Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sophie Floral.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I can't believe we are
in the middle of the week already! Kids will have a 3 day weekend
coming up and life is just grand! Ahhh! Do you hear that? That's
the sound of a happy mom looking forward to the weekend! LOL
My wonderful MIL asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could
make her some more "Hello" cards! Since she's been ill, she has
trouble writing and likes to send out cards to friends and family
to get some practice in with her writing... Sometimes I can read
what she writes to me and sometimes I can't, but that's the whole
point of her writing and sending out the cards to continue to get
better at it! :o) And of course she will not purchase another card
knowing that her DIL makes wonderful cards! OK... I just added
that last part in! But I'm guessing she thinks they're wonderful
cause she tells everyone I make them for her! LOL Any whoo!
Here is one of many I need to get made and sent to her very soon!

YES... I used Sophie AGAIN! :O)
I wanted to make this a nice card but simple.....

Card stock, Ink, Stamp - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Chatterbox (Scrap piece)
All the cuts are Bo Bunny Dots
White Signo Gel Pen
Stickles - Crystal, Candy Cane, Waterfall, Dark Blue
Cartridges - Sophie
It's on pg. 49 and they call it (Label8)
(Card) was Cut @ 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and I used the hide contour on
my Gypsy to hide the score cut marks...
(Red Floral) was cut @ 5 1/2"
George & Basic Shapes
I took a rectangle sized @ 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 and welded
an oval in the center of that (sized 3 3/4x 4 1/2)
and that is what the designer paper is cut at...
Then I took another Oval Shape (Yellow) and
cut that @ 3 3/4 x 4.65 to go behind the red flower....

Then on the inside... you can see the yellow oval...
but I thought it was plain sooooo, I added just a
Flower cut using the Sophie Cartridge...
It was cut @ 3 3/4" and I inked around the edges....
I added a piece of white card stock and a strip
of the Chatterbox paper to the bottom... I even
used a Scalloped border punch to just add a little
somethin' somethin'! The flowers are sections
from the actual flower cuts I made and thought it
would add some character to the inside too... then
just added the stickles as dots in the center.... It really
wasn't as hard as it sounds from typing all of this! LOL
Well I hope my MIL likes this one... I'll have more to
 show you... some I did digitally and some are with
my Cricut Machines.... Tomorrow I will have something
to show you that's NOT a card! Shocker! I know! :o)
Thanks for all the comments! Have an AWESOME DAY!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanks, Blessing, Love...

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! How was your weekend?
How is your week going so far? Mines not to bad so far! :o)
My weekend was lazy! I had my Crop til you drop on Friday
night and I just talked and talked! I did do some work but I
wasn't really feeling it! You all know what that's like.... Right?
Well I started to work on some cards but I just didn't feel like
putting them together! I visited with other people at the crop and
managed to get several sets done. But by 3am I was tired and just
ready to go home! Now I'm normally one who is there until 6am!
YES! That is true... I LOVE staying up at night! But on that night
I was just plain tired and didn't want to work on anything so I went
home and slept until 11am! Then I had to go do my monthly shopping!
UGH! Sooo Saturday I was out of the state (really) to go do my grocery
shopping! And that was an ALL DAY TRIP! Sooo I got home around 7pm
and ate some dinner and then I was pooped! Soooo Sunday... I did NOTHING!
And well yesterday I had school with my son which was GREAT! We got everything
we needed done and the day went smoothly! So hopefully today will too! I guess
I'll let you know tomorrow how today turns out! LOL After all that
chatter I should show you the card that I made! :o)

I HAD to use my new Circut Circle Cartridge "SOPHIE"
I've been a circle member for over a year... Well since it started...
I have NEVER like any of the cartridges until now!
This is the very first one I actually took out of the package to use!
I'm LOVIN' the cuts on it so I thought I would share it with
all of you! :o)

