Friday, January 31, 2020

Acetate Xmas Trees...

Hello and Happy Last day of January Everyone!!
Well, we ALL made it through our first month of the New Year! YAY
Before you know it, Spring will be here! YYAASSSS!!! 😊

I've got a Christmas card to show ya using foil -

I bought those Acetate Toner sheets from Deco foil (awhile ago) and had these all
foiled up in assorted colors of course - Since I only got this one
completed, I thought I would show it - 

I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the PEARL FOIL -
That is what I used on those trees - now up close and in person 
you can see the foil, but other than that, it looks like I've got
black silhouette trees (nothing wrong with that) but that
wasn't what I was going for! LOL

I colored the backside of the acetate to add some color to the
trees and that turned out cute - but I gotta say I love the
other colors I got on my other trees - I just need to turn them
into cards first before sharing! 😁

The toner sheets are great for those of you who don't have a laser printer
And the acetate ones are just fun for trying something different!
They ALL HEAT FOIL BEAUTIFULLY!  (trust me I got a bunch!)

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!


Thursday, January 30, 2020

All my love...

Hello and Happy Thursday Crafty Peeps!
I have a super quick card to share today!

This is another Foiled card I made using what I had
sitting here on my desk - The design was
from the Silhouette store and I
printed it out on my Brother Laser Printer - 

Foiled cards are hard to photo - so I took the best 2 I had to show ya - 

This was so quick and easy to do, I did use a stitched rectangle frame die
and added some clear gems to add a little somethin' somethin'!
It's popped up on some fun foam and adhered to a Grey Card Base - 



Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Feel Better Foiled...

Hello & Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I haven't shared a Foiled card in quite some
time and thought today would be the day to fix that! 

I actually have several foiled projects sitting here on my desk
waiting to get used up. So on the weekend
I took some time to put a couple of cards together -

Here's one using Digital images from :

The Digital set is called - Floral Flourish Background 3

There is a Positive & Negative image and I've actually
foiled 2 different cards using this set in different colors
The other card I'll share later - 😁

I also wanted to Enter the Challenge over at:
Cut it Up Challenge - Get Well Soon



Friday, January 24, 2020

A Winter Wave...

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm so glad it's the weekend!
What a rough week! I need this weekend to decompress
from the crazy week I've had! 

As I've mentioned before I will continue to make holiday
cards throughout the year - it really is easy to do -
My stuff is not hiding anywhere - I have easy access to
holiday papers, dies, stamps, etc... and I like it that way -
cuz I don't know about you but for me... sometimes I just want to make
a Halloween card in February! Or a Thanksgiving card in June
because an idea came to me - 

We don't have to create according to the calendar! 
We create what our hearts want when it wants it -
I know you guys feel me on this one! 💗

With all that being said... I made these cards

How stinking cute are these?? I love the mix and match hats! hahaha

So I pulled out my SSS snowman die and die
cut out all the pieces to this guy and decided to
make 2 of them mixing the hat colors (why Waste them) Right?

The paper is extra from a doodlebug 6x6 pack and
the sweet sentiment fits perfectly with the snowman theme!

Have a beautiful weekend!!!


Thursday, January 23, 2020


Happy Thursday Everyone! I'm so glad it's a short week!

I'm making this a short post (I hope)

Basically, my card speaks for itself -

With ALL the nasty drama of family, I wish this sentiment 
was something they would see/hear/read/understand!

But none the less I believe in it and I was pleased
with how this turned out -

I started with a foiled card front I got from Tuesday Morning
a few months back - it was a pack of cards with different
foiled designs on it which I thought would be perfect to
"dress up" - I blended 3 different Distress Oxide ink colors
and then wiped the ink off of the card front foil 
and this beautiful piece emerged - 

I didn't want to take away from the background so I
just added the "kindness" word cut out in Silver
foil and added a simple sentiment to go along with it -
I punched out a tiny heart in the same silver foil and
added a tiny clear gem for added pop - 

I love the colors and the sentiment -
Have a Beautiful Day!


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Heart Happy...

Hello Everyone! Happy back to work day! LOL
I got back yesterday evening and we didn't get as
much accomplished as we would have liked.

