Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cricut Cardz Challenge #109


Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope your short
week is going well.... Thanks for all the wonderful comments
yesterday! I LOVE reading them!!! :o) Today is Challenge Day

"You Did it"
Your need to make a card for Graduation!
Using any colors or cartridges you'd like!
(REMINDER: You Must Use Your Cricut)

Super easy peasy to do.... right? :o)
Here's what I came up with!

I wanted mine to have a whimsical feel to it! :o)
Cartridges - (OWL) Hoot N Holler (Cut @ 3")
(Star & Background shapes) George & Basic Shapes
(Grad Cap) Everyday Pop Up (Cut @ 1")
(Congratulations) Birthday Bash (cut @ 4 1/2" wide)
White Brad
Googlie Eyes
Designer Paper - Little Yellow Bicycle
My card is a 4 3/4" square card....

OK... Now you've seen what I've created... let's see
what you create! Don't forget to stop by my fellow
Design Team members blogs... They did a fabulous
job as always! :o) Thanks soooo much for stopping
by and Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pretty little butterfly.....

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a
wonderful 3 day weekend! Mine was busy... I don't want to
tell ya more than that cuz you may get worn out from reading
all about it! LOL Soooo I'll just show you a card that I made!

I totally took this from the April "Cricut" Magazine....
I fell in LOVE with the card that Kristen Swain made....
It was this BEAUTIFUL Butterfly card.....
And you all know I'm trying to make cards for my MIL....
And my brain is getting wayyy tired.... so I thought I would
try to re-create her beautiful card.... Well here's mine! :o)

 I really loved how mine turned out and realized yet again....
I can't send this one to my MIL!!!
It's tooo bulky for her to mail off.... Sooo that means
I get to keep this one! YEA ME!!!! LOL
So I had to make her something else.... :o)

Sooo.... in honor of our 2 year Blog Anniversary that has come and gone
earlier this month and the fact that one of my cards is IN the
April Cricut Magazine.... I'm gonna give one away!!!!!

All you have to do is be a follower and leave
a comment under this post! In about a week
I will pick someone from to
receive this Magazine and ummmm
The Butterfly card I posted today!!! :o)

Sounds like a good idea to me! :o)
Thanks so much for stopping by and for
always supporting me and my sister with all
your wonderful feedback/comments... They mean
soooo very much to me and her.... :o)
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Imagine- thinking of you.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I'm starting
to skip days.... Busy, Busy, Busy soooo I'm gonna make this a
super quick post for ya! I hope you don't mind.... :o)
Here's my project!

As you can tell... I used my good old Faithful Imagine again! :o)
This is one of the cards for my MIL.....
Cartridge: Imagine More, George & Basic Shapes

I don't have the sizes since it's in my CCR Program and
I didn't have time to go open it and check... :o)
But I did use the separate button for the center
scallop/oval/butterflies.... And I resized them....
Then Popped them up! That's it! :o)

Thanks soooo much for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Digital Shadowing....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I Hope you all had a
Fabulous weekend! I sort a kind of did! LOL I was working
my tail off trying to get those cards done for my MIL! I'm
still working on them.... I have about 7 more to do... I had to
make 24 cards sooo you can imagine how much time it's taking
to get them done.... I'm also trying to get my Design Team cards done in
advance so I won't have to worry about them during the month
of June.... I got only 1 of those done... ugh!

My hubby already started building my new counter for the store....
And I'm super busy at the store with the sale... Everyone is shopping!
Yeaaa!!! It's been great but there is still tons of tops to sell! :o)
I'm also working on getting someone else to work at the store...
A couple of friends of mine told me about this women who
has several children and can't afford much... So I'm gonna
ask her if she would like to come work for me in exchange for
clothes and things for her family.... It would help us both out!
I'm hoping she'll say YES! So I won't be running back and forth
from one store to the next while getting it all set up....
Keep your fingers crossed for me that she agrees! :o)

Well, Let's see what I can show you today! :o)