Card stock, Ink, stamp, ribbon - Stampin' Up
Designer paper - The Paper Loft, Bo Bunny Double Dot
Copper Stickles
Cartridges - Sophie (Leaf Card) was cut at 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
I used my design studio to alter the size and then I used
the hide contour to hide the fold cuts.
(Yellow Leaf) was cut @ 1 3/4" (2x's)
Art Philosophy (Shape & layer) were cut @ 2"

 I used a stipple brush for the inside of my card.
I was trying to get a similar effect that
the designer paper has.... The section with the stamped
sentiment on it. I just made the inside simple... Thought
about adding some leaves but got lazy again! :o)

Well that's my card for today! I'll see you
guys back here tomorrow on the same Bat Channel
same Bat Station! LOL Have an AWESOME DAY!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweeeet Birthday!!!

Hello and Happy Sunday Everyone! I know you're SHOCKED
to see me post today! But I'm the Guest Designer this week
over at Birthday Sundaes! What a great honor it is
that they asked me! :o) So I'm here with this weeks
challenge which is to create a Birthday Card using this Photo!

Such great colors in this picture! Here's what I came up with...
Reminder: Click any Photo to Enlarge the picture! :o)


Card stock - Stampin' Up
Stickles - Xmas Red
Pink Ribbon - American Crafts
Card was cut out using the Birthday Bash Cartridge (5 1/2")
Everything else is from the Yummy Imagine Cartridge
(Designer Paper) was cut @ 5.3 in the basic square shape on the Imagine,
 then I just cut one side to make it a 4" x 5 1/4"
(Cupcakes on plate) was cut @ 3 3/4" (2x's)
(Flag) was cut @ 1 3/4" (2x's)
(Sentiment) was cut @ 1 3/4"


Here's the side view to show you the added dimension
on the Flag, Plate, Cupcakes, Cherries.


 And YES! I did the inside too!
(Cupcake plate) was cut @ 1 3/4"
(Pink Ribbon) - Stampin' Up
I also used the Red stickles on the cherries!
I hope you like my card for the challenge over
at Birthday Sundaes! I look forward to seeing
what everyone comes up with! Thanks for stopping by
and have an AWESOME SUNDAY!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Self Portrait"

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone! I can't believe the
week is almost over! Actually I'm thrilled it is because
tomorrow is my "Crop til you drop" monthly outing!
I really look forward to attending this ever month! I get
to hang out with my scrapping gal pals and we laugh
pretty much all night long! LOL I was going to show you
a card today.... but... decided to show you something
my son created! I told you on Monday that he made a
picture... So I thought I would just share it with you
instead of a card! I think all forms of art, are very important
to look at.... and well... his is definitely art in my opinion!

We had an art class and he was suppose to make
a "Self Portrait" of himself! But he insisted on
drawing a picture of him and I instead! I love that
he gave me blonde hair when I'm actually a brunette
with some blonde highlights in it! tehehehe Soooo CUTE!
He had to add his desk & computer and the new flooring...
Can you tell that it has blue in it! LOL My favorite color of course!
And he wanted to make a statement with his first A+ after he
took an assessment test on what he had learned in a certain subject!
He really visualized that day, in one picture! :o)

Well.... I guess I shall see all of you back here on
Monday Morning! My Sister Mi-Mi should be by
tomorrow! Thanks for all the awesome comments!
  I hope you guys/gals have an AWESOME rest of week/weekend!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the Jungle.... the Mighty Jungle....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! Doesn't the title just
make you want to sing? It does for me! Today is
Challenge Day over at Cricut Cardz! You are to make a
Child's Birthday card using something you'd see in a Jungle!
Like a Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Giraffe etc. using any colors you'd like!
This was such a fun card to make and easy for me to come up
with since I LOVE making kid's cards! :o) I also want to thank you guys
for the comments yesterday! I appreciate all the support you've
shown me while I go through this new change! I gotta tell ya.... Yesterday
was a much better day for us! After I re-did the schedule they gave
me to suit my needs, it worked like a charm and we got through all
of the days lessons and then some! I knew I needed to change it around!
So today should go just as smoothly! I even got some crafting in! :o)