Plus we ran into a few snags involving "other"
family members -  I don't want to get into
the details but they don't look good for my sister at this point
of placing her tiny home over by where we're moving -
honestly, I'm not understanding what the issues are...

My husband's parents are okay with it but there are
"other" powers that be which are involved and we're trying
to find a fair reasonable solution -  It's a headache & mess

Anywho - I have a happy card to share with you 
because I need a little happy right now!

I made this using an alcohol inked background I had
sitting here on my desk along with a "Smile" die
I added a black & white embossed strip I created awhile ago
 and a black strip with a sweet sentiment embossed in white -
I used extra pieces of the alcohol paper and a tiny heart punch 
to add just a little extra love on my card! 

It turned out so sweet! I shared the leftover Smile word pieces with you
last week on THIS CARD.

Have a Beautiful Day!


Friday, January 17, 2020

Smile... You're Awesome

Happy weekend everyone!
I'll be heading out of town today to go work
on the other house - Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I thought I would share
a sweet Smile card with you -

I had some leftover craft items from other projects I made
and wanted to use them up, so I created this card -

The 3D stickers are leftover from my Thanks cards I shared on Monday
The Smile word is leftover from another project I haven't shared as yet
and the designer paper is leftover paper in my extras stash bag 

I think it turned out really nice and look forward to mailing it off!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Snow Elegance....

Happy Wednesday Crafty Peeps!
Today I thought I would play along with
a challenge over at the 

The Challenge is #191-SNOW MUCH FUN

I created my background with Alcohol Inks
and I'm using a pretty Snowflake Block Die from SSS
My etched background is from Lawn Fawn called Windy Backdrop
and I added a couple of clear gems along with
adding a season's greetings sentiment so I can
 add it to my Christmas stash for 2020

Have a Fabulous Day!


Monday, January 13, 2020

You made my day...

Hello Crafty peeps! How was your weekend?
Did you get anything done? Crafting time?
Rest? Baking? Me?

Well... I cleaned my house, got a few more cards
completed, reorganized 923 silhouette files (that was no fun),
did some laundry and had time to talk to my sister & hubby -

My sister went down to the house for a few days to
get started on the land she'll be putting her house on -
She rented a loader (I think) and my hubby
used it to help clear the land on the 1/2 acre -

They needed to get it done before the people come
out to lay the cement pads (She wants 2 pours)
1 for her house & the other for her "She Shed" as she put it! LOL

They also worked on filling in the cracks and holes 
around my future home, which was helpful -
This next week is a 3 day weekend, so I'll be heading down
there to work on the house as well -

Anywho... As I said, I made a couple more cards -
I needed more Thank you cards so I made these -

I was inspired by a card that showed up in my Pinterest feed
& some Floral 3D stickers I had set aside

My son told me he really liked how these cards turned out -
He said he liked the bright colors! What a sweet kid! :) 

Have a Fabulous Day!!


Friday, January 10, 2020

Rainbow Foil...

Hello & Happy Friday Everyone!!
Even though I'm moving soon and I didn't
get to send out my holiday cards this last year
I am still making holiday cards! I guess I'll need to send out
more this year because of the new address change!

I certainly want people to know I've moved and where! :)
So here's a foiled holiday card I made! I forgot that I kept
my foil stuff too... I just can't stop foiling!!!! LOL

The image is from the Silhouette store printed on my laser printer -

I'm using the rainbow foil -  which is so pretty!!!

and this is what the inside looks like - The sentiment is from the Silhouette
store printed out with my laser printer and using more of that
rainbow foil - You can see some of the tiny spots that didn't get picked up 
by the foil - sometimes that happens - but most times it catches
really well once going thru my laminator - 

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!!


Thursday, January 9, 2020

More Thanks....

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today, I wanted to show you what I did with
the rest of the THANKS cards I mass-produced 
the other day - I had to die cut out the
THANKS, word in the white cardstock and I certainly
didn't want them to go to waste so I made this - 

I used my distress oxides and did an ombre effect
on the word - I only did the first layer of white letters - 
the other letters are just plain white, I used them for dimension -

I did it on a couple more cards in different colors of course -
But I already gave them out before taking the pictures! OOPS!

