Tuesday, November 30, 2010

History Project with the Cricut!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Can you believe it... it's the LAST DAY
of NOVEMBER!!! WOW in Just
one month we will be in a NEW YEAR!
Boy this year flew by.... Today I have something
to show you that I made with my son for school.
My Middle Son Juston who is in the 10th grade...
Had a History project that needed to get done...
And of course it was due today... So we did it
ALL last night.... It really wasn't that hard since I had
all the things we needed.... Sooo here is the project we
worked on together....

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Well.... Here is one of my Handsome boys! :o)
This project was made for his History class...
They had to make a Shield of Arms....
His small group picked a SILLY NAME!
They are called the FATCAKES! LOL
I laugh every time I say it... My son did not
like this name but the group chose it and so he was
stuck with it... weather he liked it or not!
They also had to be cautions of the colors they used...
As to not take away from another groups Shield Colors...

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Sooo... here is the close up...
I used 3 Cartridges...
Martha Stewart All Occasion for the 2 purple Cupcakes....
Sweet Treats for all the other Cupcakes...
All the Cupcakes were cut at 3" and I used gems, stickles, Ink,
Swirl Devine Embossing Folder and
 of course Dimensionals... to make them POP! :o)
The shield and the letters are from the
Blackletter Cartridge.... Which I didn't have this
Cartridge until I bought the Gypsy during Octobers Special....
The shield itself was cut at 22 1/2" x 11"
and the Letters were cut @ 2 1/2"
Now... I will say this.... I'm still NOT a fan
of the Gypsy!! I know.... I know.... some of you
are saying WHAT???? Look it's a lovely gadget and
it certainly comes in handy for things... BUT
I LOVE my Design Studio and CAN NOT
LIVE without it! hahaha
I am a sucker for a DEAL! LOL
So I will continue to use it... I Mean I have
2 Expressions.... So I'm gonna use my DS and
my Gypsy for my machines... and by the way....
I DID use Both my machines to make this Shield....
I used my Reg. E for the 12 x 24 cuts
and used my PRETTY PLUM E
for all the smaller cuts! :o)
Anyway..... that's it for me for today!
I'll be back tomorrow with this weeks
Cricut Cardz Challenge! I think you're
gonna LIKE IT! :o)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Penguin....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you ALL had an awesome Holiday
weekend! I know I did! I want to send a
"Thank You" out to Miislucky for taking
over this past week while I tended to
my family activities! I had a YUMMY
Thanksgiving meal which I cooked myself!
And wonderful Pies.... Which I cooked
myself! And a Yummy Turkey Soup with all
the leftovers which I made myself! See the pattern
here! LOL My kids did help when asked but it was
mostly done by me... Which I kind of like anyway....
I'm one of those people who prefer to do it herself and
keep others AWAY from my Kitchen! It must be from my
Over Organized ways I guess.... But it was great having the
In-Laws here and I did some shopping online and even went
all the way down to our Walmart to get me another CRICUT!!!
I'll show the picture in a second.... But I wasn't planning on going
all the way down to the Walmart..... I decided to just order it
online... but hubby said oh... let's just go! Sooo we did.... it was
like -5 degrees outside.... FLIPPING COLD! Got to the Wally World
and MAN was it busy! We got there at 11:30pm and I just went in and got
what I wanted and went to the register and waited til 12:01AM ...
The lovely Cashier rang me up and out the door I went!
Talk about FAST Shopping!
Yup...That was the only thing I needed from Wally World...
They had nothing my kids wanted so I spent the rest of
the weekend shopping online and putting up ALL my
Christmas decor... Now I just need to focus on making
my Christmas cards! YES.... I have NOT made them yet!
But I will be spending some time getting them done.... Anyway
let me show you my pretty new toys and a card!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

I got the Plum one... I've read that people think
it looks more like Magenta.... But I don't think it does....
It looks PLUM... It's not a dark purple... and the sides look
like a light lilac color... to me anyway.... :o)

 (Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

I was trying to get a picture showing you
that it lights up in a pretty purple color...
Sorry about how it turned out... but the color is
LOVELY!!! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

 And here are the 2 Cartridges that come with this machine!
Right now they are exclusive to these Walmart colored
Expressions only.. But I'm sure they will be available
in stores.... that's how Provo Craft is... If there is 
demand for them, then it will be available later down the road... :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

  You didn't think I would go to Walmart and not
get me some $20 Cartridges... Did you? LOL
These 3 were the only ones I liked from the
latest Hello Thursday list! I was just happy to get them!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

And YES... This is an Easel Card! I did tell ya I had
2 more to show you didn't I? Well here is one of them....