This is a 5x7 card! Not my normal size but wanted
everything to fit right! :o)

Card stock, Ink - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - My Mind's Eye (clouds)
I used Bo Bunny Double Dot for all the cuts!
Stamps - (Go Wild!) Joy's Life (lots of Pun)
(It's your Bird-day) My Pink Stamper (Punny-licious)
Black & Brown Pearls (Eyes) - Kaiser Craft
Cartridges - Animal Kingdom (Giraffe) Cut @ 4 3/4"
(Elephant) Cut @ 3" (Elephant Head) Cut @ 1.923x2.667
(Bird) Cut @ 1 1/2"
Create a Critter (Dark Grass) Cut @ 1 1/2" (6x's)
(Light Grass) Cut @ 1 1/2" (4x's)
(Palm Tree) Cut @ 3 1/2"

Here's a nice side view to show the dimension that I added!
I really, really like how this card turned out! Now I just need
someone to send it to! LOL OK... Now it's your turn to create
something great for this fun challenge over at Cricut Cardz!
Remember to stop by the rest of the design teams blogs!
They've all made some terrific Cards! :o) Thanks again for
stopping by! I'll see you tomorrow! Have an AWESOME DAY!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Basket of Apples.....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! What a day I had
yesterday!! Home schooling was a little harder than I thought!
I mean it's not super bad or anything but for my first day ever!
It was a little more than I expected! The teacher told me I'll
get into a groove and everything will fit into place once we
get a schedule that we can work with. So I'm gonna be
patient and see how it goes! Needless to say, I didn't get
anytime for crafting! In fact I was busy all the way up til
about 8pm! Only because I'm a scheduler and I like to have
a list that is organized.... Soooo after class was over I started
on my own homework and made a schedule I think I
can do with my son and still make some time to do my crafting!
Or at least I hope so! LOL We shall see how today goes!
My sweet son told me that I was a great teacher!
I don't know if he was just sucking up or what! LOL
He did make a picture of him and me in the classroom so
maybe tomorrow I'll post that so you can see it! :O)
Well here's my card for today! Good thing I made this already!

 I actually designed this card a couple of weeks
ago in my design studio! I bought the paper for it
on Thursday last week! I really like how this turned out!

Card stock, ink, punches, sentiment - Stampin' Up
Designer paper - The Paper Loft (Autumn Splendor)
I use Bo Bunny Dot paper for all the cuts!
Twine - Papertry Ink
Gems - Bazill
Cartridges - George & Basic Shape (Circles) Cut @ 2 3/4", 3"
(Squares w/Rounded Corners) Cut @ 3.027 x 2.165, 3.196 x 2.332
Disney Pooh & Friends ( Apple Basket) Cut @ 2 3/4"
Art Philosophy - (Yellow/brown Border) Cut @ 1"

I'm lovin' the new Art Philosophy cartridge... When I seen the
borders on it,  I new this was a great cartridge! :o)
Thanks for all the comments, I've been reading them all!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Apple Tree scene....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! Today is the big day!
I'm home schooling Hunter today! He asked me Saturday
night if we could start tomorrow (Sunday)! I giggled a little
and told him that it was gonna be Sunday.... and he said Oh!
OK Mom we can start on Monday! LOL Of course I told him
that was fine and last night I was reading my teacher guides
to prepare for today's lessons. He has a couple of tests to take first
for the school. It's to let them know where he's at in learning.
This way they can add more work or take some away, depending
on how he does with the testing. Hopefully I'll get some crafting
in while he takes his tests! I did get some crafting done
this weekend, would have liked to get a little more but
hey.... that's the way it goes! LOL Here's today's project!

