Friday, August 31, 2012

Cricut Mag? or Card Mag? idea.....

Hello and Happy Friday everyone! Did ya hear that? It's FRIDAY!!
Oh yeah! it's a lovely 3 day weekend... Or at least I hope so anyway!
Do ya guys have plans? Me? Naaaa.... Unless crafting is considered
a plan? LOL Yup... that's what I'm gonna try to do ALL weekend long...
Let's just see how much of it I actually get to do... I thought..... If I
skip cleaning the house.... I would have more time... Although I'll
probably still do the laundry cuz no one likes dirty clothes... right?
Hummm... or maybe they can do their own laundry which would
give me even more time to craft!!! Ohhh I'm liking this already! LOL

Ok... I'm just kidding... (maybe a little) But I do plan on crafting this
weekend and I do hope to get a bunch of stuff done... :o)
And I hope all of you get to have a fun & exciting weekend as well!
Here's a card I created from one of the Magazines...

I made this card wayyy back in May! Sooo I can't remember
where I've stolen Cas'd the idea from..... I tried looking for it...
but I have soooo many mags that I just kind of gave up...
Either way... this is the card I made from the card I saw
in the magazine... I was making a bunch of "hello" cards
for my MIL back in May and ran out of ideas... Then I saw
this in one of the mags... and thought... Hey I could make that! LOL
Soooo I did! Don't remember much else.... And you see why I need
a 3 day weekend! LOL Well... that's enough chatting for one day!

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying HI!
I love reading all the comments... you guys are the best!
Have a fun and safe weekend! And I'll see ya sometime
next week! :o) In the mean time have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aarrrghhh! Colors....

Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone! How's your week going
so far??? I can't believe it's Wednesday already... 2 days left til
the 3 day weekend! YESS!!! Can ya tell I'm excited about it! LOL
I mean I know it's the Last weekend of Summer (not officially of course)...
But it means 3 days off for me! oh Yea! LOL
Any who.... Today is Challenge day over at:

The Challenge this time is to create any type of
card you want... BUT use the colors
Red, Yellow, & Blue ONLY!!!
You can use Black & White as Accent Colors...

This one was really hard for me to do! Let's
see what I created for this Challenge! :o)

I really did try to follow the color challenge as best I could...
I created this card for my youngest son Hunter.... He needed
another Birthday card for another friend... So I thought I would
try and do it with this Challenge! :o)

Cartridges: Buccaneer Imagine (Striped Paper)
(Ship) Cut out 2x's @ 3"
Lacy Labels (Shape) Cut @ 3 1/2"
I flood filled the first layer with the Buccaneer Imagine cartridge
then used white card stock behind it... Inked that in red...
Sentiment is Computer Generated and punched out in the white & blue color...
I added 3 blue mini brads & 2 yellow mini brads...

I also added an Action Wobble to make it look like
the ship was setting sail! OK... maybe a stretch... but that
was what I was thinkin'! LOL
Well, that's my card and now it's your turn to play along!
Don't forget to check out what the rest of the Design Team has created...
I look forward to seeing what you come up with! :o)
Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Teddy Parade.....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a Fabulous weekend!
Mine was actually really good! I got some free time to create and I managed
to get 3 cards done! YEAAA for me! LOL  I also had a chance to play around
with some of my new cartridges!!! I'm not as thrilled with the CCR program as
I would like to be! It's still not working right! UGH! PC really needs to get on
the ball with it... If they expect people to use it! :o) I did end up wasting paper
cuz my CCR wouldn't cut anything from my Imagine... I wasn't looking to
color anything just to plain old CUT! But it wouldn't and the new
cartridges are not showing up on my Gypsy... I did all new updates
on all my machines and still couldn't get anything to work together...
I actually HAD to remember how to work the machine the OLD FASHION
WAY!!! You know before Design Studio & Gypsy's & CCR!!!
That was back in the day when we ALL WASTED PAPER!!! LOL
Any who... Here is one of the cards I created this weekend!

So I used my FAVORITE Cartridge "Teddy Bear Parade"
It's just soooo CUTE!!! And I'm a Bear Collector so it
had to be in my collection! Right? LOL
So this is how I created this simple card...