Card Stock, Ink, Stamp - Stampin' Up
White Glitter Card Stock - DCWV
Designer Paper - Echo Park
Cartridge - Winter Frolic (Penguin) Cut @ 4 1/2"
(Tag) Cut @ 2" I deleted the hole using Design Studio
Christmas Cards - (Snowflakes) Cut @ 4 1/2"
(2x's Each)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

  Here is a sorta kinda side view! LOL
Just so you can see the Popped up
items... like the Beak, Feet, Snowflakes....
Well... That's all I got for today!
I'll be back tomorrow with something.... :o)
Enjoy your CYBER MONDAY!!!
Have an AWESOME Day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
Are you all ready for Turkey Day?
I'm super excited to cook as I always
do for Thanksgiving... My Husband's
parents are coming this year.... It will be
so nice to have them come for a visit...
Today will be my last post for the rest of
this week... I have a very busy couple of
days ahead of me... so Miislucky will
be posting some of her crafty things starting tomorrow....
 Here is my card for today! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Yup...It's another "Stamped" Card! :o)

Card Stock , Ink, Stamps, Ribbon,
Border Punch, Small Oval and Scallop Oval
are ALL Stampin' Up!
Designer Paper is Echo Park
I used Nestabilites for the Larger
Circles and Scallop...
Zig Pens were used for the coloring....

Well I hope you all like my card... :o)
I like these colors together for
Holiday Cards.... Well I guess that's
 it for me.... I just want to wish EVERYONE
back on Monday with some new things!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, November 22, 2010


I received a very pleasant, surprise in my Comment Section today! Tanya from http://nonnascraftcorner.blogspot.com/  presented me with the

Tanya... what a way to make my day.... THANK YOU!

There area a few rules that go with accepting this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Share 8 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers you have discovered.

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

Thanks Again Tanya at Nonna's Craft Corner! I really appreciate the award, but it really means more to me that you take the time to stop in for a quick visit to my blog and leave a Comment!
Ok...8 things about myself....hmmmmm....

(1.) I LOVE to make CARDS!!! :o)
(2.) I LOVE Stampin' Up Products!!! :o)
(3.) I have 3 Handsome Boys aged 17 1/2, 15 1/2, 7 1/2
(4.) I've been Married to a WONDERFUL, Caring, Loving man for 18yrs.
(5.) I really do LOVE Scrapbooking!!! (Even if I don't display it) :o)
(6.) I'm Glad I got my Sister MiMi Addicted to Crafting so we have
something else to share together!!! :o)
(7.) Christmas is my ALL Time Favorite HOLIDAY!!!!
(8.) I LOVE and Cherish the life I have been given! :o)

I'm suppose to list 8 bloggers that I have discovered...
That one may be a tough one since I don't have lots of time to
blog hop at all... I Know SAD!!! :o(
Here are the ones that I came up with that
do wonderful work! :o)

http://beadusenseless.blogspot.com/  (Makes AWESOME Jewlery)

Lovely Angel....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I see we are over 100 Followers....
Thanks everyone for following us...
This week Miislucky should be posting
a huge giveaway... Sooo please be on
the look out for that...
The weekend came and went sooo fast...
This weekend I was painting my Kitchen...
I have taken the before shots..
and soon I will take the after pictures
and will post what I have done....
Let's just say... a Cricut and some Vinyl are involved!
 Today I have a  simple holiday card.... Nooo Cricut...
Just stamping.... It's my other favorite
thing to do... :o) My card was made
using one of the Mojo Monday Sketches...

