Monday, June 18, 2012

Umbrella Hi....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope you guys had a
great weekend with it being Father's day and all.... My oldest son
left this morning with his friends..... I had a house full of young men!
It was nice to get to know my sons friends.... It's nice to know who
my kid is hanging with... Yes I know he's an adult... but the "MOM"
in me still likes to know things! :o) Any who..... Sorry I haven't stopped
by your blogs in awhile.... Just way to busy... I promise once we get open I'll
be able to stop by more frequently like before.... It's just a few weeks
away yet! I did remember to take pictures of the New Store.... I haven't
downloaded the pictures yet but I will.... Hopefully this next Sunday I'll
have a free moment to download them and show you what the new place looks
like.... Of course when you see the pictures.... you may think to yourselves....
It doesn't look like she's done much!!! Cuz That's what I was thinkin' when I
took the shots! LOL I thought 12 hours a day for this???? WHAT???
But as I said before... the clothes are the most time consuming part of this
whole process.... I've already priced and hung well over 2000 pieces
of clothing! Nothing else yet... Just clothing! We did start to get the shelves
up which I'm happy to see going up... Once they go up I think things will be
10x's faster! I also had a few bumps in the road this past week and I
actually started to have a MELT DOWN!!! Like CRYING!!!! UGH
I didn't cry but was on the verge.... between being exhausted and having
shipping issues I was about at my wits end.... I'm Ok now... Sort of! LOL
I just have to keep reminding myself that it will be over soon and then I
can get some much needed rest! Or so I hope anyway! :o)

Enough about my crazy busy life.. Let's see a project! :o)

I made this card for my MIL... YESSS!!! It's one of the cards
I needed to get made for her.... I like how this one turned out....
I finally used some ribbon I had been hanging onto because I
thought it was toooo pretty to use! I know I got issues! LOL
Any who... I used my Imagine for the designer papers and I used
an EK border punch and I used some other cartridges that
I really can't remember at this time.... But it's a nice clean
simple card... :o)

Well I guess that's all I have time for today....
Thanks so much for stopping by and always being supportive!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!



Jayne said...

Pretty card Theresa. Well done using the ribbon... I have too many things I don't use and just adore! Lol!
Hope things get easier soon!
Jayne x

Norma said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the crazyness going on but it will all be worth all the hard work you are putting into your business:) Big hug for you my friend!! Yet still you manage to pick in to post a project:) amazing! Take it easy as we will all be here once you are all done. Your card is so PRETTY and love the soft fell of the colors.

Jovan said...

Super cute card!

Sharon said...

This is so very pretty!! Love the striped paper!! And that gret umbrella! The ribbon and border punch are the perfect touch.
Hang in there my friend!! It's almost over!!! You can do it!!!! I believe in you!!!!! :)

Stephanie said...

This is really pretty.Great cuts and beautiful paper. Ribbon is a great detail. Hope you get some rest soon.

girlia said...

I agree with Jovan. Super cute.

Sherrie K. said...

Oh, you card is super cute. I love the pattern paper and the pretty lace:) love it!!

I am sorry things have been a little nuts for you. Take care my friend-things will get done. Hang in there!! Hugs!
Sherrie K

Cricut Couple said...

I just love your card! I totally understand the tagging thing. Been there, done that. It takes forever, but when it's all done, it's SO worth it.