This card I used Dried Marigold, ripe persimmon, & fired brick
on one of the other cards I used - 
Twisted Citron, Salty Ocean & blue jean sketch
And on another card I used -
Picked Raspberry, wilted violet, & blue jean sketch

They all turned out great and I got a lot of thank you cards
done in a short time frame! :)

Have a Beautiful Day!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Mass Produced THANKS!

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!
As promised... I have a project to share with you -

Again... Thanks for the comments and understanding
of my last post - it really has been a crazy 6 months -

So... I needed to make some Thank You cards
for some of my co-workers who were
so kind to give Hunter and I Christmas Gifts -
I really do work in a great place!!

I had these rainbow letters sitting on my desk
forever and thought now would be a great time
to use them up and make multiple cards
all at one time! 

I did the inlay technique with the letters -
I cut out the THANKS word on the white cardstock - then
filled it back in with the rainbow-colored cardstock I already had - 

I had a couple more cards, but already left them on some of the Teacher's desks!
I used a couple of different sentiments to change them up slightly, but otherwise
fun bright cards that I got to mass produce! 

Have a great day!!


Monday, January 6, 2020

Happy New Year! Or is it???

Hello, and Happy New year everyone!
How was your holiday? Did you get some
goodies from Santa? Did you visit friends? Family?
Rest? Bake??

Today I'm gonna share some info on my life for the last
several months - Nothing crafty related today -
But I promise I have something for tomorrows post -

I'm a semi-private person and don't share tons of
info on social media or any place for that matter
and I like it that way - but things have been changing
in my household and I thought I would share it
with you... my followers that actually read my blog
and leave comments - :)

It all started back in July when I got word that
my brother in Law past away - I was working late
when my sister called me - needless to say,
I dropped everything to be with her and spent the first
36 hours trying to help her figure things out before
either of us could sleep - I stayed with her
for about 10 days before I had to return home to work -
It was so heartbreaking, and I miss him every day! :(

Then I kept going back to help her over the next several months
and we both discussed us moving in with her -
My hubby thought it was a great idea but after much debate
and financial realization, it would not be feasible for us 
no matter how much we wanted to -

Enter my mom moving out -
It has always been apart of our future plans, even she was
aware of it - but also very hard on me, since she's lived with me so long -
and when my brother came to take her away, was even harder on me -
Especially since we thought she would be here thru the end of the school
year and that didn't happen - (Sad Face)

I'm happy to say she's doing really well and I call her often
to check in on her - But shortly after she left
my middle son Juston (the Marine) left - He moved away
to continue his education - Which I know is great for him but
he moved so far away that I just can't visit on a whim -
Which is okay I guess, but now with all this
Iran/Iraq talk we're afraid he may get called back in again -
He has an 8 yr. contract and is required to serve 4 yrs automatically
which he did and he just got settled in and is ready to start school
only for all this violence to start up again - So we are ALL on edge right now
about that -

Then - I also live in a rental home (which was never going to be our forever home)
and they decided to work on the foundation of the house we are living in -
It was BAD when we moved in 5 years ago and we told them about it -
Only for them to do nothing until... right after my Mom left, and my son -

So then I had to start packing my things up and moving things around constantly
while they spent weeks trying to "lift" the house -
They did soooo much damage to the inside, it's ridiculous!
They haven't come to fix anything yet - and that has made living here 
a bit difficult -

Bringing us back to living with my sister - we are not moving in
with her, because it's not financially smart for us (Husband is disabled)
Live on a fixed income ( She lives in Arizona) - BUT...  We have a 
home in another state that we can move into - It belongs to
my Father in Law - It needs a lot of work but the home is paid for
(so bonus for us) -

So new plans have been happening - My sister is going to build
a Tiny Home and have it on our property - 1/2 an acre on the side
and we are moving into the main house (his Parents home)
They have their own home in another state as well -
So, it looks like they'll be giving us the property -

It's in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!
I mean clearly, it's "Somewhere" but it's really
out there in the middle of nowhere - (ME = Not Happy)
about that - But for the past several months we have been 
packing and planning and during our Winter break
we didn't celebrate Christmas (Sad Face) but we
had to start planning on fixing up the place we are moving into -

So I spent most of November & December packing most of my house up
and we filled up a rental truck and took it to the new location -
I just so happen to be lucky enough to catch some kind of
Flu Bug on the same day we had to load up the truck - Lucky Me!!