I made this card last month for our Monthly card Swap!
I used "My Digital Studio" to create this.... I watched a video on
how to make a digital Shadow.... Sooo I had to try it! :o)
Everything is from Stampin' Up.... I don't know if you can tell by
the picture.... but the shadow is around the digital flower stamp.....
I then added a border, printed & cut it out.... I also printed
& cut the second layer (Book print).... The Stripes & Floral
Background are Designer Papers.... So there is noooo
cricut on here! LOL It's just a simple Hybrid Card!
It looks really pretty close up & in person! :o)
Any way.... I gotta go get some more cards done!
Thanks sooo much for stopping by!
I hope everyone has an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Day!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! It's the middle of the
week already! YEAA!!! That means the weekend is getting closer! :o)
I have a very busy week going on right now! I'm trying to get a
bunch of cards made for my MIL and today starts my 2 week sale
at the store.... And Tomorrow is my card Swap night and then
Friday is Crop til ya Drop! Soooo, I'm trying to get ready for all these
things... UGH! Can anyone tell that I like having a hectic life? LOL
Don't worry... I'll be fine! This is how I work... It's ALL GOOD! ;o)
Any whoooo... today is Challenge Day over at:

The Challenge is "May Day" make a card
for ANY Occasion
using FLOWERS from any cartridge!
(Reminder: You Must use your CRICUT)

So here is what I came up with......

I'm not gonna lie when I say I LOVE how this turned out!
My inspiration came from the fact that I needed to make
HELLO cards for my MIL! So this one kind of just
came to me while playing around in the Cricut Craft Room!
As you can tell... I used my Imagine! :o)

I added Clear Gems to the centers of the flowers...

I Probably could have tighten this one a little more..,
But all in all I'm really happy with how this turned out!

Of course after making this card.... I realized that I can't
give this card to my MIL! WHY??? Cuz I like it too
much! LOL Just kidding... I can't send it to her because the
flowers are to thick for her to mail out.... Sooo this is mine to
keep! YEAAA!! But I did make her an exact copy except
that I used some flatter flowers, so she could still mail
it off to someone if she'd like too! :o)

Here are the details:
Card stock, Ink - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Enjoy the Seasons Imagine Art Cartridge
Cartridges: CTMH Art Philosophy (Card) Cut @ 8.347 x 5.389
(Pink Layer)  Cut @ 4.181 x 5.153
(Blue Floral layer) Cut @ 3.875 x 4.889
Enjoy the Seasons Imagine Art (Oval Scalloped Shape) Cut @ 2 1/2"
The Center Oval was cut using the Separate feature 
& I cut out a 2nd Oval to Pop it Up....
(Hello) was cut using the separate feature on the Basket
with flowers image... Cut @ 1.3 (2x's)
Flower Shoppe (Flowers) The Green Flower was Cut @ 3"
The Dark Pink Flower was Cut @ 3 1/4"
The Yellow Flower was Cut @ 3 1/2"

Now that you've seen what I've made, it's your turn!
I look forward to seeing all your fabulous creations....
Speaking of which... Make sure you check out the other
design team members creations.... they are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Thanks sooo much for stopping by... Have an


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Handsome Layout....

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your week is off
to a great start so far! The weather is getting nicer & nicer and
the kids will be out of school very, very soon... Like this week! LOL
Well the older boy still has 1 more week but the younger one finishes
this Friday... :o) I LOVE Summer vacation.... I stay up late and sleep in
and oh wait... I gotta store now.... I can't do that! Awwww POOP!
Any who... I guess they can sleep in and stay up late while I try to get my
store moved over the summer..... I guess I'll get a vacation some day! :o)

I know the Photo Quality stinks! SORRY bout' that!
I just can't seem to take good shots of 12 x 12 Layouts!

I used My Mind's Eye Designer Paper & Embellishments.....