I used "My Digital Studio" by Stampin' Up and
created the design using a template from that program...
This is the template that I save as a JPEG file... Then
I opened my Silhouette Cameo Program and exported it
into my library.... I then printed this out and had my Silhouette
cut all the pieces.... I didn't like the Paper orange zig zag so I
decided to just use some zig zag ribbon I had on hand instead....
I inked all the pieces then set them aside as I went to open
my CCR program.... I used the CCR program to figure out
the right size to make my bear... Which was at 2 1/2"...

This is where I couldn't cut out the pieces of my bear so I had to
use several pieces of colored paper to cut this little lady out...
After that was all done... I felt the need to ink and add wiggle
eyes to my bear! Then decided it needed some ACTION!!!

 So of course I added an ACTION WOBBLE to it!
This card really didn't take that long at all to make...
Other than cutting out the bear.... Had my CCR worked...
All the colored pieces were all spread out on my mat
ready to go & this would have been a 10 min. card using
3 different programs together... :o)
Well I hope you liked & understood my explanation on
how I created this card.... :o) After looking at it, I thought
Hummmm.... I should have used the Turkey costume...
Which I may do now that I thought about it! LOL

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I hope
you all have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kate's Kitchen Birthday!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope your week
is turning out pretty good! Mine is busy as usual! Let's hope
I'm not as worn out as last week! Keeping my fingers crossed!
My youngest son Hunter... ask me to make him a Birthday
card for one of his little friends at school... He found out that
his friend likes dogs... Sooo I came up with this card....

I created this on Sunday night...cuz he needed it by Monday!
So I tried to use my CCR program only to find it half working!!
UGH!!! OK PC what did ya do with my CCR Program???
Any who... I pretty much had to "Wing It" for the sizes....
CS, Ink - Stampin' Up
Stamp - My Pink Stamper
Cartridges - Kate's Kitchen Imagine Cartridge (first time
I've ever used it & I've had it a really long time) :o)
(Chef) cut @ 3 3/4" I cut off the chef's hat & Spoon
to place the (Party Hat) Doodlecharms Cut @ 1 1/2"
And the (Plate & Cake) Cut @ 2"

Of course I popped up the Hat, Dog, Cake, & Chef for
added dimension.... and the "Green Shape" was from the
Imagine images pre-programed on the machine.... I just flood filled
it with the designer paper from Kate's Kitchen....

My son really liked it and thought his friend would
like it cuz the cake had a smile on it's face! LOL
I'm sorry about the photo quality though.... I made it
late Sunday night and you know there isn't any good
sunlight at 9:30pm! :o) Thanks so much for
stopping by to say "HI".... Have an


Monday, August 20, 2012

What'z Up Doc????

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend????
Mine was just ok... I was having a rough week and by Friday
I was really exhausted and in a little bit of pain.... I tried not to
do to much Friday night and when I woke up on Saturday....
I was light headed & dizzy..... That was not what I had in mind
for my Saturday! I was just feeling waaayyy off all day Saturday
so I didn't do much of anything.... Then Sunday came and I
was feeling a lot better (not perfect) but better.... So I went
SHOPPING!!! Guess what I picked up??? Did you know
they have 5 new Lite Cartridges out??? Did Ya???
Well... My Walmart happen to have them all in stock so
I picked up my 3 Favorite ones!!!! :o)

 Trick or Treat

 Dino Play

My NEW Favorite Called: Teddy Bear Parade

Here's my 1st Christmas card of the year! :o)

CS, Ink, Designer Paper, Gems - Stampin' Up
All the cuts - Silhouette Cameo
 I printed Bug's 2x's then let the Cameo cut him out...
All the rest was just cut out with the Cameo using a
Card template that I got for .99.... What a deal! :o)

Now I just have a BILLION more Christmas Cards
to go! YEAH! LOL Thanks so much for stopping
by to say Hi! Have an AWESOME MONDAY!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moo-Chas Gracias!!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone!!! How's your week so far?
Wow... I just realized my kids go back to school Tomorrow!
I tell ya the Summer FLEW BYE!!! Or at least for me it
seemed to... I know one of my kids is not happy with
going back to school... He would prefer to spend more time
playing video games! Of course I told him, he could play
after school as long as he gets all his work done first....
I don't think he likes that idea! LOL
Any who....
Today is Challenge day over at Cricut Cardz (aka Cardz TV)

You are to make a card with a "CUTE CRITTER"!
Now I know anyone can make a cute card with a
critter on it! So this is going to be a fun & easy challenge
for everyone!!!! Here's what I created.....

