Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cricut Cardz Challenge #105!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I'm sorry I was MIA
on Monday's Post.... But I've been really busy this weekend &
well this week too.... I didn't have anything to post and I thought
it seemed pointless to post nothing for ya! :o) Does that make any sense?
I do have something to post today... I was really cutting this one close too!
You all know I've been changing out the clothes at my store which is
a HUGE undertaking in itself... And then I had to work Saturday so I
could have this Saturday off for my crop til ya drop!
And Really.... I'm ready to drop now! LOL Sooo now I'm trying
like crazy to get things ready for this crop on Friday....
And boy has it been a Challenge!
So far I have 6 Double Page Layouts ready to go and 4 sets of 4 cards.
I bet I shocked you with the Layout wording... Didn't I??? :o)
You know I LOVE Digital Scrapbooking but sometimes I like
to go back to where I started crafting from... :o)
Any who.... let me focus on why you're here today!!!
The CHALLENGE!!!! Yes!! The Challenge over at:
You are to make a card using a Frame!!! Any Frame for
any Occasion! How's that for an Easy challenge???
So here is what I created for this Challenge!

I made this card for the Challenge but I also made this
card for someone Special... I PROMISED my wonderful
blogging friend Tanya that I would make a card for her
Sweet little friend (Trinitie). And That was awhile ago....
I finally had some free time (Very little) but Free none the less....
And I wanted to get this done (FINALLY) and send it to her...
I didn't put a sentiment on it cuz I wanted to show you the card
and show you that it is a very versatile card... Or at least I think so!
It's perfect as a Thank You, Mother's Day, Birthday, Get Well,
Sympathy, Thinking of you... Here's the specks:

Card stock - Stampin' Up, Bo Bunny, Bazzill
Designer Paper - My Mind's Eye (Follow your Heart)
Ribbon, Border Punch - Stampin' Up
Cartridges - Christmas (Frame) Cut @ 5"
CTMH Art Philosophy (Banner Strip) Cut @ .83 x 5 1/4"
Sophie (Bird Cage) Cut @ 2"

Well that's my card and I hope Trinitie likes it when she
finally gets it! :o) Now let's see what you guys come up with!
Make something for this "Frame Challenge" over at:
and I'll try to stop by and say HI!!!
Don't forget to check out the rest of the Design Teams Creations...
They are wonderful and inspiring! :o)
Thanks for stopping by and Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Live it Up.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half way
through the week thank goodness! I'm a little behind
in the card making department... I know I need to get some
made but I'm not feeling like getting it done... :o)
I'm sure some of you have had that problem.... I think
I'm gonna look at some sketches to get me motivated
and see what the outcome is! :o) In the meantime
I do have one last card done to show you.... It's not
that great but I did make it, so I'll share it with you! :o)

Card stock, Ink, Oval & Scallop Punch - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Basic Grey (Hang 10) Retired
Hemp Twine
Cartridges - Dude - (ATV) Cut @ 3 1/4"
CTMH Art Philosophy (Zig Border) Cut @ 3 3/4 x 3/4"
Stamps - Megan Elizabeth (Birthday)

  Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Ruff Day?? Week???

Hello and Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all
had a wonderful weekend! Mine was busy some what
and not as productive as I would like! The title of this post is
kind of how I've been feeling lately! Don't worry... I'm sure
things will get better as I learn to adjust to all the changes I'm
constantly dealing with. It's just tiring sometimes and all I want
to do is curl up and sleep for a day or two! I know a lot
of you feel this same way sometimes... Sooo I know I'm in
Good Company! :o) Sooo here is my Ruff Day Card for ya! :o)

Isn't it CUTE? I think so! :o) The Sketch is from Mojo 144!
I even used an Action Wobble on the doggie! I love shaking it!

Card stock, Ink, Circle Punch - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Better Together Imagine Art Cartridge
Doggie - Four Legged Friends Cut @ 2 1/2"
White Signo Gel Pen
Brads - My Stash
Googlie Eyes - My Stash
Label Punch - McGill
Stamp - My Pink Stamper (More Punny-Licious)
Action Wobble hidden behind the doggies head

This was created before my Imagine left the building! LOL
I hope you guys don't have a "RUFF" Week! Thanks for stopping
by and have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

End of the Rainbow!!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! Well we are at the
half way point of the week and my kids are on Spring Break
and the weather is surprisingly nice! And I think I'm almost
caught up on everything! YEA!! I went to Grand Junction
yesterday to get a little shopping done and they got a brand
new Joann store! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! My hubby doesn't really
care about the craft stores but when I can get to a bigger city
I usually try and stop by them, even if I don't buy anything I just
like going in and checking out the store.... Last summer they built
a Hobby Lobby there too and it was awesome to go and check out.
They had a Hobby Lobby already but moved it to a better location
and it was much bigger then the first one. We got back super late
last night as we always do when we go to Junction. It's a 2 1/2 hr.
drive there, but soooo worth it! I don't go often so when I make the
trip I try to get everything I had planned on cuz it may be another
6 months before I get a chance to go back again! :o)