We finally arrived late that night and had to unload
some items right away and clean a toilet since I was staying there to
work on that house for 2 weeks during my break! (and the place was nasty dirty)
Great way to spend Christmas (NOT) but I got severely ill and still
continued to work on the house - luckily I'm better now, but it was a rough
2 weeks with NO INTERNET, a Filthy House I had to clean from top
to bottom and severely ill all at the same time!
Boy, it was a Joy! NOT! 

I can totally see potential in the house and that gives me hope -
But my youngest does not want to live out there and I honestly
can't blame him for that - sooo, we are home here in UT. and my
husband is out there in the middle of nowhere, so Hunter
can finish school - He's a Junior who will be graduating an 
entire year early - (Proud Momma Right Here) :) 
And we are both back to work as well -

I haven't told them yet (work), that I will be leaving, but I'm not leaving until the
end of the school year - and that too makes me sad cuz I 
love my job and the people I work with - So 2020
is bringing LOTS of changes my way -

I also wanted to note - that I always send my
crafty friends Christmas cards - so to those of you that
always get a Christmas card from me and didn't -
I'm so SORRY!!! 
I accidentally packed my Christmas cards up and they
are stored at the other place - I guess they'll be ready
for this next year... eh?  I still have a craft room for the time
being - but it only has 1/2 my stuff in it - We tried to
take as much as we could to the new place, so there would be less
stuff to move in June when I actually leave here -

I kept my stamps, metal dies, photo box (for taking pictures),
computer, alcohol inks, distress inks, some embossing powders,
adhesive, some cardstock, Bigshot, and 2 cutters - I think that's it -
Still a decent supply, so I won't go too crazy since I have empty
rooms throughout my house right now - it looks so weird - 

I still have to make several more trips back and forth as I try to help
fix up the other place while still working and helping Hunter
get through school - My sister has to do the same, since the
1/2 acre she's putting her tiny house on is just dirt right now -
So there's leveling that needs to be done and cement pours
on her side before her house could be set on it - 

And the fact that there is NO place for my crafts at the new place
has me worried as well - we will need to add on or something
and as I said we are on a fixed income, so I need to figure
that all in as well - Every break I get from school will
mean another trip to the other place - so this is going to be interesting 
to say the least! 

If you've made it this far - THANK YOU!
It's been a very long 6 months for me, dealing with
certain things and there are things I haven't mentioned
as well - It's just a lot to take in for me...
I don't think I've had this much going on at
one time in forever - I'm dealing with it as I always do

But wanted you all to know that I may not be on as often
as I would like because of all the happenings going on
right now - And some might even say this isn't a big deal -
but for me it is and like I said there are other things
I didn't mention either - so yeah... it's all going to be fine
I'm sure in the end... but it's also going to be hard as well -

So to those crafty friends who sent me Christmas cards -
THANK YOU SO MUCH! When I finally got home 2 days ago
I was so happy to see all the awesome cards I got...
Made me sad a little since I wasn't able to send mine out -
But I loved seeing them all and 
have them in my sad-looking craft space! LOL 
I'm working on some winter cards, so hopefully
I can mail those off in place of Christmas cards -
We shall see if I can do it, with my limited time...
And let me just say... I'm happy to have the internet again!

2 weeks without internet was hard - I mean I did really
well the first week, cause I was super sick and cleaning
a nasty dirty home, no time for the internet then - but once
I got past that part... when I took a break from sanding walls
or scrapping ceilings, it would have been nice to have! hahaha

I did check into it already - I will have internet
when I get moved... thank goodness they offer it out there -
seriously it's the middle of nowhere - so I was very
worried about that as well - I mean How could I shop!! LOL

Thanks for listening to me ramble -
I really feel better just writing this all out -
hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow with a
much shorter post on a card I made - 

Have a wonderful day!