Monday, July 30, 2012

Congrats on the new Arrival.....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! Guess what I did over
the weekend? I got to CRAFT!!! Yeaaa ME!!! Of course I
had to clean my house first and do laundry.... then defrost
one of the fridges.... but after that... I was good to go! :o)
I made 4 cards on Saturday and 3 cards on Sunday... Can
you believe it? I was sooo happy to be in my craft room
just messing with my machines.... I made some cards with
my Cricut & with my Silhouette.... I also made some cards
with just plain old stampin'! Now that's something I haven't
done in a loooong time! :o) Without further ado,
 here's one of the cards I made...

My friend who owns the LSS invited me to her
DIL's Baby Shower.... She had her baby
on July 16th... Her DIL wanted to wait til
after the baby was born for the shower... So it was
Saturday... Now I didn't have time to attend it, but I
did have time to create a card and have a gift for her.....
I just dropped it off real quick so I could get back to
cleaning my house! :o)
Card stock, Ribbon - Stampin' Up
Everything Else - Nursery Tail's Imagine Cartridge
The Frog Image was cut @ 3" (2x's)
Then I used the Seperate button and cut just the
Frog out and popped him up! :o)
Stamp is from "My Creative Time"

Well that's all I got for today..... I have a busy
day ahead of me.... Monday's are the busiest for
Donation Drop offs... So it's gonna be a looong day!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Converse Style....

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your all having
a wonderful week so far! I'm looking forward to the weekend...
Hopefully once I get my house cleaned I can actually craft something....
Keep your fingers crossed for me so I can craft.... it's really been awhile!
I wanted to share a quick card with ya today.... My middle son Juston will
be 17 years old tomorrow! And I needed to make him a card (QUICK)! :o)
And for some reason both he & my older son Mathew LOVE
Converse Shoes.... Sooo my thought was to make him
a shoe card... and well here it is! :o)

I have very little time these days so his card is very simple....
All I did was weld the card together using my Gypsy & the
Nifty Fifties Cartridge... I did some Faux Stitching &
wrote "All Star" (which I didn't do to well) But I thought
it turned out rather CUTE! OK Not "CUTE" but maybe
"KOOL" to my kids standards! :o) He never asks for anything
for his birthday or Christmas for that matter.... He's my difficult
kid to shop for.... so he's getting some cash & a gift card....
Don't worry... he never reads my blog! It's all good! LOL

Anyway... thanks for stopping by.... I hope you enjoy the
rest of your week and try and have an AWESOME WEEKEND!!!


Monday, July 23, 2012

THINKING of you....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all
had a FABULOUS weekend!!! ME... Mine was busy!
Nooo time to craft but had a few ideas pop in my head....
So hopefully I'll get some time to create something soon!
In the mean time here's another card I made back in
May for my MIL..... I hope you like it! :o)

I actually did some (hand sewing) on this card!!!
Can you believe it??? Me neither! :o)
I was trying to think of a way to use
the orange ribbon and well I had this crazy idea to
sew it! WHAT??? What's up with that???
Any who.... I printed out all the designer paper
from "My Digital Studio" by Stampin' Up
Then I put the papers thru the Cricut to create the
pretty flower... Added a brad to hold the flower together,
then put a sentiment... that's all she wrote my friends!

I think it turned out lovely... as did my MIL! :o)
Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm gonna try and
visit a few of my blogging buddies this week if I can
squeeze in some blogging time! In the mean time
have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello Butterflies...

Hello & Happy Thursday Everyone! It is Thursday? Right???
I tell ya I'm wayyy off on my days of the week this week! LOL
So far another busy week at work.... Monday was super busy
& we had TONS of Drop offs.... UGH! On Tuesday & Wednesday
 The store was busy but drop offs were slow! Thank Goodness!
I'm thrilled the store itself is doing sooo well... And I'm happy
we're super busy there... I just want the donation part to
sloooowww down a little bit.... At least til I can figure out
some help for the donation drop offs... My Hubby has started
work on the Donation Drop box so that will be helpful.... :o)

I really haven't had any time for crafting... Heck I'm just
toooo tired to do anything... I never got to make a card on Sunday
and I've decided to be open this Saturday for UTAH'S
"Pioneer Days" I've been told it can get really busy that
day for the local stores... so I decided to be open too....
I'm having a sale for that day! Sooo noooo crafting
again this weekend! Oh... Well... I don't want to say my
crafting days are over!!! Noooo Wayyyy!!! I'll just say their
on hiatus until further notice! I mean I gotta craft at some
point cuz my son's birthday is next week & I gotta make him a card!

In the mean time here's a simple card I made back in MAY!

 This is a Digital Hybrid Card...
I used My Digital Studio and printed out the
pretty paper,  I typed out the "HELLO"
and printed that out with the striped paper....
Used a Martha Stewart punch for the scallop
borders... and I used a sizzix butterfly die for the
pretty little butterflies....

That's pretty much it! I wish I had something
more fancier to show ya... But I don't...
Maybe sometime very soon I will....
If there's a will there's a way! Right? :O)



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Montana Butterfly.....

Hello and Happy Sunday Everyone! I know... I Know...
Me on a Sunday??? What? I'm soooo way out of whack right
now... I really don't know if I'm coming or going.... The store
is going great but it's wayyy busier than I thought it could be.
And with the donation drop off issues I'm having... I really don't
see much relief anytime soon.... I'm still trying to find some
help and I've been told by a couple of people to wait til school
starts back up... Well that's like the middle of August.... Still a
little ways away... So in the mean time I'm working & working &
working to keep from having a back load of donations and no
place to store them...

