Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrap Card #1...

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you all had a fun weekend!
I had super duper fun at my crop
Friday night and can't wait til next month! :o)
Didn't make anything all weekend except
what I took with me to the crop....
Sooo I do have a few things  to show you! :o)
Today's card was made using the scraps
I didn't want to throw away last week...
I had strips of designer paper that probably
should have been thrown away but I found a
good use for them! Sooo Here is one of
the cards I made using scraps! :o)

Card Stock, Designer paper strips, ink, Gem - Stampin' Up
Ribbon - My Stash
Button - Papertrey Ink
Cartridge - B is for Boy
(Elephant) Cut @ 3 1/2"

This is going to be a Congratulations Card...
I just didn't get the Congrats part on the card yet!
I kind of did that with all the cards
I made with the scraps... I designed them all in my
Design Studio then cut out all the pieces then put
them together at the crop... So no Sentiments on them...
Well I hope you like my Scrap card! :o)
I'll be back tomorrow with another one for ya! :o)
Thanks for stopping by have an

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awards..... Awards....

Hello and Happy Sunday Everyone!
I know you are all surprised to see me here today!
Well... So am I! hehehe I just wanted to send a
special THANK YOU out to a couple of people...
We have been given a New Award and an older
Award yet again.... Sooo I thought I would take
a few Minutes today to say Thanks to Gloria
She gave us the Stylish award....

 Which We've received a couple of different times... So
Thanks so Much Gloria!!!! On this award we are
to Thank the person/people who gave you the award
and link it back to their blog (Did that already)...
Share 8 things about yourself
and pass it on to eight people....
Inform the individuals about their award....
That's pretty much all there is to it... 
Here is the list of 8 people who I will
be giving this award too!

Every one of these ladies is super duper talented!
So please take a moment and stop by their blogs.

Since I've actually already listed 4 down below I will
only list 4 more... I hope that's ok with all of you!

1. I own 3 Expression Machines...
2. I own wayyyy to many Stampin' Up Supplies (LOL)
3. I have curtains throughout my house (hate blinds)
4. I like to color my hair (to cover up the grey) :o)

And the second award came from Tanya  
THANK YOU Tanya for giving me
A thing of Beauty Award!
This is a lovely award which you are to
Choose FIVE (5) worthy recipients and list them.
Next to their blog name, give ONE reason
why you think their blog is special.
What catches your eye about them? What do you love?
and, On your blog page, list 5 things about yourself....
Include at least one thing you enjoy about your craft...

Grace has one small request. It's not a rule, but she would very much
appreciate a link back to her blog attached to the award badge
when you display it on your site
(after choosing all five of your faves). Thanks so much!

She has kept the requirements few and simple so that 
people will not feel it is a chore to accept the award.
It is meant to be fun and encouraging! But since there are only
five recipients each time, select them thoughtfully and carefully

This was very hard to do... There are soooo
many amazing blogs out there.... but here
are the ones that I chose....

Gloria - Has an amazing knack for making pocket cards!

Jovan - makes fun and wonderful cards...

Norma - Is just super talented with all things Stampin' Up

Anita - Is sooo Amazling Talented and has such a
pretty blog

Terry - Makes the most amazing crafts!

Please take a moment and stop by these wonderful ladies blogs...
I promise you will be inspired by them! :o)

Now about me... Hummm... Well...
1. I am a Punchaholic
2. I enjoy taking long drives in my car
3. I listen to music while I craft
4. I'm addicted to DCWV paper
5. What I enjoy most about card making is being
able to share it with all of you...

Again... thank you for the Awards...
they are most appreciated and I hope that
we inspire you.... It's a joy to craft but mostly
it's a joy to inspire all of you as you do for me!
I'll be back tomorrow have an

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello Phone....

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone!
I hope your week has been going well...
I can't believe February is almost over already...
I can just picture seeing the green grass and
the pretty flowers growing in my yard... Alas...
We still have snow on the ground and more to
come yet...but that's ok... I'll keep my image for
that wonderful first day of Spring and hope it
arrives Early! :o) Tomorrow is my Crop and I
think I've got enough cards to make while I'm there...
I actually used some of my scraps that I just couldn't
throw away.... They are strips of paper and I just kind
of used a bunch on some card stock and made a few cuts....
I'll show you them next week... once I get them put together....
For now.... Here is today's simple card! :o)

This is one of the cards I made for my Mother in Law...
She wanted some Hello/Hi/Howdy types of cards
so she could practice her writing skills... I've mentioned in the
past that she's been ill quite a lot in the last few years and
one issue she has is not having full function of her hand...
She's had therapy and is working with it... so she wanted
cards that she could write on the inside of... I've received 3 cards
from her already... not any that I've ever made her of course...
Cause she said she doesn't want to send me cards I made her! LOL
Soooo Sweet.... I think her writing is pretty good and I can read
everything she writes in the cards that she sends me... I've told
her that and she's happy that I can read her writing... sooo
I thought this would be a great, quick, easy card for her to
just stick in an envelope without extra postage...