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge it)

 This card is designed from using Mojo Monday Sketch #163...
They have wonderful card sketches that I like
to use from time to time...
Here is there blog if you would like to take a look!

Everything is Stampin' Up
except for the Rectangle and Scallop rectangle shapes...
Those are Nestibilites....
I think the Designer Paper really made this card....

Well that's pretty much it for me today...
Thanks for taking a look and I hope
you all have a WONDERFUL DAY!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holly Jolly Christmas....

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone!
Can you believe we are almost to the end of the week
already... I can't! I'm excited for Thanksgiving Day
to come next week but not enough to rush the weeks
soooo fast! LOL I also noticed that we have 97 followers
as of today! I'm sooo super excited about that! Miislucky
and I have discussed having a BIG GIVEAWAY once we
reach 100 Followers! And I think it's gonna happen any day now...
We can not thank all of you enough for coming here to our
blog and supporting us by being followers.... And leaving a
little (LOVE) Comment for our projects!
I really never realized how much fun Blogging was
until my sister decided to do this blog...
So I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to ALL
the Followers and to my Sister for wanting to do this
with me! Ok... enough with the OSCAR Speech...
On with today's card!!!!! :o)

 (Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

I can tell how shocked you all are about
it being another easel card! LOL I Promise that
I have 2 more after this and that will be it....
Well..maybe for just a little bit anyway! LOL

Card Stock, Designer Paper, Stamp, Ink (Stampin' Up)
Cartridge - Winter Frolic (Tree) Cut @ 4 3/4"
Lacey Labels (#28) Cut @ 1 3/4"
Assorted Stickles

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Here is a nice close up of the glittered star
which was cut out twice and popped up...
And the center part of the tree was
cut out twice and popped up....

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Here is the side view so you can see
all the added Dimension... It came out
pretty cool... I think! :o)
I loved adding the assorted stickles
to make it look like Christmas lights
on the tree... :o) Well that is it for me this
week! Tomorrow Miislucky will be here to
show you some of her craftiness... :o)
And please stick around and tell
your friends that we will be having
a HUGE Giveaway for our 100 Followers!!!
I know it will happen this weekend while
I'm not on and I'm sooo super excited!
Miislucky will fill everyone in with the details!!!!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(Thanksgiving Card) Cricut Cardz Challenge!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Do you know what today is?
Of course you all do! :o)
Today is the Cricut Cardz Challenge over at
The Challenge this week is to make a Thanksgiving
card using any cartridges you'd like but only use
the colors Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow, and White!
WOW! What a Challenge! I'm sure all you wonderfully
creative people out there can do this! I actually had
a real hard time with this one... WHY??? I don't know
for sure except that I think it is because I am now in
"Christmas Card" Mode and thinking of a Thanksgiving
card now has taken my mojo for that holiday away....
I know... Sad... Yeah Right! LOL Anyway here is
the card that I came up with! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Well this is my card... It's the best I could come up with....
Card Stock, Ink, Stamp, Designer Paper - Stampin' Up
Cartridge - Thanksgiving Cut @ 1 5/8" using my Design Studio

I cut the leaf out twice for a little pop
and inked around the leaf and the
flourish as well.... I hope you all like it....
I was really disappointed in this one... :o(
But tomorrow I will be back with a Christmas Card...
And most likely that is what you will see from
me for the next few weeks.... :o)
and try this Challenge out for yourself...
I'll stop by your blog and say hi!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Stocking....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Well... I'm still sick and my nose
hurts from blowing it soooo much....
I have Puffs Plus but when you're
constantly blowing your nose I don't
think it matters what type of tissue you use... :o)
I still think it's a head cold since nothing
really aches or anything... Just real stuffy
and runny! LOL AND of course you
can't have any type of cold without
COUGHING!!! I think that's worst than the
runny nose! It gives me a headache! LOL
Anyway... enough of my SAD COLD.... :o)
Here is today's card!

