Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horse Howdy...

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
I hope all of you enjoyed the 3 day weekend!
I was suppose to be crafting yesterday but for
some reason I decided to go through all my
scraps.... and BOY do I have a ton of scraps!!!
Soooo I decided to throw a bunch of them out!
(GASPS) that's what I'm hearing from you... YES
I said it... I Threw a bunch of scraps away... WHY?
Oh WHY? You know.... when you start to see more and more
scraps and they're not being used it becomes a headache and hard
to store them.... The idea came to me after watching Joy over
at http://joyslife.com/.... She was showing people how she stored
her scraps.... Well I don't need to know how to store them.... :o)
I've already got the storage binds for them.... but what got me was when
she had said "Don't Love the Paper Love the Project"!
and a BELL went off Or someone hit me upside the head.... LOL
So I thought, I better get rid of the tiny pieces
I really don't use/need and the paper that has been sitting
in the box for well... a year or 2.... Sooo yes I threw a bunch
of scraps away... and I made room and it looks neater/cleaner.....
And I felt soooo guilty doing it at first...
then My hubby came into my room and asked me
what I was doing and I told him.... and he said it was a great idea!
He told me he use to do the same thing when it came to storing his
tools and such for his shop.... He said if he kept it all he would
have a big ole' mess in his shop so he started to throw things away
he didn't think he was gonna use or need and it kept his
shop cleaner and neater... Sooo Yes I felt a little guilty at first
but then I started to realize it was such a waste to keep it when
I truly wasn't using it.... Sooo that's what I did! :o)
On with today's card!!!!

Everything is Stampin' Up
Copper Pearls - Prima
Cartridge - Old West
(Horse) Cut @ 4"
(Fence) Cut @ 2 1/4"
(Howdy) Cut @ 1 1/2"
This is a regular A2 size Easel Card

Ok... I really like how simple this card came out and yet it
has a nice rustic look! I'm putting this in with the
Their challenge is to make a Country/Western theme
for a child's birthday! I totally think this would be
great for that! You have until Thursday February 24th
to get your project in! Well thanks for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Jovan said...

Good for you, I was going to cut down my paper this week. I always throw out small pieces if it can't be used with one of my nesties. I really like this card.

Sharon said...

Great card! And it goes so well with yesterdays
stagecoach!! I've reorganized my scraps and am now using them more. I threw away a lot, too.

iluvmybugs said...

What a fun easel card Theresa!!
It must have been 'go through your scraps' day yesterday since I did the same thing. I'm also labeling all my containers so things are easier to find and set up a box for crafty goods I won't be using to give to my friends.

Jeri said...

This is such a cute card. I love the easel fold, makes it look like a piece of art. How funny...so many of us have the scrap paper organizing bug. I just went through mine a couple days ago and also threw a bunch away. My file cabinet collapsed from all the weight so it was time. Thanks for playing along with us at Paper Cutz.