Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Digital Wedding Card...

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I hope you are all off to a wonderful
Week... I am doing my Monthly shopping
today... It's the day a dread every month...
My kids think I love grocery shopping but
I don't! I LOVE SHOPPING!!! But not
for household supplies and food...
Craft stuff.... You BET I DO!!! :o)
Groceries - HECK NO! :o)
Anyway... It is like an All day event because
I have to drive an hour to get there then shop for
a months worth of supplies then drive
another hour back home... then unload
and put away all the things I bought to get through
another month.... Now some of you are reading this
and saying WHAT??? Shop for a month's worth
of food?? That's just crazy!!! Well it is... But I
live in a small town and the closest big grocery store is
an hour away... sooo I can't just jump in the car whenever I need
a gal. of milk... and it ends up being cost effective in the long run...
I plan out my monthly meals and supplies.. make out a list
and stick with it! :o) And then I'm set for another month
with nooo worries of what to feed my kids next week.... :o)
You get use to it and other than it being a long day for me...
It is only once a month so I don't mind it.... I guess... LOL
Well now that I've taken you WAYYYY off track...
Let's get back to the card that I made!!! tehehehehe

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

I used My Digital Studio (Stampin' Up) and
I created the writing and the large
stamped image... I don't know french sooo
I googled french LOVE sayings...
and this saying came up... Now after looking
at it I think I still mis-spelled the first word...
But I typed it in the text over and over and then
picked a color after that I picked a Digital stamp and
placed that on top of the text words and
 chose a color again... then I printed it out
with my Canon Photo paper... and presto
I got a stamped image without using a stamp!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

I wanted to add just a little bit
to the design... so I took some ribbon and
I got out a Stampin' Up Stamp and stamped
the sentiment on some Photo paper and used
my McGill punch set... I have to say...
even stamping on the Photo paper made
it look clear and crisp! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

So... then I thought.... why not add some PEARLS...
And that took the card over the edge of WOW....
It was simple and yet looks elegant for a wedding card...
Or at least I think it does...  I'm really happy
with how this card turned out... :o)
Well.... that's it for me... I'll be back
tomorrow with another Wedding card....
Thanks for stopping by... Have an


Coachfans said...

What a lovely card. Be safe on your shopping trip! Try to get some crafts while you are out to make it worth your time. : ) It will make you feel good too!

Happy New Year,

Sharon said...

WOW is right!! It is just beautiful!!! :)