Monday, February 21, 2011

Stage Coach....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I've had a busy weekend crafting....
I finally got all 24 "Hello" cards done
for my MIL..... I'm thrilled they are
completed and I'll be mailing them out
to her tomorrow... Of course with making
all those cards I made a HUGE mess in my
craft room.... Soooo I got to spend the rest
of the time cleaning up my mess.... I mean I
usually make a mess but this was a much bigger
mess than usual... Because I dug out my dinky
little sewing machine that I got over 10 yrs. ago...
I wanted to try sewing on a card for the first time....
And I CAN'T SEW! Sooo can you just imagine how
much FUN that was! :o) Sooo I have a huge pile from
digging in the container trying to find this little machine....
Needless to say..I threw away a bunch of stuff I never
used nor will for that matter.... and made some space
for more STUFF to purchase in the near future!
YEAHHH for me! LOL :o)

Everything is Stampin' Up...
Cartridge - Old West
(Stage Coach) Cut @ 3"
(Howdy) Cut @ 1"
(Cowgirl) Cut @ 3" and she was cut out
4 times to give her clothes and skin color

 Here is a side view to show the Cowgirl up on Dimensionals
and so was the "Howdy" Sentiment... Hubby Says I have this
stage coach in the wrong direction? But I cut it just
like it shows in the book... Sooo I don't know...
I still think it's cute and his mom will LOVE it!
And that's all that matters to me! :o)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Sharon said...

Now I don't understand the wrong direction thing. A stagecoach can go either direction!! I think it turned out great!! Happy to hear you got all of the cards made for your MIL. :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

I think it looks great!!! i love it and great choice on colors!!! Thank you for stopping by:)