Friday, December 31, 2010

Pretty in Pink....

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!!!
Well this is it! The LAST DAY of 2010!!!
I don't have any wisdom for ya... other than
to say that I wish 2011 is a blessed year for
each and every one of you! And that I hope
you get the most out of the New Year! My
card today.... for the last day of the year is
a wedding card! It is a simple card... :o)

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

You guys are gonna think I'm nuts....
But I can't remember which cartridge
I cut this from... I know it was cut @ 3 1/2"
with the shadow... The Embossing Folder
is Devine Swirls....

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

I decided to take a side view picture
cause I got a new camera for
Christmas.... And I'm hoping it
will help improve my photo shots....
All the Supplies are Stampin' Up!
And I used Dimensionals to pop
up the center cut design....
Well I guess that is totally it
for me in 2010! I'm looking forward to
wonderful things in 2011 and I can't wait to share
what I create with all of you!
Have a wonderful New Year and
if you plan to go out...
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happily Ever After Wedding Card...

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone!
Well, the week is going by sooo fast!
New Year's day is just around the corner...
Have any of you made Resolutions for the
New Year? ME? Nope... I don't make them
cause I never stick to them! Sooo Why do it if
you're really not gonna try and do it? I guess that's
why I chose not to have any.... All I can do is try to
be the best person I can be and work harder on being
better in the New Year! :o) I did get some time Yesterday
to get my photo downloaded... Sooo I do have another
wedding card for ya! I did see this is my Card Creations
Magazine and Fell in Love with it.... Soooo here it is!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

I think this is soooo Pretty! The one I seen
was very similar... I changed the embossing cause this
is what I have and my supplies are Stampin' Up...
My ribbon is also different and I added the Silver Hearts
Shape to mine..... My Sentiment is done in my Word Program...
I just LOVE how this turned out... Sooo Elegant....
What do you think? Let me know.... I Love
reading my comments! And thanks for
stopping by to take a look! I guess this
is it for me in 2010!!! My sister should be
posting for you thru the New Year!
I Wish Everyone and Joyous and

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Late Christmas Card.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Well I got through my monthly shopping
yesterday thank goodness... I really wasn't
expecting the store to be sooooo busy but
boy everyone from my little town was
there shopping too! I think they were all
getting their shopping done before the snow
storm hit us today! We got NOOO snow
on Christmas just lots, and lots of rain! And
now after an actually dry Nov. and Dec. we are
getting some snow... Not that I like snow mind
you.... It's not my favorite, but it was going
to come sooner or later... :o) I was going to
post another wedding card but because I was
gone all day and by the time I got everything
put away my 7yr. old son wanted me to help him
put together a hole bunch of Dragons he got
for Christmas... That took up the rest of my evening,
so I didn't get to take a picture of my card... Sooo
I'm gonna post a Christmas card instead! LOL
One I haven't shown you of course... I know
Christmas is over... In fact I know because I've
already taken down the tree and all the outside
decor and inside decor.... :o) You guys are saying
WHAT??? YES... I take all that stuff down shortly after
Christmas.... This is my thinking on it.... I believe Christmas
is Wonderful... and it is apart of 2010 sooo.... When 2011 begins
I like to start off fresh and clean.... and soooo I take all my
decorations down and put them away for next year and start
my New Year off with a clean slate! I know you guys may not
think it makes any sense but it does to me! LOL Soooo, that is
why I take down all my stuff before the New Year Begins... :o)

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge)

I sent this card to my sister Mi-Mi!
I believe this is a sketch from Mojo Monday #152!
They really have some great sketches over there!
Anyway everything is Stampin' Up
I used the Double Scallop Punch &
Snowflake Punch by Martha Stewart
And the Oval Circles are Nestabilites
I promise to have another Wedding Card
ready to go for ya tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope
you have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Digital Wedding Card...

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I hope you are all off to a wonderful
Week... I am doing my Monthly shopping
today... It's the day a dread every month...
My kids think I love grocery shopping but
I don't! I LOVE SHOPPING!!! But not
for household supplies and food...
Craft stuff.... You BET I DO!!! :o)
Groceries - HECK NO! :o)
Anyway... It is like an All day event because
I have to drive an hour to get there then shop for
a months worth of supplies then drive
another hour back home... then unload
and put away all the things I bought to get through
another month.... Now some of you are reading this
and saying WHAT??? Shop for a month's worth
of food?? That's just crazy!!! Well it is... But I
live in a small town and the closest big grocery store is
an hour away... sooo I can't just jump in the car whenever I need
a gal. of milk... and it ends up being cost effective in the long run...
I plan out my monthly meals and supplies.. make out a list
and stick with it! :o) And then I'm set for another month
with nooo worries of what to feed my kids next week.... :o)
You get use to it and other than it being a long day for me...
It is only once a month so I don't mind it.... I guess... LOL
Well now that I've taken you WAYYYY off track...
Let's get back to the card that I made!!! tehehehehe