I hate to say this with all of you still in the heat!
But it was actually chilly yesterday where I'm at!
Remember I live near the mountains and our Summers
aren't as hot as most! It actually felt like a "Fall" Day!
So I created this card for the occasion! :o)

Card stock, Designer Background Paper, Ink, Punches - Stampin' Up
I used Bo Bunny Double Dot paper for all the cuts!
Pearls - Kaiser Craft
Sentiment - Computer generated
Cartridges - Stretch your Imagination (Apple Tree) Cut @ 3 1/2"
Sesame Street Season - (Sun) Cut @ 2"
(Leaves) Cut @ 1" (4x's each)
Create a Critter (Grass) Cut @ 1" (8x's)

Here's the side view to show all the added dimension!
I popped up the green in the tree, leaves, grass and 1 apple!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked my card!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Scarecrow...

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone! I can't believe
school started today for my middle son! He's officially
a Junior! Loves driving and working! :o) My oldest
starts next Wednesday and my Youngest starts on
Monday! Boy I'm gonna be a busy little bee trying
to create cards and teach home school! Let's hope
I can keep up! Apparently... Yesterday I forgot to
announce the winner of the "Back to School" Blog
hop I was in! Geez... I'm already starting to forget things!
Soooo.... without further ado....
the Winner of the BATMAN CARTRIDGE IS:

#14 - Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Like the sign project. Enjoying the hop.

Congratulations!!!!! Now on with my card! :o)

Card stock - Stampin' Up, Bo Bunny Dots
Designer Paper - My Mind's Eye
Ink - Stampin' Up
Face Stamps - Peachy Keen (Monster Mash) 3/4" &
(Happy Lashes) 1 3/8"
Border Punch - Martha Stewart
Word Punch, Oval Punch - Stampin' Up
Chocolate Chip Writer Pen for Faux Stitching (Stampin' Up)
Hemp Twine - Papertrey Ink
Cartridges - George & Basic Shapes (Circle Moon) Cut @ 3"
Celebrate w/Flourishes (Scarecrow) Cut @ 4 1/4"

 This is the card from yesterday.... I took a picture to
show you the Hemp twine I did add after I took the picture!
I wasn't to lazy today to post it! hahaha

Well... that's it for me this week! Be on the look out for
Mi-Mi! She'll be here tomorrow! Don't forget....
She has a HUGE Birthday Box Giveaway Going On! If you
want extra entry's you need to leave a comment on
every post!!! :o)  I'll see you all
on Monday! Have an AWESOME rest of the

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick Happy Fall....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! You would not
believe the roller coaster ride I was on Monday! I wrote
up my post early, because I was still working on my house.
But let me tell ya the adventures of having a college student!
I'm sure some of you can relate! Well as I mentioned in
yesterdays post my oldest left for college early! Well it was
just after 8am and I gave him a HUGE HUG goodbye! My
hubby thought I was the one who was gonna break down...
instead it was HIM! YUP! He got all emotional and I had to
let him know it would all be OK! Well after about 2 hours into
his trip.... My sons car blew up & the engine caught
on fire! Can you believe this? Luckily some nice people in an
RV were traveling by and helped put the fire out and then gave 
him a ride so he could get in cell phone range to call us.
Of course then our adventure began.... Trying to
decided to pay a tow truck or tow it ourselves. We have a trailer to
use for things like this... Well all the while I'm sick to my stomach!
Yup.. I think I had some sort of stomach flu bug which kept me up
most of the night and day.... It was awful! Since I was sick, my hubby
and middle son Juston went to go meet him where his car died...
Hubby's Aunt & Uncle came along too, so they could tow the car back
to their house while Hubby & Boys loaded up our SUV full of his stuff to
get him to school! He had a Job interview at 2pm that day up at the school!
So I called the school to let them know what had happened
and if they could please reschedule it for him.... Which they did!
They finally arrived at his apartment around 3:45pm. Mind you he left
after 8am and it's about a 4 hour drive! LOL They got him to his
apartment and helped get everything into his apartment, then took him
to the store to get food and other supplies since he doesn't have a car
now. My poor kid was out in the heat/sun, got sunburn and was
dehydrated by the time they got to him. He used up all his
water on the fire, he's OK! But I feel terrible for him.... I mean
what a way to start your College experience! LOL
I spoke with him last night and he's got most of his stuff
organized and he said the interview went alright.... His
roommates should be up there by Saturday so hopefully
all will be well after that! Hubby's Aunt told me to get ready
for the roller coaster of College Life! LOL Well I guess were
off to a good start! :o) Here's my simple project for today!

