Monday, April 30, 2012

Mr Man.....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had
a fabulous weekend! Mine was busy as usual... Had some free
time around 8:00pm Sunday night.... :o) I did have a great time with
my Friends on Friday night.... We had a yummy dinner and went to
go craft... the funny thing is... we didn't craft much! We talked, and talked,
and talked.... It was soooo much fun and I feel we got to know each other even
better because of it! They left about 3am then I stayed up a little longer (like 5am)
All in all I can see doing this again and again! :o)
Today I want to wish my oldest son Mathew a Very Happy Birthday!
He turns19 today! I'm going up North this weekend to
do some shopping for my new store and I've made plans with him
to grab some dinner to celebrate his birthday! A little late but at
least I'll get a chance to see him.... Cuz this may be the only chance
I get for a long while.... I'm looking forward to it! :0)
Sooo on with today's card!

I know Mother's Day is coming up.... but I couldn't resist this
card from the Cameo Downloads! I've ALWAYS wanted to make
a shirt card, and they always sounded like a lot of work!
Soooo this was wayyy easier to make...
This is a 99 cent download from the Silhouette store and comes
with Different ties and gives you the option to cut it with a tie or without....
I thought a plain simple tie would be fine... This is going to be my
FIL's Father's Day card!  I'll get a Mother's Day card done next....
I PROMISE!!! :o) All I did was size it to make it a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card...
removed the other ties and spread all the cuts out on the mat
then picked the colors I wanted cut out....
YESSS Just like the Cricut/Gypsy would do!
Inked around the edges and attached it to my card...
That's it! BAM!! A simple Father's day card! :o)

Card stock Base, Designer Paper, Ink - Stampin' Up
I used Bo Bunny double Dot for all the other cuts
Brad - My stash

Oh... I wanted to let you know something else about this wonderful
Silhouette Cameo Machine.... If you upgrade to the Designer Edition
Software... You can.... You can... Ummm..... DO RHINESTONE DESIGNS!!!!!
Oh YEA BABY!!!! It will let you create your own rhinestone designs or
you can get their huge collection of rhinestone designs.... That I-ROCK
will be working over time!!!! :o) Any whooo.... just thought I would let
you know about it.... I'm gonna try and show you one, one of these days.....
In the meantime..... Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Winner Of the Giant Flower Cartridge!!!!

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone!! I was gonna post the winner
yesterday.... but... Blogger is not working right since they changed it!
Every time I have it scheduled it won't post! UGH!!! Why schedule it
if it won't work??? Any who.... Sooo I thought I would pop in today to
tell ya that I found my chairs for my 2nd scrap room!! YEA!! I actually
found them at Wally World! I told ya I wanted to find fold up chairs that
were also comfortable... right? Well, last week when I took a trip to Wally
World they didn't have any chairs.... sooo last night I had to take my mom
shopping and went by the chair section and there they were! They only had 4
available and that's OK for now... I want 6 of them but I'll take what I can get!
They have a cushion bottom and back and I think they look nice too...
I guess I'm not ALL about the matchy, matchy stuff.... I just want something that
can be used and is comfortable for my friends to sit on while they craft with me....
I also got a lamp for my room too! As I posted before... It has GREAT LIGHTING
during the day with the Curtains open.... But at night it's not so great and I
like to work in bright lighting.... Soooo I got a lamp that has 5 lights on it and
can be turned in any direction... It's one of the ones they sell for Teen Rooms! LOL
I'm gonna take a picture later today and post it for ya.... So you can see exactly
what I'm talkin' about.... I think it will do the trick of lighting the room up more
at night.... Sooo we shall see since I have a Stampin' Up Party in
that room tonight! :o) Any way.... I guess you want to know who the winner is???

Well I used the thingy off to the left of my blog....
and put in the number if comments and I really tried to
copy and paste the outcome.... but it didn't work....
Does anyone know how to do that?? Any who...

The WINNER of the

#31 AMY E. Who Said:

     Happy birthday! I hope it was amazing and that all
                     your birthday wishes came true (and with a Cameo...I just bet they did!!)

   CONGRATS AMY E.!!!!!!
Thanks soooo much to everyone who left such wonderful Birthday wishes....
They all meant a lot to me and it was a lot of fun reading them ALL!!!
YESSS I read them ALL! :o)

Amy send me your mailing address to the e-mail address
I have listed under my name on my blog...
Make sure you title it "Giant Flower Winner"....
You have 1 week to claim your prize!!!!