I used my Cricut for the word "Handsome" and for
all the "Scallop borders".... I Don't have sizes or cartridges
for ya... Sorry again! :o)

I believe that's the last of the Layouts I did at the
March Crop til ya drop! It'll be awhile before
I get my hands on any more Layouts.... I think I'll stick
to making cards for now.... they can be easier to do!
 I'll be back tomorrow with my Card for the
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Rocket #9....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend?
Did all you ladies out there have a Fabulous Mother's Day? Guys will
be next in line since Father's Day is next month! :o) How was
every one's week last week? Mine was busy as usual... Did
get to see my oldest son and have dinner with him... It was
nice seeing him and his room mate.... I was able to get
my new clothing racks for the store... They didn't have several other 
things that I needed..... I guess now I'll have to place an order
online for the rest of the items... I just dread paying the
shipping on it! UGH! That's business I guess! :o)
 I'm gonna have a BIG sale going on through the rest of this month....
I'm trying to shrink the LARGE inventory of clothes we have... I had to get a
3rd storage unit! (YIKES) And this doesn't include any
furniture mind you.... It's mostly CLOTHES!!! Seriously.... I should
have just a plain old clothing store at this rate.... :o) I have nooooo
room to sell Furniture so I've been telling people who ask to go to
Moab.... they have a Thrift store down there that has one building
for clothes and the other for Furniture.... I gave them what little
bit I did have cuz I just don't have the space like they do....
Even with the move, I don't... I just hope having this big clothing
sale makes a dent in my stock.... Of course it doesn't help when
people are still dropping off more clothes everyday cuz it's
sooo nice outside that they're having yard sales! LOL
I mean I never have to worry about inventory.... but I do have to worry
when I have wayyyy to much of it! And YESSS I've donated lots of
stuff already! We have a women's shelter that I've donated bags and
bags and bags of stuff to and the other thrift store in Moab and
I've tried our local churches,etc... I can see why the previous owner
had soooo much stuff... sometimes it's hard to get rid of.... no matter
what you do.... :o) But as you all know... I'm a trooper and will carry
on as usual and do what I can for my store... :o)

I guess you didn't come here to hear about my store issues.... Eh?
Here is the other Birthday card I made for Hunter Last week....
By the way he LOVED the Crab card and this one too! :o)

Yup... Another Imagine Card! Have I told ya
that I LOVE my Imagine? Well I do! :o)
I miss my original one... this newer one I'm still
getting use to... I mean it works and all.... but I can
tell the difference between the 2 machines... :o)

 Cartridge: Blast Off
Stamps: Megan Elizabeth
Card stock & Ink: Stampin' Up
Twine: Bakers
Corner Punch: We R Memory

I Cut the rocket & #9 out 2 x's..... Then popped them up
I added Twine to the rocket thruster to make it look like flames...
I don't have the sizes.... Sorry... It's on the CCR Program and
YESSS... I'm to lazy to open it and check the sizes! LOL

Any whoooo, Thanks soooo much for stopping by
and reading ALL the way down to the bottom of this post!
I hope to get a spare moment this week to check out
some of your blogs... Keeping Fingers crossed!
For now... I hope you ALL have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Hunter!!!!

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone! I Know you're all surprised to
see me posting on a FRIDAY!!! Well there are 2 reasons for this....

#1 - I won't be able to post next week due to my trip up North! I'm gonna
see my oldest son and get my new racks and things for the store.... It's
going to be a looong trip and has to be done in a very short & quick period
of time.... UGH! Not to excited about that really.... But it needs to get done.....
I have to close my Store on Monday because the place I'm getting my items
from is only open Monday thru Friday! Another UGH!!! But that's ok.... I got
my plan laid out (as I always do) :o) And hopefully I can get most of the items
I need for the store... Keeping fingers crossed.... Ok.... My eyes, toes, legs too! LOL

#2 - I want to wish my sweet little boy a very
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hunter turns 9 today and he's soooo
excited about it! They're soooo cute when there that young!
For his breakfast, he asked for Krispy Creme Donuts....
Now remember I don't live in a big city... I live in a really
small town..... Luckily we have a Maverik Gas Station and they
carry lots of things including "KRISPY CREME DONUTS"!!!
Thank goodness for that! LOL They're delivered fresh everyday
 so we got some yummy ones... :o) It's not a big selection or
anything but he was happy with his choice.... Oh... and Guess whats
for dinner???? MAVERIK's!!! Yesss.... they also make Fresh Hot items
like Hamburgers, Tacos, Pizza, etc.... Soooo he wants to go there for
dinner instead of me cook him a dinner! He's wayyy to funny!
He did ask me to make his cake.... So I still gotta do that....
But I thought I would post the card I made for him....