Cartridge - Wild Card
The cut was designed in my Gypsy to
fit in a regular A2 size envelope

Well.... That's it for me this week....
I've enjoyed doing challenges this week 
and actually getting time to visit some blogs...
I hope you guys have a great weekend and
I'll see ya back here on Monday!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 Challenges 1 post....

Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone!
I spent yesterday trying to create some
cards to make for my Crop til you Drop
on Friday night.... Man... It seems slow going...
I told my hubby that I need to get some projects done so
I'll have something to do beside Chatting all night long!
Not that I mind that.... but getting some work
done is kind of the whole point... Right?
Maybe? Sorta Kinda? tehehehe
Any who... Today is the Cricut Cardz Challenge
We are to make a St. Patrick's Day Card
using any cartridges or colors, but NOOO Shamrock's!
Wow... What's St. Patrick's Day without a Shamrock?
Well.... Let me show ya! :o) 

Isn't it CUTE??? :o)

 Card Stock, Ink, Stamp - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Imaginisce
Cartridge - Simply Charmed
(Leprechaun) Cut @ 3 1/4"
(Pot o' Gold) Cut @ 3"
Face Stamps - Peachy Keen Everyday 1", 1 3/8"
Stickles - Gold and Yellow
Embossing Powder - Hampton Art
Embossing Ink - Rangers

Yup... I did the inside too!

Cartridge - A Child's Year
(Hat) Cut @ 1 3/4"
I used my Design Studio to Hide the Shamrock
that is suppose to be cut with this Hat!
Border Punch - Martha Stewart

Here is a close up of the Pot... I cut the black pot out
twice to add Dimension to it.... All in All I really like how this
card turned out! Now it's your turn! Go ahead and make something
for this fun challenge and I'll try and stop by to say Hi!
Don't forget to stop by the other Designers blogs....
They all did a fabulous job on this weeks Challenge!
they have a challenge to make a project and incorporate some
type of EMBOSSING in it! And since I did emboss
the cute face on the Pot.... I'm entering this in those challenges as well!
How fun is that! I got 3 challenges in one! Yeah for me!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horse Howdy...

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
I hope all of you enjoyed the 3 day weekend!
I was suppose to be crafting yesterday but for
some reason I decided to go through all my
scraps.... and BOY do I have a ton of scraps!!!
Soooo I decided to throw a bunch of them out!
(GASPS) that's what I'm hearing from you... YES
I said it... I Threw a bunch of scraps away... WHY?
Oh WHY? You know.... when you start to see more and more
scraps and they're not being used it becomes a headache and hard
to store them.... The idea came to me after watching Joy over
at She was showing people how she stored
her scraps.... Well I don't need to know how to store them.... :o)
I've already got the storage binds for them.... but what got me was when
she had said "Don't Love the Paper Love the Project"!
and a BELL went off Or someone hit me upside the head.... LOL
So I thought, I better get rid of the tiny pieces
I really don't use/need and the paper that has been sitting
in the box for well... a year or 2.... Sooo yes I threw a bunch
of scraps away... and I made room and it looks neater/cleaner.....
And I felt soooo guilty doing it at first...
then My hubby came into my room and asked me
what I was doing and I told him.... and he said it was a great idea!
He told me he use to do the same thing when it came to storing his
tools and such for his shop.... He said if he kept it all he would
have a big ole' mess in his shop so he started to throw things away
he didn't think he was gonna use or need and it kept his
shop cleaner and neater... Sooo Yes I felt a little guilty at first
but then I started to realize it was such a waste to keep it when
I truly wasn't using it.... Sooo that's what I did! :o)
On with today's card!!!!

Everything is Stampin' Up
Copper Pearls - Prima
Cartridge - Old West
(Horse) Cut @ 4"
(Fence) Cut @ 2 1/4"
(Howdy) Cut @ 1 1/2"
This is a regular A2 size Easel Card

