Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summertime, Summertime, Sum,Sum, Summertime!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone! Have I got ya humming
to a song??? Hummmm? Well today's post involves Summer!!!
we challenge you to make a Summer themed card!
Can't get any easier than that... Right? :o)

Here's what I made for this challenge...

To me...Summer means going to the beach or taking a vacation
which you all know I could use right about now! LOL
I actually designed this card last year in the CCR program
and never cut it out.... Soooo I thought this challenge was
perfect for this card! :o)
I used Life's a Beach,
Create a Critter
Blast Off Imagine
Hopscotch Imagine

I hope you join in the fun over at
and don't forget to check out the rest of the
Design Teams cards, cuz they all look FABULOUS!!!

I wanted to let you know that I'm participating
in my Friend JOVAN'S BLOGAVERSARY which
is coming up on JULY 3RD!!! She's having a great
giveaway to celebrate her blog... I know you're all
thinking how could I have time for a blog hop?
Not to worry.... I always have time to participate in a fun hop! LOL

Oh... And I'm completely out of the OLD STORE NOW!!! YEAAA!!!
I just need to go back and vacuum/shampoo the carpets... And we've
already started to get things up on the shelves in my new store!
The book room is almost done thanks to my MOM!!!
The craft room & linens area are done thanks to my SISTER!!!
And I had some time to get the electronics up on a shelf too!!!
Today will be shoes, dishware, some more clothes....etc... :o)



Monday, June 25, 2012

Howdy Pardner....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! Sorry I've been MIA!!!
But the store closed on Friday and we've been moving all
kinds of stuff out of the old store and into the new one...
I'm already exhausted and I'm not close to being done yet!
My sister came down to help us out for a couple of days....
She's really not in the best shape to help due to her medical
issues... but she said she could handle it and has been a trooper!
I know she's in pain but she still keeps trying to push herself to help....
I was up til 4:30am Sunday morning working with my hubby.... We
had everyone else go home and we stayed to work some more.... Normally
I don't work on Sunday.... but I did this weekend.... after finally getting to bed at
5:30am we got up at 11:30am and back to work I went... About 10pm I got sooo
worn out that I said it's time to go home so I could shower and get some laundry done.
I need to have clean clothes to work! :o) Any way... it's really just been a lot of packing
and moving right now.... I'm hoping to be completely out of the old store by Tuesday!!!
Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can do that!
Ohhh and that drill we rented WORKED!!
Yesss.... I got my shelves up in the book room and my mom is pricing them for
me today! :o) I have lots of stuff to put up on shelves and the new place is really
starting to take shape.... I'm looking forward to opening day! :o) 
As it gets closer I'll take some new pictures of the store so you can
see the big difference! :o) But for now... I have a card for ya!

Now... just an FYI... I don't have any time to craft right now!!
This is one of the cards I made my MIL last month...
I got a bunch of cards done before June 1st so I could focus
on getting the store done.... :o)

I used my Cricut & my Silhouette on this card!
I LOVE how this turned out... and so did she! :o)
The card shape & Banners were made on my cricut and the
boot was made on my silhouette.... I inked the edges
around the boot and used a zig pen for the design shape
on the boot... it really looked like a worn out boot in real life!
I HAD to add the gems and I wrote the sentiment out myself....

Well that's about all I have for ya today! I'll be back on
Wednesday for the Cricut Cardz Challenge!
Thanks so much for stopping by and have an


Monday, June 18, 2012

Umbrella Hi....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope you guys had a
great weekend with it being Father's day and all.... My oldest son
left this morning with his friends..... I had a house full of young men!
It was nice to get to know my sons friends.... It's nice to know who
my kid is hanging with... Yes I know he's an adult... but the "MOM"
in me still likes to know things! :o) Any who..... Sorry I haven't stopped
by your blogs in awhile.... Just way to busy... I promise once we get open I'll
be able to stop by more frequently like before.... It's just a few weeks
away yet! I did remember to take pictures of the New Store.... I haven't
downloaded the pictures yet but I will.... Hopefully this next Sunday I'll
have a free moment to download them and show you what the new place looks
like.... Of course when you see the pictures.... you may think to yourselves....
It doesn't look like she's done much!!! Cuz That's what I was thinkin' when I
took the shots! LOL I thought 12 hours a day for this???? WHAT???
But as I said before... the clothes are the most time consuming part of this
whole process.... I've already priced and hung well over 2000 pieces
of clothing! Nothing else yet... Just clothing! We did start to get the shelves
up which I'm happy to see going up... Once they go up I think things will be
10x's faster! I also had a few bumps in the road this past week and I
actually started to have a MELT DOWN!!! Like CRYING!!!! UGH
I didn't cry but was on the verge.... between being exhausted and having
shipping issues I was about at my wits end.... I'm Ok now... Sort of! LOL
I just have to keep reminding myself that it will be over soon and then I
can get some much needed rest! Or so I hope anyway! :o)