Today is Challenge day over at Cricut Cardz - 
Challenge #104 "Wearing of the Green"
You are to make a card for St. Patrick's Day using any cartridges you'd
like with "GREEN" as the main Color!!! How fun is that! Well
here's the "GREEN" card that I made! :o)

I really like how this card turned out!
Lots of GREEN!! and of course a little
bit of color here and there! :o)

Card stock (Black & Green), Ink, Ribbon - Stampin' Up
Card stock (White) - Georgia Pacific
Designer Paper - Karen Foster
Stickles - Gold & Golden Rod
Embossing Folder - Provo Craft (Moroccan Screen)
Border Punch - Fiskar (Upper Crest)
Cartridges - Simply Charmed (Pot) Cut @ 2"
(Words) Cut @ 3/4"
CTMH Art Philosophy (Shapes) Cut @ 2 1/2"

Well, that's my card for this weeks Challenge over at:
Now it's your turn to create something and I'll try to
stop by to say Hi! I'm looking forward to seeing what
you create! and don't forget to stop by the rest of
the Design Teams blogs as they've all made such
CUTE creations to share and inspire! As always
THANKS for stopping by and have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Luck!

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had
a fabulous weekend! Mine was busy again! :o) My oldest
boy came to visit for Spring Break this past week and I'm still
making changes at work and I have a bunch of things at home to get
done and Saturday was my hubby's birthday too.... Soooo.... trying to
get things done lately has been a bigger task than usual. I'm still
trying to do a bunch of things today! Tomorrow I'll be out of town so
I really need to get things going! I had to make out a list because if
I didn't I would totally forget something along the way... In fact I
still feel like I'm forgetting something... What? I don't know... I
guess I'll know once I've finally completed all this stuff I'm trying to do!
I do know I have a card to show you! At least I can remember
that much! Right? LOL Here you go....

I only made a couple of St. Patrick's Day cards cuz I don't
really send them out anymore and I don't sell a lot of them to
being with. Sooo here is one of the cards that I made for this
Irish day coming up on Saturday! :o) YES! I used my Imagine
to make this card before I had to send it off to PC! :o)

Card stock - Stampin' Up
Baker's Twine
Designer Paper/Cartridge - Imagine More Cards Art Cartridge
I used the Separate button for the Clover and enlarged the
size. I used dimensionals to pop up the clover and the Good Luck.
It was very quick and easy to make and put together!
I'll be back on Wednesday with a card for the
Circut Cardz Challenge! And hopefully I'll have more done and
maybe I can stop by your blogs to say Hi to ya! I haven't
been on my computer all that much this past week... Sooo
let's keep our fingers crossed that all goes well! :o)
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Praying for friends.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! I hope you're
all having a great week so far.... Mine is... well so-so!
Remember when I said I had a few glitches last week about
getting 16 sets of cards done.... And I was only able to get 14 sets...
Well the "Glitch" is my IMAGINE! YES!!! I'm sooo sad
about it too! It was working all week for me... cuz I love using it....
and on Thursday morning I was creating something with CCR and
my Imagine.... then I ran out of time and had to go to work....
Sooo I turned everything off like I always do and when I got home that night
and tried to finish what I started... my machine DIED! OK... well
maybe NOT died... but did not want to work with me! LOL
It would NOT connect to my computer anymore! UGH!!!
Soooo..... I thought OK... I'll try another PC Cord that I have
for my machine and it didn't work either!!! Sooo I then thought
alrighty... I'll just use my Gypsy with it instead..... RIGHT???
It would not connect to it either!!! Now my Imagine still works
as long as I'm not connected to the computer or Gypsy...
Well.... that's not good at all!!!! Cuz I use those things with
my Imagine... they kind of go hand and hand! :o)
Sooo... of course I called PC and talked to a lovely young lady and
she tried to help but nothing worked sooo she handed me
over to their Tech Support... and the young guy "Jared"
was very nice but couldn't get it to work either....
Sooo he said he was gonna talk to some of his tech friends
and see if he's missing something... sooo he calls me back and we
try a few more things... and NOPE!!! It still doesn't want to
connect to either item!!! Ohhh the heart ache!!! :o)
Soooo this week I'm sending.... my.... my.... my....
OK maybe I'm being a little dramatic here but..... I really
do LOVE my machine and use it daily! I figure that's why
it doesn't want to work.. cuz I worked it to death that week! LOL
I live in the same state as PC soooo I'm hoping to get a
replacement very quickly... we shall see... I guess this means
I gotta use my 3 other machines instead! LOL WOW!!!
That sounds soooo funny! At least it's not the only cricut
I own! :o) OK.... I guess I'll share a card with you since
I shared all my silly drama! :o)

Last week I made a Birthday card using this same design
but in a different direction.... CLICK HERE to see that card...
I like this design sooo much that I thought I would try a
different theme, paper, direction... and I really like
the outcome of this card.....