Ok... I really like how simple this card came out and yet it
has a nice rustic look! I'm putting this in with the
Their challenge is to make a Country/Western theme
for a child's birthday! I totally think this would be
great for that! You have until Thursday February 24th
to get your project in! Well thanks for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stage Coach....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I've had a busy weekend crafting....
I finally got all 24 "Hello" cards done
for my MIL..... I'm thrilled they are
completed and I'll be mailing them out
to her tomorrow... Of course with making
all those cards I made a HUGE mess in my
craft room.... Soooo I got to spend the rest
of the time cleaning up my mess.... I mean I
usually make a mess but this was a much bigger
mess than usual... Because I dug out my dinky
little sewing machine that I got over 10 yrs. ago...
I wanted to try sewing on a card for the first time....
And I CAN'T SEW! Sooo can you just imagine how
much FUN that was! :o) Sooo I have a huge pile from
digging in the container trying to find this little machine....
Needless to say..I threw away a bunch of stuff I never
used nor will for that matter.... and made some space
for more STUFF to purchase in the near future!
YEAHHH for me! LOL :o)

Everything is Stampin' Up...
Cartridge - Old West
(Stage Coach) Cut @ 3"
(Howdy) Cut @ 1"
(Cowgirl) Cut @ 3" and she was cut out
4 times to give her clothes and skin color

 Here is a side view to show the Cowgirl up on Dimensionals
and so was the "Howdy" Sentiment... Hubby Says I have this
stage coach in the wrong direction? But I cut it just
like it shows in the book... Sooo I don't know...
I still think it's cute and his mom will LOVE it!
And that's all that matters to me! :o)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hello and Happy Saturday everyone!
Mi-Mi is still not better yet so she
called and asked if I would post again...
Of course I was like great, cuz I didn't get
my project finished until late last night sooo
now I have a chance to post it in time for the
They have a "Challenge me Monday" challenge every
week and this week it is to make a project featuring
your favorite seasonal weather... Well I know I have told you
guys before that I LOVE Fall but I ALSO LOVE Spring....
You can keep Summer and Winter in my book! :o)
This is also going to be entered into the "All About Spring"
Challenge over at
Mary has challenged everyone to make a SPRING card!
And since I feel like SPRING is Coming soon
(keeping fingers crossed) I came up with this card....
I designed it in my Design Studio, then took forever
choosing the paper then started the cuts... Here it is.....

Everything is Stampin' Up
Cartridge - April Showers
(Flower) Cut @ 3"
(Birdhouse) Cut @ 2 1/2"
(Stem Flower) Cut @ 1"
Cartridge - Hoot N Holler
(Owl) Cut @ 2"

Here is a close up of the Stem Flower over the
Owl... I thought it would look cute having a flower
look like it landed on the owl....

The Sentiment was typed and printed from
My Digital Studio (SU) I used the brown as
the shadow look then added the orange on top...
It looks pretty cool live and in person.... :o)

I wanted to show you the side view with the
added layers on the Birdhouse and Flower Center....

Well there you go.... That's my SPRING Card for
the Challenge over at Fantabulous Cricut...
You have until February 20th to get your
project in... And the Spring Challenge over at Cardz TV
is going on until Thursday February 24th! 
I believe that's it for me...
I'll be back on Monday... so enjoy the
rest of your weekend and

Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow Sledding Layout....

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!
I bet you're all surprised to see me here!
Mi-Mi called me yesterday and asked
if I could post for her since she wasn't
up to par again.... Sooo here I am! :o)
I had my card swap last night and
everyone made such cute cards! I had
fun chatting away with my new found
crafting friends! I never thought I would
have sooo much fun hanging out and
crafting... It certainly beats me crafting
alone like I always do... I have my
crop til you drop next Friday and I found
out last night that people are requesting to
sit at my table with me and my friend....
I told you guys we had soooo much fun
laughing and carrying on that more people
would like to join us.... How fun is that?
Sooo... I'm super excited about it again and
I gotta get a bunch of stuff pre-done so
I can just put it all together while I'm there and
chat away like I'm doing right now! LOL :o)
Today I'm gonna show you the layout
I made at our last Crop night.... Remember I
told ya I didn't make it while I was there but
I got some free time last week and put it
together.... Sooo here is the Layout! :o)

Now this is the KIT we all did that night....
The Card stock is Bazzill and it's shiny...
Designer Paper is Bo Bunny (I Think)

Awhile back I showed you some pictures of my
kids going sledding just after the 1st of the year....
and when I seen the layout... I knew those
pictures would be perfect for this LO!

I was going to make them Black & white
but changed my mind... the colors seem to
match really well so I left them alone...
The photo's are 4 x4

Now the designer of this LO said to use
epoxy for the snowflakes and letters....
but.... I prefer Glitter.... So I used my
2 way glue pen then sprinkled
glitter on each letter.... I like it better! :o)

Same thing for the snowflakes... I think (1) was
suppose to be glitter and then epoxy.... But I decided
mine look better glittery... :o)

It's a very pretty LO and the creator (Jessica) did
a fabulous job on it and it was fun to put together!
The next one is a Valentine's/Love one...
It's sooo pretty... looking forward to putting that
one together! :o) Well that's all I got for ya
right now.... I may actually be back later today
with something I'm working on for a Challenge!
So... I'll see ya then! Thanks for looking! :o)
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flower Pitcher.....