YUP! I'm breaking in the Imagine that I got back! :o)
I designed this card in CCR... Basically all I do
is design my Imagine cards in CCR, then I
 put the measurements in the machine directly
 from the design that I created, then I cut....
I don't use the CCR to cut the images out.... WHY?
Well... #1 it takes FOREVER for it to read and think
about what it needs to cut and #2 CCR is still not all
that great working with your Imagine... Sometimes
it works sometimes it doesn't! And I don't have time to play
around with it and waste a ton of paper... Which I have in the past...
#3 I borrowed my Everyday Pop Up Cartridge to someone and had
to use my Gypsy for the cake cut! LOL

Cartridges - Buccaneer Imagine Cartridge (Crab) Cut @ 3 1/2" (2x's)
(Happy Bday Matey) Cut @ 2 1/2" (2x's)
(Striped & Cross Bones Paper) Cut @ 4 1/2" (using George & Basic Shapes)
and flood filling with designs from the Buccaneer Cartridge
Everyday Pop Up - Cake Cut @ 2" (and Flood Filled with
designs from the Buccaneer Cartridge)
I  inked around the edges and I used
some Glossy Accents on the White of the Crabs eyes, Dots on
the cake, and the flames....
Used my WeRMemory Corner punch too

Yes.... I did the inside too! :o) Card stock is
Stampin' Up of course! And the strip
is a piece I cut off from the front of the card...
The Monkey & Shark were cut @ 1 1/2"
I used Stampin' Up Dimensionals to pop
everything up! I hope you guys like my card...
I hope Hunter does too.... I'm sure he will! I did make
another card for my older boys to give to him...
But I forgot to take a picture.... I'll post that
one next week when I get a minute!

 I hope to see everyone next week... And I hope
everyone has an AWESOME WEEKEND!!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There's no other, Like my Mother.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! The Week is Half over! YEA!!!
It's been nice and warm outside... NOT HOT!! We don't get HOT weather
like most of you do.... Sorry bout' that! Just remember we get super COLD
instead! :o) All my Fruit Trees are blooming and my Tulips are popping up!
Ahhhh.... Feels like SPRING to ME! tehehhehe... Today is Challenge day

The Challenge this week is "There's no other, like my Mother"
Make a card for Mother's Day using ANY Cartridge and Colors you'd like!
Reminder: You Must use your Cricut!!!
Super Easy Peasy don't ya think? :o)
Well here's the card I created for this weeks Challenge!

I used my Refurbished (New) Imagine to create this card!
I gotta say I like my OLD Imagine Wayyyy Better!
Even though it stopped working with my computer and gypsy...
It was still wayyyy better than this one! LOL

I used the "Separate" button for the (Love You) &
made it in 3 layers and popped it up... I also added
dimension to the frame and bird section....
Sorry I don't have sizes for ya... I created this in the CCR Program
and didn't feel like opening it up to get sizes.... OOPS!

Card stock - Stampin' Up
Everything else is from the Lori's Garden Imagine Cartridge
This is a great cartridge to have for your Imagine....

Well... Now you've seen what I created... Let's see what
you come up with for the Challenge over at:
I'll try and stop by to say HI! Don't forget to check out
what the rest of the Design Team has Created.... They ALL
look FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks for stopping by....
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! How's your week going?
Mine is going... that's all I'm gonna say about that! LOL
I'm here today with a quick post and a Tuesday Layout...
Soooo here we go!

I know I'm wayyyy off for Halloween... But I needed to
get these pictures on a page.... Right... :o)

Really simple and quick to put together....

Ohhhhh a Scary Spider! EEK! NOT! :o)

The Haunted House was cut from
Holiday Cakes Cartridge - It was cut @ 7"

The Pumpkin basket was cut from the
Autumn Celebrations Cartridge - Cut @ 6 1/2"
I cut the pumpkin 2x's and popped one of them....

Well that's my quick post for today! I'll be back
tomorrow with a card for the CRICUT CARDZ CHALLENGE!!!
Thanks for stopping by! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!