This totally puts a smile on my face when I look at it!
Chocolate Chip CS, Ink, Oval & Scallop Punch - Stampin' Up
All the cuts - Double Dot Bo Bunny
Designer Paper - Echo Park (Life is Good)
Wiggle Eyes - Tree House Studio
Happy Lashes Face Stamp - Peachy Keen
Even More Punny-licous Stamp - My Pink Stamper
White Signo Gel Pen
Distress Stripes Embossing Folder - Provo Craft
Cartridges: Birthday Bash (Cow) Cut @ 3 1/2"
Paper Doll Dress Up (Fence) Cut @ 2 1/2"
Everyday Paper Dolls (Grass) Cut @ 1"
Sesame Street Friends (Sun) Cut @ 1 3/4"

Oh Yeah.... It has an ACTION WOBBLE too! :o)
See... That was FUN & EASY to make! Now it's your
turn to create something with a critter on it & I'll try
and stop by to say HI!!! Don't forget to check out what
the rest of the design team has created... you won't be
disappointed! :o) Thanks so much for stopping by
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Mr & Mrs.....

Hello & Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend?
Mine was really enjoyable! I went to lunch
at Red Lobster with my family.... We all got some
shopping done... and then the loong drive back home....
We got home around 1am Sunday morning....
We were all exhausted & couldn't wait to go to bed!
I got almost everything that was on my list and a few
things that weren't on the list! LOL Isn't that usually
how it goes? All in All it was a great Saturday! :o)
Of course Sunday was Clean the house & do laundry
day, so we won't talk about that! tehehehe

This was created using "My Digital Studio" by Stampin' Up
and my Silhouette Cameo!!!

I designed it first in My digital Studio, then I saved the file
as a jpeg... using the highest pixels..... Then I opened my
Cameo program up and plopped it in there! I used the
registration marks and printed the design pieces out
on my printer.... then I put it through my silhouette
to cut each piece out... SIMPLE!!!!

Here's a close up showing you the different cuts using my Cameo....
The green butterfly has a wider border around it...
The grey butterfly has a smaller border around it....
The flower & Scallop circle are the "outline" cuts.... which
cuts your design the closest to the image....
As you can tell the flower was cut out 2x's
so were the butterflies..... I added the gems in the corner
and on the banner....
I'm lovin' using my digital studio with my cameo....
they really work hand in hand together... As I'm sure
any digital program will do the same! :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedding Card #3....

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone! Are You excited?????!!
It's finally the end of the week! YEA!!! Can you tell I'm
excited about it! It really was a busy week for me....
I'll be heading out of town for the day tomorrow....
It will be a looong day since we don't live close to
ANYTHING!!! But that's ok... I'll be glad to get out of town
even if it's for 1 day only! :o) Any who.... It's the
end of my wedding series... I know there should
be more than 3 cards, but I didn't want to overwhelm
ya with wedding cards... I do have another one that
I'll post on Monday.... but that's about it for them...
Here's my card.... :o)

I used my Cricut Imagine & my Cameo for this card...
I used Silver Brushed Card stock from Stampin' Up
and put it through my Imagine Machine using the
Teresa Collins "Black & White" Pattern Paper....
Which turned my Silver paper into that GORGEOUS paper
you see!!! I then pulled out some of my (Hoarded Ribbon)
Pretty Ribbon and attached it to the card.... Pulled out
my Fused Pearls again using the Glossy Accents to
attach it together..... Trimmed about an inch off the
front of the card to show through to the inside where
I added a red border.... So then I went to my Silhouette
machine and found the "Always & Forever" die I purchased
and cut it out... there are 3 layers to it and 2 of the layers cut like
a dream... but the top layer which is the thinnest layer.... was REALLY
REALLY hard to cut! I tried 2 attempts when the (Light bulb)
idea came to me to use VINYL!!! HELLO!!! :o)
So I pulled out my Silver Vinyl and BAM!! That cut like BUTTER!!!
And I attached it to the other 2 layers to create this really
pretty card... Or at least I think it's pretty.... :o)

Thanks sooo much for stopping by... I hope all
of you have an AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding card #2....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! It's the middle of the
week... So I hope you're having a great week so far.... Mine
is pretty busy at the store... But I keep thinkin' bout' the weekend...
I'll be heading out of town on Saturday... So I just keeping thinking
about that, to get me through the next few days... :o) I decided to
make this next card a "Non Traditional" type of Wedding Card...
In the sense of Colors anyway..... I decided to use my Silhouette Cameo
again.... I downloaded this card design by Samantha Walker.... and I guess
they are suppose to be mini cards??? But I of course was not gonna let
that stop me from making an A2 size card (4 1/4 x 5 1/2)....