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Now I know you all can't be SHOCKED that
it's another Easel card! RIGHT? LOL
I told ya I had FUN making these sweet
little gems.... I promise I only have 2 more of these
to show you soon! :o) Anyway.... here's the specks!

Card Stock, Ink, Stamp - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Imaginisce (Polar Express)
White Glitter Card Stock - DCWV
Red Holiday Stickles
Cartridges - Christmas Cards (Stocking) Cut @ 8 1/4"
(Frame) Cut @ 3.75 x 5 using my Design Studio
Lacey Labels - (#22) Cut @ 2"

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Here is a side view to show that I cut the
stocking out twice for added dimension.... also
so you can see the inside has white card stock to
make it easy to write a little note! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

Here I just wanted you to see the stickles....
I also cut a couple of piece off of this cut... some came out
funny and others were in places I didn't like...
sooo Chop, Chop it went bye, bye! LOL
Anyway that's my card for today....
I hope you liked it as much as I liked showing it to you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yet Another Turkey.....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I Can't believe the weekend is over already...
I got sick over the weekend... I Know Sad.... :o(
My kids have all gotten sick this past month and
so has my mother but hubby and I tried very hard
to avoid it as much as possible... to noooo avail....
We are both sick now and I think it's more of a head
cold.... Or at least that's what I'm hoping it is.... I really
didn't do too much over the weekend... but managed to
get things done during the week last week.... So at least
I have something to show you! :o)I'm hoping this BUG
won't last to long cause I just don't like being sick and
it makes me not want to do ANYTHING! So let's hope
this thing that I got goes away real fast or my kids
will be feeding themselves for a few days! LOL

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

Well Thanksgiving is next week already and I'm looking
forward to eating me some TURKEY!!! YUMMY

Card Stock, Ink - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - 2010 Autumn Stack DCWV
Cartridges - Thanksgiving (Turkey) Cut @ 2 1/2"
Lacy Labels - (#8) Cut @ 3 1/2"
(#21) Cut @ 2 1/2"

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

Here is the side view to show
 my Yummy Turkey leg Popped up...
I was gonna put a sentiment... but ended up liking
it the way that it is.... I think the person I'm
sending this too... would probably get the fact that
it is for Thanksgiving.... RIGHT? LOL
Anyway... that's it for today... I'll be back
tomorrow with another fun Easel card!
I LOVE making those things now... I Know
that design has been out for awhile but I'm
one of the SLLLOOOWWW people who
just finally got around to making them....
I'm sure this too will pass! LOL

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cute Gingerbread Man!

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone!
I had such a busy day yesterday that I
actually did not make any cards? What's
up with that? LOL I guess I will be working
overtime today to get some more done.... I also
have laundry to do and a few errands and it's
flipping COLD outside.... It feels like WINTER
has decided to grace us with it's presence early!
Our high yesterday was 38 degrees and today is
only going to be 40 with SNOW! WHAT? What
the heck happen to my FALL Weather!
I hope next week will get better.... :o)
We shall see! :o) Well I guess I better
show you one of my cards...Hummm

 (Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture) 

How Stinkin' Cute is this Guy???
I just realized I forgot to color in his nose...
Not to worry that has been done since this post! :o)

Card Stock, Designer Paper, Ink, Stamp, Glitter Brads - Stampin' Up
Cartridges - Winter Frolic (Gingerbread) Cut @ 4 3/4" (2x's)
Lacey Labels (Label around the sentiment) Cut @ 1 3/4"
Face Stamp - Peachy Keen Winter Face Assortment Sz. 1"
Ribbon & Signo Gel Pen - My Stash

 (Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

I wanted you to see a close up of
the Gingerbread Man cause I did some
Faux Stitching and inking around him... :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