Chocolate Chip, Cherry Cobbler, Very Vanilla Card stock - Stampin' Up
Pocket Silhouettes, Thoughts & Prayers Stamp sets - Stampin' Up
Chocolate Chip, Pink Pirouette Dye Ink - Stampin' Up
Cartridges - (Designer Paper) Heirloom Art Cartridge
(Banners) Art Philosophy cut @ 3/4" x 5"
(Shape) Elegant Edges cut @ 2 1/4"

I'll let you know if or when I get my replace machine....
Thanks soooo much for stopping by! I hope everyone


Monday, March 5, 2012

Precious Girl....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! Boy I had a busy week
last week.... Hopefully this week won't be as bad.... But I'm
thinkin' it probably will cuz I'm trying to put away all the
winter stuff at the store and bring out the Spring/Summer
stuff we have.... Not an easy task really.... We have tons
upon tons of clothes and we are always asking ourselves...
Where do we put this stuff? LOL Oh well... I'm sure I'll figure
it out sooner or later! :o) We've had an interesting winter so
far and I'm hoping the snow will melt soon as I'm thinking of
Spring every second!!!! Pretty flowers popping up from the ground,
and hearing the birds sing a lovely tune.... OK.... this isn't a Disney
Movie... but I can dream can't I? LOL Any who here's my card
for today's post! :o)

 With the crappy weather..comes crappy photo opts!
Sooo, I'm very sorry if the photo looks to dark!

I designed this in my CCR Program... This is one
of the cards I was working on before my Crop.... I had
gotten the Teresa Collins Cartridge and was dying to
try it out and sooo I came up with this....

Black Card stock, Ink, Gems - Stampin' Up
White Card stock - Bazzill
Cartridge - Teresa Collins Baby Boutique Imagine Cartridge
I basically "separated" some of the layers from some of the
already made designs and cut them out.... Like the "TOP NOTE" shape was
with a giraffe and had white, pink and black to it.... Soooo I used the
"Separate" button and cleared the black color and used black card stock
instead.... and then I took off the white and the giraffe and changed the plain pink to
a designer pink on the cartridge.... :o) I hope that makes some sense to someone....
If not let me know and maybe I can show you with a video..... :o)

Pink Dotted paper was cut @ 4" x 5 1/4"
 "PRECIOUS" was cut out @ 2 1/4" (2 times) for added dimension
"Top Note Shape" (Black) was cut @ 3 3/4" & the (Pink) was cut @ 3.181

I used the "Separate" button on the scallop/crown part... it had
a black circle on it and I removed the circle....
"Dotted Scallop" was cut @ 1 1/2" (3 times)
"Pink Crown" was cut @ 0.875 (6 times) for added dimension
I used Pink Ink to ink all the edges and added a few gems
to make it more girlie! :o) And that's all she wrote! LOL

Thanks sooo much for stopping by! I'll be back on
Wednesday with another creation to share with you....
I hope you all have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Blend Award....

Hello and Happy Sunday Everyone!!!! I know this isn't my
"Normal" post day... but I've been soooo busy that I had to
take a moment and "THANK" a couple of people for giving
me this Special Green Blend Award!

My Wonderful Blogging Friends:


These gals are wayyyy super talented and
create such wonderful projects.... You should
really stop by and tell them hi and see all their
wonderful creations for yourself!

Here's some info on this award:

1.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has helped your blog in any and all ways.

2.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has cheered you along in your blog building, craft advancing career.

3.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who always stops by and is kind to you. you can count on them to always be one of the great comments at the end of your posts.

4.) This award is to be given to 3 to 5 Blends whom you feel meet the listed requirements.

5.) Create a post with the terms of use and publish your Blends of Choice.

6.) Blend of choice may copy the award from your blog and proudly post it on theirs.

7.) Blend of choice may continue the kindness by issuing this award to keep the circle forever growing.

Normally I don't pass on these awards... Because there are sooo many
people who make my blog wonderful and are super supportive.....

But I've decided to give this to 3 of my wonderful blogging friends...
And trust me when I say I have a TON of WONDERFUL Blogging FRIENDS!
So I'm passing this award to the following blogs:

SHARON over at: Mee Mees Creations
Because she was one of my very first followers and Friends!
She's super supportive and just Wonderful! She also creates such
fun and lovely projects! :o)

JOVAN over at: Cards by Jovan
Because she is also another First Follower and she and I
create cards all the time.... I LOVE seeing what she makes and
she has been wonderful and supportive since the day I met her! :o)

NORMA over at: Pink Bling Crafter
Because she sells my favorite products STAMPIN' UP!!! LOL
and she's super creative and a great friend too! Always
supportive and leaves such fun comments for me to read!

Like I said this was hard because there are sooooo many of you that
make my blog amazing! And I can't THANK You all ENOUGH for coming
here to look or to look and leave a comment! It makes my
Day and I appreciate every single one of you that follow us!
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I'll see you back here tomorrow
morning! Have an AWESOME NIGHT!!!!