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone!
My Goodness.... this week flew by!
Before you know it, it will be St Patrick's day!
I did get my 16 cards done for my card swap
tonight! :o) But I do have a lot of things
to make this weekend... Let's hope I
have time to get them done! :o)
I want to thank everyone who comes
here to our blog and I also want
to thank everyone who leaves comments...
They are soooo appreciated and I LOVE
reading them! You all make my day everyday! :o)
On with today's card! :o)

Card stock, Ink, Stamp, Punches - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Chatterbox
Signo Gel Pen for the Faux Stitching & Dots
Cartridge - Country Life (Pitcher/Flowers)
Cut @ 2 1/2" w/Shadow

Well I believe that is it for me this week!
I will be back on Monday with something
to show ya! :o) I hope you have a marvelous
rest of the week and have a

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get Well Scallop....

Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone!
I hope your week is still going well...
I had my Stampin' Up Party last night and
we had a ball! It started at 7pm and the last
gals to leave, left around 10:30pm.... We just
chatted and laughed and they learned a few
things and then I showed them my scrap room...
They really liked it and well I Love my space sooo
it was nice to show it to other people... Were gonna
do it again next month.... My house is basically the most central
place to have it so I don't mind if they come over and hang out
and craft and well just have fun! :o) I am going to
be working on my 16 cards for my swap today cause
my cards are due tomorrow....
But I do have a card to show you... so here it is...

Card stock, Ink - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Chatterbox
Stamp - Stamps with
Cartridges - Disney Pooh & Friends
Icon Key #11 (Flowers) Cut @ 2 1/2"
Walk in my Garden (Vase #21)Cut @ 2"
Straight from the nest (#13 Scallops)Cut @ 3 1/4"

Well.... that's it for me today...
I better go get started on my cards! :o)
Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back tomorrow!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Praying tree....

WARNING: (Another Long Post) :o)

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful
Valentine's Day Yesterday! Well...
I barely made it back home to get to
my son's school for his party! But I made it!
We decided to have a Valentine's Day
Breakfast and left early enough to eat
and head to do our taxes.. Well, We got there early...
and I warned the hubby they won't take us early
and guess what? I was RIGHT! LOL
In fact we ended up waiting 45 minutes before 
our tax gal took us! Then I had to run to the store and
get a couple of items and home we went...
Showed up at 1:55pm got all the things I needed
for the class party and the kids loved it! :o) They thought
the arrows were cool and the bingo game was great
and I gave it to the teacher afterward and told her to keep it
for herself or for another teacher to use... I mean
I laminated it so it should last a long time! :o)
I also forgot to mention that I had told you on Thursday
that I need to make 24 "Hello" cards for the MIL...
Well I got only about 14 done over the weekend...
 and when I was making the arrow pieces I HAD to
use my Gypsy....  Now you all have heard me say
 it's not my favorite tool... I had to use it because I let a friend
borrow my Sweethearts cartridge and she hasn't return
it just yet.... so luckily I have it linked to my
gypsy... well I was having difficulty with using that
darn thing and I did eventually get my pieces cut...
but then I realized I had asked for the Gypsy 
A-Z DVD by Above Rubies Studio for Christmas 
and I did get it and thought....Hummm
maybe I should take a look at this thing!
Well after some time watching the
video I learned a few things about my Gypsy I didn't know...
Sooo then I spent a little time
creating some things in it and felt a
little better about owning this thing!
Now I'm not in LOVE with it yet... but
I'm starting to have a fondness for it! tehehehe...
I showed my hubby what
I had learned from the video that I didn't know
and he said he was glad to see I'm at least trying to use it....
Sooo there is still hope for me yet! LOL
Now today I need to make some type of
snack for tonight cause I'm having a
Stampin' Up Party... You all know
How much I LOVE Stampin' Up...
And I still have to make 16 cards
by Thursday for my card swap... and
I still have 10 more cards to make for my MIL!
Soooo I have a lot of work ahead of me still....
Heck I'm just tired after reading all of this myself! hehehe
Here's a card for ya! :o)

Everything is Stampin' Up
Cartridges - Lacey Labels (Frame)
#50 Cut @ 5" with Shadow
Heritage (Tree) Cut @ 3 1/2"
with the Shadow feature....

Well.... I think I've rambled on
long enough for the past 2 days... :o)
I thank you for reading my silly posts
and coming here to look at my cards!
I'll be back tomorrow and I hope to
see ya here! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!