Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Thinking Tree....


Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you're
having a great week so far... Mine.... Well I've been sooo
busy with the store that I'm totally exhausted & ready for bed
by the end of the day.... And we're not talking a regular 8 hour
day either.... Try like 12 hour days! Yesss... I said 12 hours....
The last 2 days I've been working 12 hours a day... We are
getting soooo many donations in that I have to stay after work
and sort through them..... I don't have anyone coming to help
at this point.... I've posted it on Facebook to our local group we
have on there and I've talked to a few of my friends but so far
I'm coming up empty! UGH! It probably wouldn't be so bad if
people would stop donating their JUNK! I really can't understand how
people can't tell they have HUGE holes in their clothes or stains on
them that they feel it necessary to donate it..... It's not like anyone
else is really going to want those item.... UUUGGHHH!!!
OK.... Sorry about that.... I'm a little bit tired & Annoyed.....
I don't mean to sound like a crazy lady... Ok... maybe I do.... :o)
I just don't understand people sometimes... ya know...
Any who.... Let's focus on a card for ya....

I totally STOLE "CAS'D" this card from somewhere... I think???  
 I honestly don't remember if I came up with this or if I
Cas'd it from somewhere....( If I cas'd it... Sorry to whomever I may have
taken this from cuz I can't remember) ...  This is the card I 
created using My Digital Studio from (Stampin' Up)
I did the Tree and sentiment in MDS and
the rest was printed out and cut to size...
Then I added the twine & Button to the card...
This was another one of those cards I made for
my MIL back in May..... I told ya I had several
more to show you..... :o)

Well thanks so much for stopping by... I hope you
guys continue to have a great week and hopefully
mine will get better.... Try and have an



Debbie said...

This is beautiful!! I love the color combo!!
May today's donations be all beautiful!!!

Blue6366 said...

This is beautiful. Love that imagine combined with the paper you used. Great job.

Cropalcoholic!! said...

That is adorable!!! I love it!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tanya/Nonna said...

Beautiful card, perfect for any occasion! That tree is so pretty! I hate to hear that you are working so many hours. I know you must be exhausted! I also wonder about people who donate things they would not be caught dead in?? When we collected donations for tornado victims, I was appalled at what some folks brought in - not just worn out but plain old nasty! Don't know what some folks are thinking! Don't work too hard girly!!

Sharon said...

Oh this is so so pretty!!! Love the tree and sentiment. The twine and button are just perfect.
Please do overdo!! :)

Jayne said...

Hiya Crazy Lady!!
I really hope your week is improving.
Love your elegant card.The tree image is gorgeous.
Thinking of you..
Jayne (another crazy lady!!!!) ;)

Norma said...

Beautiful card and stamped!! I've been wanting that stamp set for awhile but I seen to replace it with something new LOL!! I hope your week is less busy now that your store is open:)

Stephanie said...

Lovely card. That really is a very pretty tree. So sorry you have to deal with such thoughtless people. Hope it gets better. Have a better weekend.

Cricut Couple said...

Wow Theresa! This is so beautiful!