Congrats again and I hope everyone has an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! It's already the middle of
the week! WOW! This week is speeding by quickly! :o)
Well, I've made 2 cards using my New Cameo... And I gotta
tell ya that I'm liking it more and more... :o) Here's another
difference for you between the Cricut & Cameo... You know when
you cut out a "CARD" with your cricut machine using the card feature...
It leaves those "Cut" lines... RIGHT? Well the Cameo doesn't make lines like that....
This machine makes the preforated lines... which gives the card a
better look... more subtle.... (I think) And I don't have to make a
score line cuz it adds those light preforated marks... Looks more
professional in my opinion... :o) Folds really easily too.....
I'm working on more cards for my MIL! She got the Birthday
cards I made her and she asked if I could make her some
Hi/Howdy cards again! I did a series on those before... Now
I gotta make some new ones... UGH! Let's hope I get them done
in a timely manner compared to the last set I made her! LOL
Here's 1 of the cards I made using my Cameo....

This card is one of the downloads I got... She likes western
type stuff and it looked pretty quick and easy to do.
 The "Hat" is a card download which came with 2 other pieces
to add on it.... I used Stampin' Up Designer paper for it.....
 I added the "Howdy".... Which is another AWESOME
feature... It's a FONT from my COMPUTER!!! How
 COOL is that? I can use ANY FONT FROM MY COMPUTER!!!
And it cuts it out! That's totally AWESOME!!!
Then I just added some twine to tie it all together!
I did the hat shape on the inside in white cardstock so
she can write a little note to someone... This only took me
a couple of minutes to make and I think she's gonna like it!
They also had a western boot that looked neat that I'm gonna
make a card out of.... :o)

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you have an


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boyz Play!!!


Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Thanks for the comments on my new table!
My Hubby started staining it yesterday and it looks really nice with the stain
around the edge.... Back in October he built me an Ink Storage holder.... It was
suppose to be for my Anniversary gift.... But he never finished it! And it sat all
winter long in the Fire room.... Soooo I asked him if I was gonna get it before the
next Anniversary... Sooo he started to stain it as well.... Maybe it'll be in my Craft
Room too! Won't that be great! :o)
Well Today is Layout Tuesday or Temporary Layout Tuesday...
Since I only have a few more to show you and my time online
is starting to run short... We are heading into May which will be
the start of my new adventure with moving my store to a new location....
which means I won't be online as much as I would like.... Most of you
know this already since I've been talking about it for months! April
is creeping to an end and May brings new things and warmer weather!
Sooo here's a Layout for ya! I hope you like it.....

This one was FUN to do! Especially the photo's of the boys! :o)

Border Punch - Martha Stewart
Cartridge - (Boyz) Boys will be boys Cut @ 2 1/2"
(Remote) Cut @ 5"

I used Glossy Accents to make the buttons "POP" a little

Cartridge - (Play) Boys will be boys Cut @ 2 1/2"
Father's Day (Remote) Cut @ 3"

I used Glossy Accents on this remote too.... Wanted it to look
like a regular remote... :o)

Well I hope you liked my Layout! It was quick and simple
to do! Which is always nice when you're pressed for time! :o)
Thanks sooo much for stopping by... I'll be back tomorrow with
something I made using my New Cameo!!!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's My Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today's the day!
Today is my BIRTHDAY! I'm older than I was yesterday and younger than
my sister! LOL How's that for my age? tehehehe Are you ready for a giveaway???
I know I am! But first I want to show you a BIRTHDAY CARD!!!
Of course I didn't make this for myself.... I was actually making
cards for my MIL.... She asked me a looonggg time ago to make
her some birthday cards and it's only taken me FOREVER to do it!
Hey... at least I can say they are finally done!!! RIGHT?
Soooo the cards I've been showing you lately are cards that I
made for her... I have nooo idea what I'm gonna show you next week,
since I don't have any cards made! UGH! Any who.... here's a
Birthday card to start my Birthday off right! :o)

Card stock - Stampin' Up, Bo Bunny
Designer paper - Imaginisce (B-day Bash)
Red/White Bakers Twine
Cuttlebug folder - Number Collage
Cartridges - Ribbons & Rosettes (Rosette) Cut @ 1 1/2" (5x's)
Elegant Edges (Circle) Cut @ 3"
Everyday Pop up (Cake) Cut @ 1 3/4"

I used an Action Wobble to make it more fun! :o)

I also used some Glossy Accents on the
Frosting & Flames....

