Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello Butterflies...

Hello & Happy Thursday Everyone! It is Thursday? Right???
I tell ya I'm wayyy off on my days of the week this week! LOL
So far another busy week at work.... Monday was super busy
& we had TONS of Drop offs.... UGH! On Tuesday & Wednesday
 The store was busy but drop offs were slow! Thank Goodness!
I'm thrilled the store itself is doing sooo well... And I'm happy
we're super busy there... I just want the donation part to
sloooowww down a little bit.... At least til I can figure out
some help for the donation drop offs... My Hubby has started
work on the Donation Drop box so that will be helpful.... :o)

I really haven't had any time for crafting... Heck I'm just
toooo tired to do anything... I never got to make a card on Sunday
and I've decided to be open this Saturday for UTAH'S
"Pioneer Days" I've been told it can get really busy that
day for the local stores... so I decided to be open too....
I'm having a sale for that day! Sooo noooo crafting
again this weekend! Oh... Well... I don't want to say my
crafting days are over!!! Noooo Wayyyy!!! I'll just say their
on hiatus until further notice! I mean I gotta craft at some
point cuz my son's birthday is next week & I gotta make him a card!

In the mean time here's a simple card I made back in MAY!

 This is a Digital Hybrid Card...
I used My Digital Studio and printed out the
pretty paper,  I typed out the "HELLO"
and printed that out with the striped paper....
Used a Martha Stewart punch for the scallop
borders... and I used a sizzix butterfly die for the
pretty little butterflies....

That's pretty much it! I wish I had something
more fancier to show ya... But I don't...
Maybe sometime very soon I will....
If there's a will there's a way! Right? :O)




Tanya/Nonna said...

Hello you! This is a very pretty card - great colors and patterns! It's good to see you post again, and don't worry - we will continue to check back matter how long it! Hope you have a good day on "Pioneer Days" and sell loads and loads of stuff! Take care and squeeze in some crafty time when you can!

Sharon said...

Great card. Love the colors. And those butterflies!! Sounds like the new location has started off in leaps and bounds!! Great for business but not as great for the body!! LOL Good luck with Pioneer Days. :)

Debbie said...

Very pretty card!!!
Glad to hear the store is going well! Crafting will always be here for you when you can!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, you are so busy. I hope it settles down soon. This card is really pretty. Great patterns. Love the butterflies.

Jayne said...

Pretty card Theresa,love the butterflies.
Glad the store is doing well.
Jayne x

Cricut Couple said...

You know Theresa, your cards are all so pretty, we will take what we can get! We are all just so please that your new location is going so well. You just have to get your groove back once the newness wears off a little and we will have your wonderful regular posts back again.

Kate (Small Bits of Paper) said...

This is so pretty! The butterflies are gorgeous and you did a fabulous job printing your own paper. Everything is perfect and matches so wonderfully well!
Glad to hear that things are going so well with the store too! Busy is good!! I'm sure you'll figure everything out with the donations too. :)