Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Praying tree....

WARNING: (Another Long Post) :o)

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful
Valentine's Day Yesterday! Well...
I barely made it back home to get to
my son's school for his party! But I made it!
We decided to have a Valentine's Day
Breakfast and left early enough to eat
and head to do our taxes.. Well, We got there early...
and I warned the hubby they won't take us early
and guess what? I was RIGHT! LOL
In fact we ended up waiting 45 minutes before 
our tax gal took us! Then I had to run to the store and
get a couple of items and home we went...
Showed up at 1:55pm got all the things I needed
for the class party and the kids loved it! :o) They thought
the arrows were cool and the bingo game was great
and I gave it to the teacher afterward and told her to keep it
for herself or for another teacher to use... I mean
I laminated it so it should last a long time! :o)
I also forgot to mention that I had told you on Thursday
that I need to make 24 "Hello" cards for the MIL...
Well I got only about 14 done over the weekend...
 and when I was making the arrow pieces I HAD to
use my Gypsy....  Now you all have heard me say
 it's not my favorite tool... I had to use it because I let a friend
borrow my Sweethearts cartridge and she hasn't return
it just yet.... so luckily I have it linked to my
gypsy... well I was having difficulty with using that
darn thing and I did eventually get my pieces cut...
but then I realized I had asked for the Gypsy 
A-Z DVD by Above Rubies Studio for Christmas 
and I did get it and thought....Hummm
maybe I should take a look at this thing!
Well after some time watching the
video I learned a few things about my Gypsy I didn't know...
Sooo then I spent a little time
creating some things in it and felt a
little better about owning this thing!
Now I'm not in LOVE with it yet... but
I'm starting to have a fondness for it! tehehehe...
I showed my hubby what
I had learned from the video that I didn't know
and he said he was glad to see I'm at least trying to use it....
Sooo there is still hope for me yet! LOL
Now today I need to make some type of
snack for tonight cause I'm having a
Stampin' Up Party... You all know
How much I LOVE Stampin' Up...
And I still have to make 16 cards
by Thursday for my card swap... and
I still have 10 more cards to make for my MIL!
Soooo I have a lot of work ahead of me still....
Heck I'm just tired after reading all of this myself! hehehe
Here's a card for ya! :o)

Everything is Stampin' Up
Cartridges - Lacey Labels (Frame)
#50 Cut @ 5" with Shadow
Heritage (Tree) Cut @ 3 1/2"
with the Shadow feature....

Well.... I think I've rambled on
long enough for the past 2 days... :o)
I thank you for reading my silly posts
and coming here to look at my cards!
I'll be back tomorrow and I hope to
see ya here! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Sharon said...

Now, I just love your newsy posts!! Glad the kiddies loved the Valentine goodies!! Maybe the fondness for you Gypsy will grow into a real liking and then maybe a little love. I can't seem to craft without mine!! Love your card. That tree is just awesome!! Have a great party!! :)

Tanya said...

Theresa...this is a beautiful tree! It looks so serene and peaceful...just lovely.
I know how you feel about your Gypsy...just still haven't fallen in love with mine yet. I'm impressed that you are making those steps to learn more about it...keep me posted, maybe there is help for me yet!

Stephanie said...

I love this card. The tree is beautiful. I don't really use my Gypsy either. I mainly use it to store my carts. It's just so easy to use Design Studio. Lot bigger screen. I really need to work with it.