Well that's it for me for today!

oh....wait.... I have a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY still
to share with all of you!!!!

OK.... This is what I've decided to give away as
a Special Birthday Treat for one of you!


Now here are the simple rules on how to win
this great cartridge!

1. Be a follower! (I will check!)
2. Leave 1 comment on this post only!
That's it! I'm a very simple person.... I don't feel you need to
jump through hoops to win anything from me!

But this IS for my Followers only!

I will announce a winner next Wednesday using
Random.Org.... Sooo you'll have until
next Tuesday night (April 24th) to leave a comment for a chance to
win this cartridge!

Thanks soooo much for stopping by and Sharing my
Birthday with me! I don't have an exciting day planned because
I gotta work...... but my new TOY will be here today!!!
I'm getting my Silhouette Cameo today!!!!
I can't wait! Not that I'll have time to play with it
or anything... But I'll finally have it in my hot little hands!!!



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Driver's License.....

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! One day left til my Birthday!!!
I hope you guys come back tomorrow since I'm gonna have a
BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!! I'm sooo excited to share my birthday
with all of you that I thought one of my blogging friends deserves a
special gift on my Special Day! :o) Of course I have to work on
my birthday! BUMMER! But that's life when you own your own store!
I mean I guess I could close for the day but that would be silly...
I'm certainly not that special! LOL But I'm happy to turn another
year older.... Getting older really doesn't bother me.... I feel good and
I certainly don't act my age most of the time so it's all good in my book!
This will be the first year that 2 of my boys won't be around for it....
My oldest is off at school and won't be coming home this summer
either.... He's got a summer job up north and I'm sooo busy with
my store that I may not have anytime to visit him.... So this will be the 1st
year without him being here for my Birthday or Mother's day or Summer...
My second son has to work that day too! Sooo after school he'll head
to his job and won't be home til after 10pm.... Sooo It's one of those things
that life just gets in the way of... I'm OK with it of course.... Cuz I raised
them to be independent and I want them to have AWESOME lives!
Soooo it's something I've got to get use to.... At least my little guy will
be here! He's wayyyy to young to have a job or leave me just yet!
That's the price you pay when you have a baby later in life! LOL
Well... enough about my ramblings.... Here's a Layout for ya! :o)

I think this turned out pretty neat! :o) Let's hope my son thinks so!

I'm just gonna tell ya the cartridges and sizes of the cuts....
Cartridge - Locker Talk (Driver's) Cut @ 6"
(Car) Cut @ 3 1/2"
Disney's "Cars" - (Yield) Cut @ 3"
(Speed Limit) Cut @ 3"
(Caution) Cut @ 3"

Cartridge - Locker Talk ( License) Cut @ 6"
(Key) Cut @ 3 1/2"
Disney's "Cars"  (Stop) Cut @ 3"
(One Way) Cut @ 3"

I did use Glossy accents on the Key & on parts of the car!
I hope you like my Layout! Thanks soooo much for
stopping by! I hope to see you all tomorrow for my


Monday, April 16, 2012

Piece of Cake Hybrid.....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a
fabulous weekend! Mine was busy of course! LOL I did a
lot of cleaning and freezer cooking for the week! Have any of you
ever tried Freezer cooking? It's when you cook or prepare everything
then freeze it and pull it out when you need it for a quick meal or
breakfast. I do it every once in awhile and I wanted to get some done
for this week so I'm not overloaded by the end of the day and still have to
stand in the kitchen and prepare a meal! Soooo I cooked Breakfast Burritos
& McTheresa Sandwiches! The McTheresa's are my version of the MCD's
English Muffin Sandwich! I made about a dozen of each so my kids can
get a hot breakfast quickly and I know what went into their stomachs! :o)
I also precooked hamburger for Crock Pot Chili & Prepared my Birthday
meal! Chicken Enchilada's! YES.... I Cooked my own Birthday dinner!
You didn't think my lazy family would do that for me did you? LOL
Apparently I'm the only cook around here even though I taught my
kids to cook! Soooo YES I premade my Birthday Dinner..... All I'll
have to do is put it in the oven on Wednesday! And I'll have a lovely
dinner that I know what went into making it! tehehehe
Any who.... I guess you're not here for my freeze cooking methods are you???
Since this is my Birthday week I'll show you a Birthday Card! :o)

I designed this myself in My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up!
These were Embellishments from the "Piece Of Cake" Download CD
I got from Sale-A-Bration, where you spend $50 and get something
for free! I Love anything FREE! Especially Digital Downloads! :o)
Here's an example on how I created this....