 Ink, Pen - Stampin' Up
Card stock - American Crafts, Stampin' Up
Cartridge - Enjoy the Season
(Brown Square) Cut @ 4 1/2"
(Pumpkin Set) Cut @ 4 1/4"
I used the "Separate" and Cut an additional
small Pumpkin and Squash? & Banner
(Leaf/nuts) Cut @ 1 3/4" (2x's)
Sentiment was just written out

 Here's the side view to show the added dimension!
After I took the picture I felt it needed something else.
So I added some Hemp Twine and made 2 bows to
place on the pumpkins... I was just to lazy to retake the picture!
Well, that's my quick card for today! I'll be back
tomorrow with something! Have an AWESOME DAY!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Woodland Christmas.....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! Only a few days
left of Summer Vacation! I'm so excited about Home
Schooling my youngest. I feel like this is gonna be his
best year yet! :o) My oldest left for College yesterday!
I was a little sad to see him leave but also very excited
to see him off to his new adventure! He'll be sharing an
apartment with 2 of his friends, and he left early so he
could get the house organized! Yes! Like Mother like Son!
Gotta love that! He'll have 5 days to himself before his friends
arrive! Which I think is a great idea! My other 2 boys are settled
into their new bedroom arrangements and my scrap room storage/
classroom looks pretty darn good too! The flooring that was put
in looks great and I'm back to crafting! Gotta LOVE that!
Ahhhh... life is good! :o) So here's today's project!

Card stock, Gem - Stampin' Up
Red ribbon - My Stash
Green Ribbon - American Crafts
Cartridge - Snow Angel Imagine Art
(Snowmen Designer Paper) Cut @ 2 3/4 x 5 1/4
(Red Designer Paper) Cut @ 1 3/4 x 5 1/4
(Woodland Ornament) Cut @ 2 x 2 1/2 (3'xs)
using the CCR program to cut them out.
On the Green Ribbon, I just added adhesive to the
backing and made the bumpy, squiggly design myself.

This view is just to show the added dimension on the ornament!
Well that's all I got for today! Let's hope I come back
tomorrow with something to show ya! LOL
If you missed the "Back to School" Blog hop
Candy I'm giving away Click HERE! I'll
announce the winner tomorrow! If you would like to
enter my Sister's Birthday Box Surprise
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Christmas Deer....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I have missed
blogging BIG TIME! I tried to go visit a few of you
yesterday! Will try and make some time to visit a few
more as time allows... I'm actually not quite done with
my home makeover! I've actually got a lot done!
But at the last minute I chose to change out some
flooring! I know that's crazy! But I'm crazy like that! LOL
My house does look good, and all the changes and reorganizing
has helped so much! This is something I do about every 6 months...
 I like to rearrange my house, to give it a new look and a different
organized style. Does that even make sense?? LOL
Anyway, I had made 2 cards before I took the week off
so I'll be posting them this week.... I'm hoping to get some
crafting done too, so I'll have more to show you!
I did a few designs in my Design Studio & in the CCR program
so all I need to do now is pick paper and cut! :o) I'm happy
to be back and look forward to seeing what I've missed the
past week! Here's my project for today!