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

I used My Digital Studio (Stampin' Up) and
I created the writing and the large
stamped image... I don't know french sooo
I googled french LOVE sayings...
and this saying came up... Now after looking
at it I think I still mis-spelled the first word...
But I typed it in the text over and over and then
picked a color after that I picked a Digital stamp and
placed that on top of the text words and
 chose a color again... then I printed it out
with my Canon Photo paper... and presto
I got a stamped image without using a stamp!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

I wanted to add just a little bit
to the design... so I took some ribbon and
I got out a Stampin' Up Stamp and stamped
the sentiment on some Photo paper and used
my McGill punch set... I have to say...
even stamping on the Photo paper made
it look clear and crisp! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

So... then I thought.... why not add some PEARLS...
And that took the card over the edge of WOW....
It was simple and yet looks elegant for a wedding card...
Or at least I think it does...  I'm really happy
with how this card turned out... :o)
Well.... that's it for me... I'll be back
tomorrow with another Wedding card....
Thanks for stopping by... Have an

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wedding Card...

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful
Christmas with your family and friends.....
I enjoyed watching the boys open their
gifts and the wonderful day we spent together...
Now I look forward to celebrating the NEW YEAR!!!
With bigger and brighter things to come... Well
I hope so anyway! :o) I mentioned last week that
someone had requested some wedding cards... So
I have been working on some... Today I'm gonna
show you one I made using (GASP) My Digital Studio
Program... I did use a stamp as well but no cricut...
Sooo I hope you like it! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

I think it came out Pretty... :o)
Everything is Stampin' Up
The Red Background with the Black
Swirls is from My Digital Studio... I designed
it real quick and then printed it out on Canon
Photo Paper... The Photo Paper shows true colors
more so than reg. White Card stock...

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Here is an angle view.... I also used a
Martha Stewart Border Punch and
Nestabilites for the circles and scallop...
Well I hope you like it, cause tomorrow
I have another one to show you...Using the
same program and it came out really pretty too!
Thanks for stopping by... Have an

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Greetings!!!

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone! WOW!!!
Tomorrow is Christmas EVE!!! OMGOSH! The year
is coming to an end and we can start a fresh New Year
in about a week! I'm looking forward to spending time
with my boys the next few days and just enjoying
Christmas with them... :o) I get sooo excited for
Christmas day like a little kid does... But my reasons
are not the same as a child's... I LOVE looking at my kids faces
when they go to open that first gift and I LOVE seeing the
look in their eyes when they realize it was something they
had been wishing for.... Having 2 teenagers makes gift giving
and celebrating a little harder cause they are older but my 7 yr.
old still looks forward to Santa coming and stories about why
we celebrate Christmas.... Anyway... I'll stop talking about
mushy stuff and share the card that I've made with you! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Another quick and simple card for ya!
Everything is Stampin' Up
Ribbon is Red Velvet and 
Border Punch is Martha Stewart - Double Scallop Punch
I think it is one of my favorite punches right now...
Well I guess that's it for me this week!
I want to wish everyone of you
I hope you enjoy your families this
weekend!!! Have an

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7yr. Olds Christmas Gift...

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!
It's getting closer to the BIG Day.... OR at
least my 7yr. old thinks that way! :o) He is
a sweet little boy and even though his 2 BIG
brother's like to pick on him he still wanted to
give something to his brother's for Christmas...
He has been asking me to make a card with
a Tree on it and Merry Christmas on it as well...
Sooo we came up with this cute Pocket card....
Well... I thought a pocket card would be cute and
found the tutorial for it on Split Coast Stampers! :o)

This is my 7 yr. olds Piggy Bank!
And he said he wanted to give his
brother's a dollar a piece... Sooo I
was like.. are you sure??? And he said

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Here is the Pocket card we made together....
My son LOVES my Cricut Machine... Sooo when it
was time to cut the pieces out he could not wait
to touch the buttons! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Here  are the spec's for this card....
Card Stock, Ribbon - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Imaginisce
Cartridges - Winter Frolic (Tree)
Cut @ 4"
Beyond Birthdays (Merry Christmas)
Cut @ 1 1/4"

We did decide after I took this picture
to put the dollar bill in the back so
we can show off the tree and that
the card is from him... :o)
We made 2 cards (1) with the blue color
Designer paper for one boy cause he loves
blue and the other (1) is with the hats in Green
color because the other boy loves green... Anyway
I hope you like our gift pocket card! My son is very
proud of it and he can't wait to stick them in his
brother's stockings! :o) Thanks for taking a peek and
have an AWESOME Day!!!!
Theresa & Hunter

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stamped Merry Christmas....