Here is the First page I did....  It shows the design I made
The white Card stock was printed with the Happy Birthday Digital Stamp
on it and the 2 gifts (pg. 2)..... I always make 2, then I flip my Card stock
and print the other 2.... The reason I don't print all 4 at once is because I
want to make sure I have enough room for it to cut 4 equal parts...
sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't so I just stick with the print 2 out first method.
Then on another page (pg. 3) I printed out the gifts
again and the banner and the Blue Sunburst. Then I cut these pieces out by hand and
put them on the white card stock. 

As you can see I cut the gifts out and then I pop them up over the
Digital printed image to add some dimension!
I hope this display helps you see a little better as to what I do when creating
my Digital Hybrid cards!

It really was fairly simple to do and quick once I got my design
figured out.... I usually work with 3 pages to make my Hybrid cards.
1 for the design, 2 for the base of the design, 3 for all the embellishments
I want to cut out and add to the card.... Sometimes they aren't that simple of course...
You know... like when you can't make up your mind on what to use...
I have soooo many downloads to choose from that sometimes that's what
takes the longest! LOL Oh yeah.... Like I'm the ONLY one with LOTS of
Digital Images! LOL

I'm gonna put this in a couple of Challenges over at:
Paper Playtime - Make a Birthday Card & Include a Sentiment
Go Fish Challenges - Anything Goes

Well I hope you like my card and come back
tomorrow for my Scrapbook Tuesday Layout! Until then....
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! We are 1/2 way through the
week already! And Spring has Sprung around here! Early I might add!
It's never this spring like in my neck of the woods! It's usually still
pretty wintry like... Not that I mind of course... but it does concern
me that maybe this next winter may come early or be AWFUL!
You know it'll bite us in the butt one way or another! :o)
I guess you didn't come here to listen to me chat about the
weather... eh? Soooo here's another quickie Hybrid card for ya!

I used the Stampin' Up My Digital Studio Program for this quickie card!
I know I shocked you when I typed that out! LOL
This was a design in my program that I really liked so
instead of just printing it out all plain on 1 layer..... 
made it more "ME" by doing a few things differently....
The balloons were printed out on the white card stock....
Then I printed out more balloons and cut only the
center balloon out and popped it up on top of the other one....

I used a Fiskar punch for the border and added some twine!
I printed out the sentiment then cut it out by hand and popped
it up over the twine/border! And BAM! You got yourself a
quick and easy Digital Hybrid card! You know you
gotta LOVE that! :o) Well that's about it for me this week!
I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week and try to have


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making the Grade....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! Wow 2 weeks in a row that
I'm showing up to share a project with you... Try not to get use to this
since my time online will be short lived once my move gets on it's way...
I'm trying to post at least 3 times a week for the month of April! The
month of May, June, July will be a different story, since I will be tooo
busy to even think straight! LOL I still haven't decided what I should
give as a Birthday gift giveaway on my Birthday!!! I'm thinkin'
about a Cartridge???? Just not sure which one yet! Or maybe
just some Scrapping supplies???? Hummmm
I guess it will be a BIG surprise for YOU & ME! LOL
Sooo, here's my Tuesday Layout for ya! :o)

Trying to take pictures of a double layout is really, really
hard for me! Sorry about the photo quality.... It's just
not something I'm use to doing or prepared for! :o)

I can't believe this was taken almost 4 years ago!
My little guy isn't so little no more! :o)

I'm just gonna post what cartridges I used for this LO!

Cartridges I used on this page are:
April Showers
Nate's ABC's
Cricut Alphabet
George & Basic Shapes
Makin' the Grade
Accent Essentials

The Children of the future! :o)

Cartridges used on this page are:
Makin' the Grade
George & Basic Shapes

 You know I gotta add some twine to everything these days!
Well I hope you like my Layout! I'll be back tomorrow
with another HYBRID CARD!! Thanks soooo much for
stopping by.... I hope you all have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Banner!!!!