I guess you could use this card for just about anything....
But my mind was set on a Wedding Card.... :o)
So I printed out the pretty paper using my Printer....
And the Sentiment & Butterflies.... Then put
it into my Silhouette Cameo Machine to cut out....

I didn't like the way the paper was set up when it
printed out so I cut it up to suit my needs and
used my border punch on the end.... Inked around the edges
of the card and butterflies and popped up the sentiment....
I did not pop up the butterflies.... they are actually flat!
All I did there was add adhesive to the center of the
butterflies, so the wings could pop up... I did the same thing with
the second layer of butterflies too... I just wanted them to have
a little bit of dimension..... :o)

I'll be back with another Wedding Card... In the
mean time have an AWESOME DAY!!!!

P.S. I wanted to wish my sister Mi-Mi a


Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding Week.......

Hello & Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend?
Mine was pretty good... I got to spend some time crafting again!
In fact I was messing with the Brand New MDS 2 that Stampin' Up
came out with! It is wayyyyy cool! So I was playing with that and my
Silhouette Cameo.... I was trying to learn how to create something in MDS 2
& cut it on my Cameo.... I spent a lot of hours trying to teach myself
how to do this... I did manage to cut stuff out between both programs....
I'm still learning the ins & outs of both.... But I can see them
working together to help make my creations! :o)

So I decided to make this week..... "WEDDING WEEK"
Here on my blog... WHY? You ask... Well I'll  tell ya... :o)
I don't know ANYONE who has gotten married in JUNE!
I know tons of people who've gotten married in
September & October (me included)
So I was working on some wedding cards....
My friend who owns the local Scrapbook Store's
Daughter is getting married in September and I thought
I would make her a card and prepare for the
"Wedding Season"! LOL
So here's one of the cards that I created! :o)

I used my Silhouette to create this card... I GOOGLED
"Wedding Silhouette" and found this clip art image.....
Can't remember from where (SORRY)....
So first thing I did was size everything  
Then I printed out the image through
my Cameo program... after that I let the machine cut
the shapes out....
Then I went to MDS (My Digital Studio) from Stampin' Up
And printed out some pretty paper that I liked and cut it
 along with using a border punch....
I used the Devine' Swirls Embossing Folder from Provo Craft
and as I started to put my card together I thought to myself...
Self.... You have pearls.... (DUH) USE THEM!!! LOL
So I pulled out a roll of "Fused Pearls" I got from
Wally World a long while ago and attached the pearls
with Glossy Accents.... Then I went back to my trusty
Computers and typed out "Congratulations" in my word program...
Then punched it out 2x's... once with the sentiment the other
in the yellow... thought it needed a little something more and
added 2 gems..... And Wallah.... a Wedding Card...

Thanks so much for stopping by.... I'll
be back with another wedding card for this weeks
series "Wedding"... In the mean time have an


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

School is Cool!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! Wow, it's the middle
of the week already... And it's AUGUST!!! OMGOSH.... School
starts in like 2 weeks!!! UGH!!! The kids are not gonna like going
back already! Me? Well, I don't mind having the boys home.... So
it really doesn't bother me either way.... The only thing different is
that we go back to a schedule.... which I LOVE!! :o)
You are to make a card for
That should be pretty easy for everyone to do!

Here's what I created....

I decided to create a Shape card using the
Hello Kitty Greetings Cartridge....
Card is Cut @ 6"
The Orange & Black sentiment represents
our school colors... Cut @ 1"

I cut all the pieces out 2x's and popped & inked
them all up.... I wrote out Math, Spelling, English

I'm gonna give this to my son's teacher with
a small basket of crayons, pencils, Kleenex, soap....
You know the stuff Teachers ALWAYS need! :o)
Well now that you've seen what I created, go check out
what all the other DT members did and then make
a "Back to School" card so I can try and stop by
and see what you've made! :o)

As always... Thanks for stopping by, &