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
I hope all of you have completed your holiday
projects and goodies and wrapping and are
enjoying these last days before Christmas....
My youngest and I baked some cookies
yesterday and will probably bake just a little
bit more today.... We also completed the cards
he wanted to make... So, I will post those tomorrow....
Today's card is simple and stamped... :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Everything is Stampin' Up
The Large Oval and the Large Scallop
Oval are Nestabilites...
I wanted the Stamp to be my main focal
point and I think I did a good job of doing that here!
The card went together very easy but the
coloring took a long time, trying to use different
shades of greens and reds...  Well... I hope
you like my card today... I'll be back tomorrow with
the card my son and I made... Have an
AWESOME Day!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Thank You....

Hello and HAPPY Monday Everyone!
I Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I Did... I did absolutely NOTHING all weekend
long! It was nice and I even got bored of doing
nothing.... Soooo Now I will get back to doing
something... :o) My 7yr. old and I will be baking some
cookies for Santa and He wants to make a Christmas
card sooo I told him we can make one together.... I also
got a request to make Wedding Cards sooo I'll be working
on those this week... Unlike most Children in the U.S.
My Children are still in school this week.... Apparently our
school board doesn't think our children need 2 weeks off
for Christmas... I really don't like that part of our
school system but what can I do? I've lived here 5 yrs.
and my kids got Christmas off for 2 weeks only once....
I LOVE having them home during the 2 week break but...
I guess they don't agree with that.... So they are in
school up until December 23rd... I know... Nice of them
to give my kids Christmas Eve off! LOL
Sorry about the rant.. but it bothers me... Any who
here is my Holiday Thank You Card! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Now, first off this sketch is from Mojo Monday!
I believe it is Sketch #168 and I really liked
the layout and had to make 16 cards for my card swap...
Sooo this is what I came up with! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Card Stock, Ink, Stamps, Ribbon (Stampin' Up)
Designer Paper - Bo Bunny
Cartridge - Winter Frolic Cut @ 3"
and I used the flip button on my machine...
I used stickles to make the ornaments shine and
I used Silver brads from my stash...

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Here is another side view to show the added
Dimensionals that I used to Pop up
the Bird and the Flower on the
Thanks so much... Everyone at the
swap loved how they turned out...
Anyway that's it for me for today...
I'll be back with something
tomorrow... I hope??? :o)
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best Brown Sugar Cake....

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone!
My goodness the week has flown by sooo
super fast! I have been a very busy bee! I spent
all day yesterday making Brown Sugar Cakes and
I have more to bake today.... Plus I have my Card
Swap tonight... Well I wanted to show you my yummy
cake and show you how I jazzed it up to give to my
neighbors.... I even have the recipe for YOU!!!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

First... let me start by saying that I made this
last year for my neighbors (Cake)... and I got such a HUGE
response on how yummy, moist , and Delicious this
cake is... So, I decided this year to give them my recipe...
Sooo, I spent time Tuesday night making the recipe cards
out in my Word program... then I cut them out and used some
Self Adhesive Laminate with some Transparency Sheets...
Then I punched a small hole and added an eyelet for my
recipe card to hang on the package...

Here are a couple of them that I made....

This one is ready to go with the powder Sugar on top!

And here is what it looks like when I take
it over to the neighbors.... I use Red Cellophane
that I got at Wally World... This color was on clearance and
it was hiding behind the baskets in the craft area...
The tag you've seen before.... It's from my Gift Tag Set
for my Cricut Cardz Challenge... And then the Recipe card...
I tied it all up with ribbon I got for $1 at Wally World to!
I think it looks very festive and I know my neighbors are gonna
LOVE IT! Well that's it for me this week.... Be on the
look out for Miislucky... she should have something to show ya!
Have an AWESOME day!

OOPS: I almost forgot to give you the recipe....

Best Brown Sugar Cake

1 pkg. (2-layer size) yellow cake mix

1 pkg. (3.4 oz.) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding

4 eggs

2/3 cup Sour Cream

2/3 cup water

1/2 cup oil

1 cup packed brown sugar

2 tsp. powdered sugar

HEAT oven to 350ºF.

BEAT first 6 ingredients with mixer 3 min. or until well blended. Add brown sugar; mix well.

POUR into 12-cup fluted tube pan or 10-inch tube pan sprayed with cooking spray.

BAKE 50 Minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean. Cool cake in pan 15 min. Remove pan; cool cake completely. Sprinkle with powdered sugar just before serving.

