Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

(Prepare to read a long story & Several Photo's) :o) 

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!
Ahhh... Love is in the Air.... Or maybe I just
tooted! LOL.... I've had a busy weekend that
I didn't get much in the crafting department done...
I mean I got stuff done but not the stuff I
would rather get done and post for you! :o)
I found out on Wednesday that I had to help out
in Hunter's second grade class... when I actually
only volunteered to make/bake something for
his class.... apparently 3 of us parents volunteered
to bring in something but never said we would
be in charge or plan the party... Usually the teacher
does that.... but my son's teacher doesn't and since no
one actually volunteered to be the Coordinator the 3
of us kind of got stuck.... and since I'm one of those
people who don't mind taking charge (bossy) LOL
I pretty much called the other 2 parents and we planned
it out and now I need to be in his class at 2pm.... Well
I also have scheduled to get my taxes done at 11am...
Now most of you have heard me say we live faarrrrr
away from things... well... Our taxes are done in another town about
45mins. to an hour away..... and you know tax people...
they never start on time! hehehe
I had planned to go have lunch with the hubby as our Valentine's day
treat since we were going to a bigger town.... but because of the travel
distance we are going down there and doing the taxes and coming right
back up here so I can be in the classroom on time! I made bingo cards
for a game and used my brand new
Your Story to laminate them.... this way
I can give it to the teacher to keep for next years
 class or the next and so on! :o)
I cut out about 182 3/4" hearts for the bingo game....
then luckily I saw over at Everyday Cricut with
Guest designer Carrie from Greenbean's crafterole
A cute project that the kids can put together themselves...
which is this cute "Love Arrow" Craft using a pencil
and so I cut out the hearts and the arrow feather part....
and I have some removable glue dots so the kids can use the
pencils when they're done playing with them....
and then I baked pan cookies to take for the treat!
Well... now that I've Bored you
to death! :o) here are a couple of pictures....

I used the Spring Holidays Cartridge!
Everything was cut @ 3"

Hunter picked out the Lady Bug for
the girls in his class and he chose the scallop
border as well.... I added
some Faux Stitching to them...

For the boys.... Hunter chose the
really cool skulls... and the stamp border...
 This card stock had the dots already on them...
 I believe it was from Echo Park...

I used the (To: & From:) Stamps
from The set is called
"All around Sentiments Stamps"
And Hunter signed them before I
put the boxes together!

The 3" boxes fit (2) snack size candies perfectly!
Once I got everything cut out... it was
fairly easy to put together!

Here is my very last Valentine's Day card!

Cartridge- Love Struck (Couple) Cut @ 2 1/4"
George & Basic Shapes (Circle) Cut @ 2 1/2"
Border Punch - Fiskars (Treading Water)
Black Card Stock, Stamp, Ink - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper, Sticker border - Basic Grey (Bitter Sweet)

I want to wish you all a very, very
and I hope you get to spend a little
quality time with the ones you love!
I'll be back here tomorrow with
more to share and a card to show!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Sharon said...

My gosh! You have been really busy!! Making treat boxes, bingo cards and hearts, baking!! WOW!! I bow to you and can't imagine how you got it all done!!! Love the card and treat boxes. Sooooo pretty!!! Hope ya'll have a wonderful Valentine's Day!! :)

Tanya said...

You have been some kinda busy! Sorry you didn't get to have your Valentine lunch with hubby...maybe he will issue a rain check? Your projects all look and I'm sure they were a huge hit with all the kids! Take a breather've earned it!

Stephanie said...

I'm tired just reading what you've been doing. The treat boxes are very cute. Nice of you to take over the "top" job for your son's class.I know the kids loved it.