I know everyone is thinkin' "back to school" but I had made
this in the CCR program before I took the week off,
 so you'll see 2 holiday cards today & tomorrow.....

 Card stock, Border Punch, ink - Stampin' Up
Ribbon - American Crafts
Gem - Doodlebug
Cartridge - Snow Angel Imagine Art Cartridge
(Tree Designer Paper) Cut @ 4 x 5 1/4
(Red Designer paper) Cut @ 1 x 5 1/4
(Deer Ornament) Cut @ 3 3/4" (3x's)

Well I hope you like my card! I'll be back
tomorrow with another one! :o)
If you missed the "Back to School" blog hop
click HERE to enter my blog candy! If you
want to enter my sister's Birthday Blog Candy
Click HERE! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to School Blog Hop!!!

Hello and Happy Saturday Everyone! Welcome to Jovan's
"Back to School" Blog Hop! If you've come here from
 Melissa's Blog you're heading in the right direction!
If you just stopped by and would like to hop along
start here Jovan's Blog! We are suppose to share with you
what Back to school means to us! Well for me.... this year
is a different meaning than in the past! First because my oldest
is heading off to college in one short week... It means my baby
is leaving the nest and starting a whole new chapter in his life which
entails a new chapter in my life with one less child at home! Second...
It means I have a second child who will be starting his Junior year and
he will have his "firsts" at a school Prom and possibly dating and just
growing up before my eyes! Third... Well it means for the very first
time ever.... I will be HOME SCHOOLING my youngest son! Yup!
I said Home schooling! I've been away working on my house setting it up
for people moving around and for setting up a little space for a classroom!
This wasn't in my plans when school ended back in May, but due to school
issues and too many students in a class I chose to home school my youngest
this year. We are both very excited about it and we're preparing for our
first lessons on the 22nd. So now you all know what Back to School
means to me this year! :o) Here's the project that I made for this hop!

I thought I would show you in steps....
I took 3/4" Red & White Polka Dot Ribbon from (Stampin' Up)
and attached it to the back of a 12x12 Chipboard from (7 Gypsies)
I just used staples to put it together...

Then I placed White Card stock from (American Crafts)
on top of the chipboard... I used my ATG gun to glue it down...

Then I took my Tim Holtz Sander and sanded all the
way around the entire board to make the white card stock
flush with the chipboard...

Then I used a Dauber all around the border with some Dye Ink from
Stampin' Up (Creamy Carmel)

I added Black Card stock from (Stampin' Up) cut at 11"
to make it look like a chalk board....

Of course I had to make a bunch of cuts with my Cricut machine to
make this adorable sign, that I will hang in my sons room when
school starts for us! I used (Bo Bunny Double Dot) Card stock
for all of these cuts. I also inked everything with Stampin' Up Inks.
Cartridges - Locker talk (Pencil) Cut @ 2"
(Globe) Cut @ 4", (Computer) Cut @ 3 1/4"
(3rd Grade) Cut @ 4 1/2"
Makin' the Grade (Welcome to) Cut @ 2"
(Apple) Cut @ 1"
Simply Charmed (Crayons) Cut @ 3 1/4"

Well.... I hope you like my project! Jovan is having a "Back to School"
Challenge on her blog so make sure you all head back over to her
blog to participate! Your next stop on this Hop is Amber!
Wait until you see what she created! But Before you go....
I have some Blog Candy to giveaway!!!

In order to win this fabulous BATMAN Cartridge:
1. Be a follower or Become one
2. Leave a comment with a way for me to reach you

That's it! Also this giveaway is separate from my sister's
birthday box surprise giveaway! Make sure you comment
on her posts for her giveaway!
Thanks for stopping by! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


I'm also entering this project into the
following Challenges:

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Blog Hop!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow
I'm participating in Jovan's "Back to School" Blog Hop!
Make sure you come back and join the Fun! I'll be
giving away some blog candy too! See you then!!