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had
 a wonderful Easter weekend! Mine was alright.
I tried not to do to much this weekend since I know
I have a lot going on.... Hunter & I colored 30 eggs
on Saturday... it was a lot of fun for the 2 of us. Then
Sunday morning I hid the eggs throughout the house....
He found 17 of them and then Juston found the rest....
This is the first year that I gave them only chocolate
in their Easter baskets... In the past I've always put little
gifts with candy... They didn't seem to mind just
getting candy, so I think I'll start doing that instead of
adding other things... It's cost effective too! LOL
Any who.... Here is my project for today! :o)

This is a super simple My Digital Studio Hybrid Card!
I used my Stampin' Up Digital Program and the design came from
a digital design in the program..... The size that they had was for a
5 x 7 card... Well I don't make too many of those so I had to
re-do the card myself to fit a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card size... 
 The only part that took me a little time was
placing the banner pieces where I wanted them.... I basically used the
"Punch" Feature and made each banner piece (sizing them accordingly)
 and adding the colors to them, then placing them next to each other
and turning each piece to get that swag look to it....
Then I added the sentiment and printed it out on white card stock.
I trimmed it & added it to a blue card stock base.
I wish I had time to make a video and show you, so let's hope
I explained it fairly well to ya! :o)
Made some Red/White twine bows and attached some
fun buttons and there is a super simple digital hybrid card!
This is a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card. I'll be back tomorrow
with another weekly layout to show you!

Thanks soooo much for stopping by and leaving me a comment....
I LOVE reading them! In the mean time have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Gifts.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! WOW the middle of the
week already! The kids have one more day of school then they get
a nice Easter break.... Looking forward to coloring eggs with the kids....
I only have 2 of them home now and one of them has a race
on Saturday and won't be here... So I guess the little guy
gets to color a lot of eggs! Of course his mommy does too! LOL
I LOVE coloring Easter eggs... they have such pretty
pastel colors... with BLUE being my Favorite! LOL
Today I have another Birthday card for ya... this was
soooo super simple and easy to put together....

Card stock, Circle Punches - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Imaginisce (B-day Bash)
Red & White Baker's twine
Pop up Dimensionals - Stampin' Up

I basically took the punches and punched out the
letters and gifts out of the B-day Bash paper....
Popped the gifts up over the twine and popped
the letter H,P,Y, I,T,D,Y......
And BAM!!! You got a card! :o) Well
that's it for me this week.... Thanks so much for stopping
by and I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Summer Splash!

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! I know I've
shocked you all by being here today! But that's OK...
I thought I would post one of my Layouts that I created
at the crop on Friday night! I figured I would post a layout
a week for the next few weeks along with my cards that I made....
With us already into April my time online will be shrinking
even more because I'm gonna be moving into the new
store very, very soon.... I told you about the BIG MOVE back in
February (I think).... And 2 months have already flown by so
can you imagine how this month will fly.... UGH!!! I'll
be taking time off again from the blogging world very soon
so I can get my store cleaned up and moved out and into
it's new space.... I'm sooo excited and nervous at the same time...
I have my plans ready but we all know that things NEVER go
according to plans! Am I Right??? LOL I know with all
the planning I've done that things will go OK but I figure a
few hiccups won't hurt me to bad! Or at least I hope not!
Well enough about my business talk!  Let's
see that stinkin' Layout already!!!! :o)

 Sorry the Photo Quality stinks! But I took these Pictures
after work yesterday and it was COLD & CLOUDY outside...
Couldn't find any "GREAT" Shots and I took a lot of shots! LOL

Thought I would show the pages separately too....
Man, it's HARD to take shots of Layouts! :o)

Card stock - Stampin' Up, Bo Bunny
Designer Paper - Bo Bunny
3D Stickers, Border Stripes - Bo Bunny
Ribbon - My Stash
Ink - Stampin' Up
Cartridges - Plantin Schoolbook (Scallop) Cut @ 1 1/2"
Create a Critter (Sun) Cut @ 6"
Sesame Street Seasons (Elmo) Cut @ 4"
(Cookie Monster) Cut @ 7"

I think this turned out CUTE and FUN! I know
Hunter is gonna love seeing this in his
scrapbook! Thanks soooo much for stopping
by!!! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!