Monday, June 1, 2020

Still Moving!

Hello And Happy Monday Everyone!
Wow! It's been a month since I did a post!

As you can all imagine, I've been very busy
since I left my job on April 30th - You guys
knew I was heading into a BIG MOVE and here I am!

I got all packed and on Memorial Day Weekend we
moved the rest of our stuff out of the old place -

Now I have things scattered everywhere! I'm not a 
fan of Clutter and trust me when I say I have Tons of Clutter
right now - I know once we get everything where it needs to be
it'll all work out - but clutter makes me nuts... So I'm trying really 
hard to deal with it as best as I can - 

My sister is still living with us - her house finally arrived
but she has no electricity or plumbing yet - we are really hoping
to get that squared away this week because not only do I have clutter
from my stuff but also from hers... I know she wants to get into her
tiny house asap and I promise to share some pictures very soon -

We have only been able to complete the Dining room, 
Living room and one of the small rooms where Hunter
will be staying in until the end of the year - So I still have to remodel
the master bedroom/bath, the spare room my sister is occupying,
the kitchen/laundry area and another bathroom -

Lots to do and I need to get it all done by the end of the year
since Hunter will be going back to Utah for College - 
He's my Muscle since my Hubby is disabled -
My sister has also been helping us with the remodeling since
she's been living here waiting on her house -

Not only will we be getting her stuff together we should
be starting on the other bathroom - I ordered everything I
need to fancy it up and I will take before and after pictures
when it's completed - 

Anywho - I'm only posting this to keep you guys
updated on what's been going on - I finally (just last night)
made a space to put my computer up temporarily -
I have no craft room and really have no time for crafting at this point -
It's been super HOT (109 degrees) lately so things move a little
slower for us due to the heat - 

I will try and keep you guys updated when I can and
I'm hoping I can stop by your blogs when I get a little
more time to do so - I may hit up a couple a week...
Just letting you guys know I'm still thinking of my
Awesome Crafting Friends!

If anyone is interested in my new address please shoot
me an email at the email address I have listed 
under my picture here on my blog -
Please Put in the Subject Line (New Address Please)
So I'll be able to see it -

Thanks for reading my ramblings... :)