Let me know if you made it and if you like it! Enjoy the rest of your week!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cricut Cardz Challenge #55....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!
This weeks Challenge is to make a Christmas
Card with a mini banner on the front, using
any cartridges or colors.... Well.. I have to say
I had to think about this one for a bit... I took a
little more time with trying to figure out how
to put a banner on my card! I used my Design Studio
to help me organize my card.... Took a few adjustments
to get it just right.... I'm still not thrilled
with how it turned out.... but it's my card! :o)

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

Ok... First off... I had a lot of trouble getting
the picture just right... there is a lot of glitter
on this card sooo it was really hard
to take a good photo....
I shut off my flash and that's why this photo looks sooo yellow/dark...
So I'm sorry about that!
Also... I always say the paper makes the card...
Well I'm not sure this paper makes the card...
 I'm probably my worst critic... but it's the best I could come up with!

Card Stock - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - MME
Cartridges - Martha Stewart All Occasions
(Banner) cut @ 1"
(Star Banner) Cut @ 1" (4x's)
The Word (Happy) Doodletype
The Word (Holidays) cut @ 1"
 Welded in my Gypsy (Gypsy Font)
Snowflake is a Fiskar Punch
Branches are a Martha Stewart Punch
Stickles were used on the "Holidays"
Glue & Glitter was used on the word "Happy"
Blue Bling is from Kaiser Craft 

Here is a picture with the flash on... Let me know
which picture looked better! :o)

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

Now it's your turn... Head on over to
and show me your wonderful card! I'll stop by
and say HI!!! Thanks for taking a look!
Have an AWESOME Day!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Swinging by....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I have this really cute card I want
to show you! First of all... I am a
Great Aunt! Literally and figuratively speaking.... :o)
My niece (Mi-Mi's oldest Daughter) has 2
BEAUTIFUL children.... and AS the "Great Aunt"
I send them cards all the time.... Well, her baby is
turning 1yr. old on Saturday and I had to make the
little guy a cute card! Sooo this is what I came up with! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Is this not cute or what??? :o)
I designed it first in my Design Studio...
I do that with a lot of my cards... trying to figure out
the sizing and such first before I cut... Anyway here's
the specs on this card...

Card Stock, Ink - Stampin Up"
Designer Paper - DCWV
Cartridge - Create a Critter (Monkey) pg. 46 is cut @3 1/4"
(Vines) are cut @ 4" (4 x's)
(Balloon) pg. 30 is cut @ 2 1/4"
(B-day Hat) pg. 29 is cut @ 2 1/4"

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Here is a side view to show the popped up Vines....
I really wasn't planning to "POP" up anything....
but I could not help myself.... :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

So here is the other side view to show
the popped up balloon.... I used my
Peachy Keen stamp "Everyday Character"
3/4" face for the balloon.... I thought it looked cute on the balloon!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Here is the inside with my sentiment for
my sweet little Great Nephew.... I hope he likes it
as much as I liked making it... I know he's only going to be 1....
But I can hope he likes it... Right? LOL
That's my card for today! I hope you liked it...
Have an AWESOME Day!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello and Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...
I know I did! :o) I went to the In-laws...
We actually went to surprise them! And BOY
were they surprised! :o) My MIL is ill and
has been for awhile now.... I wanted them
to come for Thanksgiving because she
doesn't get out much anymore... She was happy
to be here and I was thrilled that she could come...
But after the Thanksgiving visit she got sick yet again...
And I wanted to do something nice for her and go see her
before Christmas... I planned everything with the hubby...
She had been wanting to try my Lasagna for awhile but
since she's been sick so long it just never worked out...
Soooo.... my plan involved making my Lasagna and my
homemade fudge (that she's never had either) and bring it
to them as my gift... Well besides the gift we already
had gotten them..... Any who... They were excited to
see us and they could not believe I did all of that for them....
Sooo we spent the afternoon down in CO. were they live and
enjoyed our time with them.... My MIL has to go in
on the 20th for Surgery..... So, it was the perfect time to
come and see them.... She tried my fudge and
LOVE it! and they were getting ready to cook the Lasagna
when Hubby and I had to leave to go get some shopping done
before our long drive back home... :o) I'm just glad to help
put a smile on her face when I can.... She is a wonderful
Person and I'm sooo lucky to be apart of their family!
OK... Enough with the mushy stuff! :o)
I have a simple yet elegant style card for you today!

(Click on Photo to Enlarge)

Ok... There is NOOOO Cricut on this card.... But
sometimes you gotta give the machine a rest.. RIGHT? LOL
Card stock, Stamp, Gold Embossing Powder - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - The Paper Studio
Label Cut is from my Nestabilities...
Gold Brads - My Stash 
Double Scallop Border punch - Martha Stewart

Well.... I hope you like my card... I thought it was a
pretty holiday card and I already mailed it off to
a family member! :o) I'll be back tomorrow with
a CUTE card I made for my sweet little Nephew!
Have an AWESOME day!!!!