And here I wanted to show you his added layers...
Can you believe I've had Winter Frolic for awhile
now and I just FINALLY used it! It has such CUTE
images on it... I hope to make more things with it! :o)
I also wanted to note - that all of my Easel cards
are regular (A2) size... So the front of my card is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
Thanks for looking and be on the look out
for Miislucky... She'll be here tomorrow with
something lovely to show you! :o)
Enjoy the rest of your week!
And Have an AWESOME DAY!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello and Happy Wednesday everyone!
Boy this week is going by Fast... It's already
the middle of the week... tomorrow will be
Thursday then it's the WEEKEND! You all
know I LOVE the weekends... :o) but I'm not
in any hurry to get the month of November over
with just yet! :o) Today's card is inspired by
the Cricut Cardz Challenge! Design Team
#1 needs to make a Christmas card using the
card Feature from any Cartridge you'd like,
using any colors you'd like... And well I thought
why not play along on this Challenge and this
is what I came up with! :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

I'm sure you know which cartridge I used??? :o)
Card Stock - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - 2010 Christmas Stack (DCWV)
Ribbon, Signo Gel Pen - My Stash
Cartridge - Christmas Cards (Card Feature) Cut @ 4 3/4"
(Joy) Cut @ 7 3/4"
Inside the card (Bow) Cut @ 6"

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

I wanted to show you that it was a Card.... 
 I Like to take the card and place it on top of
 Card Stock to make it stand out
a little more... or at least to me it does... :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

And as you can see.. I've sorta kinda did the inside...
I didn't want to add to much, because I thought
the card was fine on it's own... Just added a couple of
touches to it.... And I don't know if you all noticed....
I'm happy with how it turned out.... :o)
Now you guys need to head on over to
and try this Challenge out too....
It really is fun to do!
Thanks for taking a look!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
Today I have a Thanksgiving card for you....
I have to say that I love how this card turned out...
The colors are pretty and I'm really enjoying
the Thanksgiving Cartridge... I'm sooo glad
PC came out with it... It really does enhance
your Fall/Thanksgiving cards! OK... Enough
Chatting... Here's my card for today! :o)

 (Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

Card Stock, Ink, Stamp, Ribbon (Stampin' Up)
Designer Paper - Autumn Stack (DCWV)
Cartridges - George & Basic Shapes (Circles) Cut@ 3 1/4", 3 1/2"
Thanksgiving - (Feather) Cut@ 2 1/2" (2x's)
Border Punch - Sunburst (Fiskar)

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge the Photo)

Here is the side view to show the Dimension....
The Circle designer paper has foil in it... It shines... :o)
I think these colors are sooo pretty... Anyway...
That's about all I got for today...
I hope you all like my card... I'll be back tomorrow...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Welcome....

Hello and Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Today's card is a fun Christmas Card...
I realized yesterday that I really am
WAAYYYY behind in doing my Christmas cards...
I'm a very organized person and I would have almost
ALL my cards done by now.... Not sure
what's up with me... but I will be cranking out some cards
in the next couple of weeks or
I won't have time for my baking....
And well my KIDS LOVE my
baking sooo I must get with the program! :o)
Sooo now that I fell in LOVE
with making Easel Cards....
I thought I would share one with you today!
I hope you all like it... :o)

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

I'm not gonna lie.... I LOVE how this turned out!
I spent 3 days trying to figure out how I was
gonna do the door... I know that's SAD! :o(
But I wanted it to look just right... and I know
y'all know what I'm talking about! :o)
Anyway I finally got it made and I'm soooo
pleased with how I got it to look like a real door!

 (Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Card stock, Ink, Stamp - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Christmas Stack 2010 DCWV
Transparent Plastic Sheet - Grafix
Ribbon, Brad - My Stash
Cartridges - Christmas Noel (Door) Cut @ 4 3/4"
(Wreath) Cut @ 1 3/4"
Winter Woodland - (Tag) Cut @ 2", 1 7/8"

(Click on the Photo to Enlarge the Picture)

Here is the side view to show the Dimension...
I used Transparent Sheets to make the top of the door have
the Window look.... You probably can't tell by the photo's...
but up close & personal it looks like glass... I put the Transparent sheets
in between the shadow cut and the reg. cut...  and the door looks
wood because of the DCWV paper... Sooo glad I seen it in the stack...
Well I hope you all like my Easel Card... I could not be more
happier with how it turned out... :o)
I'll be back tomorrow with a Thanksgiving card!