Enough about my crazy busy life.. Let's see a project! :o)

I made this card for my MIL... YESSS!!! It's one of the cards
I needed to get made for her.... I like how this one turned out....
I finally used some ribbon I had been hanging onto because I
thought it was toooo pretty to use! I know I got issues! LOL
Any who... I used my Imagine for the designer papers and I used
an EK border punch and I used some other cartridges that
I really can't remember at this time.... But it's a nice clean
simple card... :o)

Well I guess that's all I have time for today....
Thanks so much for stopping by and always being supportive!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm so glad you're my DAD!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I've forgotten to take
my camera with me the last 2 days.... But today I'm gonna take
some pictures for you.... :o) In the mean time it's CHALLENGE

The challenge this week is "I'm so glad you're my dad!"
Make a card for Father's Dad!
That should be easy for everyone to do!

Reminder: Make sure you use your CRICUT!

Here's the card I came up with for this challenge.....

I welded the Shield together from the Father's Day Cartridge
I used the JT Imagine Cartridge & the Industrial Glow Imagine Cartridge
for the Designer paper....
Punched out the tag shapes & Inked around the edges
The Sentiment is Computer generated
Bakers Twine & Papertrey Ink Button
and that's all she wrote! LOL I also made
a white shaped shield for the inside so someone
could write their message to there dad!

Well I hope you like my card for this weeks Challenge....
Make sure you take a look at the rest of the Design Teams
cards cuz they ALL look FABULOUS!!!

I know this is a quick post but you guys know
how busy I am right now.... Thanks so much for stopping by &
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! Or is it a Happy Tuesday???
I'm not sure as yet..... All I know is that it's 2:30am and I can't sleep
because I'm to busy thinking about all the things I need to get done
 at the new store location! UGH! I also never heard back from
that lady my friend told me about..... My friend said she was thrilled
with the idea of working in exchange for clothes & stuff..... But she hasn't
called me yet... I guess it's gonna have to be "Plan B".... Which I really
didn't want to do but I'm gonna have to.... Plan B involves my mom whom
I asked out of retirement to help me.... She agreed to help, and I try to have
her work only 3 to 3 1/2 hours a day.... But as I've said in previous posts.....
I can't be in both places at the same time.... So now I'll have to ask my mom
to work all day at the store while I spend all my time at the new location
setting up... UGH! I was really trying to avoid this idea at all costs....
I'll be asking my mom in the morning.... I know she ain't gonna like
this, but hey.... She's my mom and I know she wants to help me.....
I guess I'm gonna have to do something extra special for her.... :o)
Since you're here I might as well show you another card I made for
my MIL... Here it is.....

Card stock, Ink, Brad - Stampin' Up
Designer paper - Bo Bunny
All the cuts were made with my SILHOUETTE
This is another 99 cent download.... it was super quick
and easy to do and put together.... I just sized it @ 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
The (Hello) Font is from my computer... can't remember the name of it... :o)

Ohhh..... I don't know if I told ya this before... But another wonderful
thing about the (SILHOUETTE) is that you can use your CRICUT MATS
in their machine!!!! YESSS... It's true! Cuz I'm using mine and it works
just fine! I think the Silhouette mats cost more and you only get 1 mat...
Where as the Cricut mats are less and you get 2 to work with...
Seriously.... you can't be that! :o)

Well that's all I got for ya today.... Maybe if I'm up late
again tonight.... I'll post some pictures of what my store
looks like.... then I'll take some pictures of the New Place
for you to see my progress..... Hummmm Let's hope
I'm not toooo busy, so I can do this! Eh?

Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Smooch Birthday.....


Hello and Happy Friday!!! I LOVE Fridays!!! It's the end
of the week and usually I get a couple of days off.... Of Course
It's June and that's soooo not gonna happen! But I can sleep in
cuz I'm the boss! LOL  I thought I would take a couple of
minutes to post something.... Cuz I don't know if I'll get time this next week!
Here's a simple card I made for my Mom....

My Mom's birthday was this past Sunday.... and I wanted to make her
a little something since I already gave her, her gift
earlier in the month.... Luckily my Silhouette was here to
rescue me!!! They have lots of shapes and things on
their site.... but what I really like are the "QUICKIE" cards
they have for 99 cents... And since I made this at like 1:30am
That Sunday morning.... it was super easy! I just needed paper!

 Card stock/ Designer Paper/ Button - Stampin' Up
Baker's Twine
All the cuts were done with my Silhouette.....
I measured it out to fit on a 4 3/4" square card....

Well that's it for me this week.... I hope you all have a Fabulous
weekend and have an AWESOME DAY Today!!!