used DCWV "The Christmas Combo Stack"

Card stock is from Stampin' Up
I also used Cuttlebug Dies and embossing folders
The Friends with the snowmen was cut out
of the DCWV paper and popped up....
The silver string through the ornament is from SU...

I used some Core'dination CS and My Tim Holtz
Sander.. Stamp, Ink, Oval punches are from Stampin' Up
I also used Christmas Red Stickles
The design with the bird is also from the DCWV paper
pack... I just cut it out and popped it up....

 Here is the set completed! I made this set because I
was asked by one of my lovely neighbors last year if
I would do a craft class for them this year.... At the time
I said YES because I thought is was nice that she asked me
and I felt I would have the time to do it... That was a year ago!
Sooo when she reminded me again the middle of October, I
 said YES again because the store was not an option for me
at that point! Then a few days later the store came up and I
was like oh no! But since I did promise her I would do it....
I kept my word! Sooo I came up with a super quick holiday
gift idea and told her I would teach the ladies at her church
how to make this! I told her everyone will make a different one..
Since the stack has 3 sheets of each design.... They will all be
holiday related just not the same paper! :o) I think this turned out
pretty cute for a quick gift set and made in a couple of hours
one night... She needed this as the sample for the ladies to see what
they were gonna make and sign up for... I just hope it's about
20 people instead of like say 50! Cause I don't know if I could make that
many packets in time! LOL I also thought I would share that
I haven't even started my Christmas cards yet! YIKES! I would
normally have a few done by now... Let's just hope I can get
mine done before Christmas!
Well that's about it for me today! I guess I've talked your
ears off! LOL I MISS ALL OF YOU SO MUCH! But I look forward
to the day when I can get all of the things done for the store
and take time off to just create! I know it will be soon....
In the mean time I will still try to pop in when I can....
I hope each and every one of you have a safe and Happy