So creativity is a little bit lost right now....
I really don't know where to start.... I was thinkin' of making a
Christmas in July kind of card.... but I'm just blank at the moment!
I'm hoping to get a few moments today to create something...
 I've gone and checked out some of my Favorite blogs
and I tell ya... My crafty friends are exactly that "CRAFTY"!!! :o)
I LOVE their creative projects and I'm glad I can
always pop in and say "HI" to them
and see what fun, creative things they've come up with...
And hopefully some of their creativity can rub off
on me through the computer... Well that's my hope anyway!

But for now I do have a card to show you...
It's another one I made wayyyyy back in MAY
when I did have some creative ideas! LOL

Another card for my MIL....
I believe the Butterfly is from the
Hannah Montana Cartridge.....
The Sentiment? Well I can't remember....

I used My Mind's Eye Paper and
Stampin' Up Card stock & Gems
I also used a White Signo Gel pen
around the wording....

Thanks so much for "POPPING" in to
visit... I really do appreciate it!
I hope you all have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Thinking Tree....


Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you're
having a great week so far... Mine.... Well I've been sooo
busy with the store that I'm totally exhausted & ready for bed
by the end of the day.... And we're not talking a regular 8 hour
day either.... Try like 12 hour days! Yesss... I said 12 hours....
The last 2 days I've been working 12 hours a day... We are
getting soooo many donations in that I have to stay after work
and sort through them..... I don't have anyone coming to help
at this point.... I've posted it on Facebook to our local group we
have on there and I've talked to a few of my friends but so far
I'm coming up empty! UGH! It probably wouldn't be so bad if
people would stop donating their JUNK! I really can't understand how
people can't tell they have HUGE holes in their clothes or stains on
them that they feel it necessary to donate it..... It's not like anyone
else is really going to want those item.... UUUGGHHH!!!
OK.... Sorry about that.... I'm a little bit tired & Annoyed.....
I don't mean to sound like a crazy lady... Ok... maybe I do.... :o)
I just don't understand people sometimes... ya know...
Any who.... Let's focus on a card for ya....

I totally STOLE "CAS'D" this card from somewhere... I think???  
 I honestly don't remember if I came up with this or if I
Cas'd it from somewhere....( If I cas'd it... Sorry to whomever I may have
taken this from cuz I can't remember) ...  This is the card I 
created using My Digital Studio from (Stampin' Up)
I did the Tree and sentiment in MDS and
the rest was printed out and cut to size...
Then I added the twine & Button to the card...
This was another one of those cards I made for
my MIL back in May..... I told ya I had several
more to show you..... :o)

Well thanks so much for stopping by... I hope you
guys continue to have a great week and hopefully
mine will get better.... Try and have an


Monday, July 9, 2012

Thinking Summer Smooch....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I had a busy weekend
cleaning up my house.... It's sooo nice to walk on the floor
barefoot again without any worries.... AAHHHH CLEAN!
Well I hope you had a better weekend than me... I mean
come on... cleaning the house isn't all that fun! LOL
I also tried to get some creative projects done... but my
brain just wouldn't have it! I guess I'm gonna have to try
again this next weekend... :o) In the mean time I do
have a card for ya that I made before I got really
crazy busy with the store.... Here ya go.....

This is a Digital Hybrid card....
I used My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up and
the pre - design they had ... Printed out some pieces and
added the Ribbon & Epoxy Button to add a touch of "ME"
to this card! :o)
This was one of those cards I needed for my MIL....
I still have a few more of those to show ya.... :o)

Any whooo.... That's all I have for today!
Thanks so much for stopping by & have an


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jovan's Blogiversary Hop!!!!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! Sorry I didn't post anything
yesterday.... I was pretty busy! I can offically say that I'm 99% done
with the Store!!! Yeaaa ME!!! I seriously couldn't have done it without
the help of my family.... It was a lot of hard work and loooong hours
for me personally and I'm happy to say that today & tomorrow I will
get some much needed REST! We will open July 5th which is Thursday,
and I look forward to finally opening up the store and making some
money again! :o) I know you didn't come here to hear me babble on....
You came here because of JOVAN'S BLOG HOP!!!!!

If you arrived here from the talented JESSICA'S Blog you're on the right track...
If you just showed up to take a look around please start
at the beginning with KATE and hop along with us to celebrate
JOVAN'S Blogiversary!!!! The theme is CELEBRATION!!!

Jovan will have  three giveaways, 1st giveaway will go to someone who comments on all the blogs in the hop. 2nd prize will go to a comment left on Jovan's Blog.  The Grand prize will go to someone that plays in the challenge.  The challenge is to make a "Celebration" project - any kind of celebration.  The challenge will run for two weeks.....

Now that sounds like a great way to celebrate a blogiversary!!

Here's what I created for this hop & the Challenge!

A friend of mine back east is having twins.... And she also found
out she was having a boy & a girl, so I made these to "Celebrate" the
new babies!!! The sketch is from Mojo 200.... I just flipped it upside
down to suit my needs for the cards.... :o)

I used my IMAGINE and the Baby Boutique Cartridge....

You know I HAD to add some BLING to this card!!!! :o)

Here's the baby boy card.... The cardstock & Ribbon
are from Stampin' Up

And YESSS I HAD to add just a touch of BLING
to the boy card as well.... :o)

Well that's it for me... Next Stop on this hop is the talented CINDY
You'll love what she created.... :o)

Here's the "HOP" list just in case you get lost along the way...

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you all
join in on the fun! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!