Monday, August 27, 2012

Teddy Parade.....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a Fabulous weekend!
Mine was actually really good! I got some free time to create and I managed
to get 3 cards done! YEAAA for me! LOL  I also had a chance to play around
with some of my new cartridges!!! I'm not as thrilled with the CCR program as
I would like to be! It's still not working right! UGH! PC really needs to get on
the ball with it... If they expect people to use it! :o) I did end up wasting paper
cuz my CCR wouldn't cut anything from my Imagine... I wasn't looking to
color anything just to plain old CUT! But it wouldn't and the new
cartridges are not showing up on my Gypsy... I did all new updates
on all my machines and still couldn't get anything to work together...
I actually HAD to remember how to work the machine the OLD FASHION
WAY!!! You know before Design Studio & Gypsy's & CCR!!!
That was back in the day when we ALL WASTED PAPER!!! LOL
Any who... Here is one of the cards I created this weekend!

So I used my FAVORITE Cartridge "Teddy Bear Parade"
It's just soooo CUTE!!! And I'm a Bear Collector so it
had to be in my collection! Right? LOL
So this is how I created this simple card...


I used "My Digital Studio" by Stampin' Up and
created the design using a template from that program...
This is the template that I save as a JPEG file... Then
I opened my Silhouette Cameo Program and exported it
into my library.... I then printed this out and had my Silhouette
cut all the pieces.... I didn't like the Paper orange zig zag so I
decided to just use some zig zag ribbon I had on hand instead....
I inked all the pieces then set them aside as I went to open
my CCR program.... I used the CCR program to figure out
the right size to make my bear... Which was at 2 1/2"...

This is where I couldn't cut out the pieces of my bear so I had to
use several pieces of colored paper to cut this little lady out...
After that was all done... I felt the need to ink and add wiggle
eyes to my bear! Then decided it needed some ACTION!!!

 So of course I added an ACTION WOBBLE to it!
This card really didn't take that long at all to make...
Other than cutting out the bear.... Had my CCR worked...
All the colored pieces were all spread out on my mat
ready to go & this would have been a 10 min. card using
3 different programs together... :o)
Well I hope you liked & understood my explanation on
how I created this card.... :o) After looking at it, I thought
Hummmm.... I should have used the Turkey costume...
Which I may do now that I thought about it! LOL

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I hope
you all have an AWESOME DAY!!!



Sharon said...

How adorable!!!! I so love this darling little bear!!! Our Walmart doesn't have this one. It has all the other new ones though. And this is the one I really really want!! :)

Sukie said...

This is such an adorable card and I absolutely love this cartridge. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Tanya/Nonna said...

Okay, I'm paying attention and I LOVE this card! That little witchy teddy bear is just adorable. I went to both of my Walmarts after your last post and guess what - NO new carts...sigh. Then a couple days ago I thought that for laughs, I would go see if had added them to their store...JACKPOT! I only ordered this one (I'm trying to be good) got the Circle discount, no shipping and when I checked out, found a 10.00 credit in my account! Yay me...ended up getting it for 24.99 ...happy dance! Of course it hasn't arrived yet, but hopefully soooooon! Go ahead and get that turkey teddy ready so I can check him out next visit!

Stephanie said...

I love your cute bear. This is adorable. I just ordered this cart from too. None of our
Walmarts have new ones. I haven't had a chance to use it. Seeing your bear makes me want to make something right now. Love it.

Sherrie K. said...

Aaaw, how adorable!!! I love your bear:) I wish we had cartridges at our Wal Mart...none here:( I also like how you added some action to-super cute!!!!
Sherrie K

Jayne said...

Ok,you lost me....but I love your!!
Jayne x

Kate (Small Bits of Paper) said...

This is SO cute!! And I love that you added an Action Wobble to it. I've got to remember to use my Wobbles more often. They really are FUN!
So sorry that things weren't working for you. That's always such a pain. I tend to use my Gypsy, but still have times that it doesn't work correctly, especially when welding. I get the most bizarre shapes from time to time!! I don't even think I remember how to use my Cricut on its own - so good for you!!

Cricut Couple said...

Cute, Cute and more cute!

Blue6366 said...

love, love, love this card. And that cartridge is on my wish list. Thanks for sharing.