Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Blend Award....

Hello and Happy Sunday Everyone!!!! I know this isn't my
"Normal" post day... but I've been soooo busy that I had to
take a moment and "THANK" a couple of people for giving
me this Special Green Blend Award!

My Wonderful Blogging Friends:


These gals are wayyyy super talented and
create such wonderful projects.... You should
really stop by and tell them hi and see all their
wonderful creations for yourself!

Here's some info on this award:

1.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has helped your blog in any and all ways.

2.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who has cheered you along in your blog building, craft advancing career.

3.) This award is for any co-blogging friend who always stops by and is kind to you. you can count on them to always be one of the great comments at the end of your posts.

4.) This award is to be given to 3 to 5 Blends whom you feel meet the listed requirements.

5.) Create a post with the terms of use and publish your Blends of Choice.

6.) Blend of choice may copy the award from your blog and proudly post it on theirs.

7.) Blend of choice may continue the kindness by issuing this award to keep the circle forever growing.

Normally I don't pass on these awards... Because there are sooo many
people who make my blog wonderful and are super supportive.....

But I've decided to give this to 3 of my wonderful blogging friends...
And trust me when I say I have a TON of WONDERFUL Blogging FRIENDS!
So I'm passing this award to the following blogs:

SHARON over at: Mee Mees Creations
Because she was one of my very first followers and Friends!
She's super supportive and just Wonderful! She also creates such
fun and lovely projects! :o)

JOVAN over at: Cards by Jovan
Because she is also another First Follower and she and I
create cards all the time.... I LOVE seeing what she makes and
she has been wonderful and supportive since the day I met her! :o)

NORMA over at: Pink Bling Crafter
Because she sells my favorite products STAMPIN' UP!!! LOL
and she's super creative and a great friend too! Always
supportive and leaves such fun comments for me to read!

Like I said this was hard because there are sooooo many of you that
make my blog amazing! And I can't THANK You all ENOUGH for coming
here to look or to look and leave a comment! It makes my
Day and I appreciate every single one of you that follow us!
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I'll see you back here tomorrow
morning! Have an AWESOME NIGHT!!!!



girlia said...

Congratulations on your award everyone.

Sharon said...

Thank you so very much Theresa!!! :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Aww thank you Theresa!! I'm so honored that you though about me truly!!! Thank so much and I also look forward to your sweet comments my friend!! I will let you know if the Diagonal Plates fits the MS one once I get mine this coming week:)

Cricut Couple said...

Yay! Very well recieved and very well given! Wonderful!!!

Stephanie said...

You deserve it. Have a great week.

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Congrats on your wonderful award! Congrats to those you bestowed the award upon!

Jovan said...

Theresa you are a wonderful blog friend and I thank you so much!