Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick Happy Fall....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! You would not
believe the roller coaster ride I was on Monday! I wrote
up my post early, because I was still working on my house.
But let me tell ya the adventures of having a college student!
I'm sure some of you can relate! Well as I mentioned in
yesterdays post my oldest left for college early! Well it was
just after 8am and I gave him a HUGE HUG goodbye! My
hubby thought I was the one who was gonna break down...
instead it was HIM! YUP! He got all emotional and I had to
let him know it would all be OK! Well after about 2 hours into
his trip.... My sons car blew up & the engine caught
on fire! Can you believe this? Luckily some nice people in an
RV were traveling by and helped put the fire out and then gave 
him a ride so he could get in cell phone range to call us.
Of course then our adventure began.... Trying to
decided to pay a tow truck or tow it ourselves. We have a trailer to
use for things like this... Well all the while I'm sick to my stomach!
Yup.. I think I had some sort of stomach flu bug which kept me up
most of the night and day.... It was awful! Since I was sick, my hubby
and middle son Juston went to go meet him where his car died...
Hubby's Aunt & Uncle came along too, so they could tow the car back
to their house while Hubby & Boys loaded up our SUV full of his stuff to
get him to school! He had a Job interview at 2pm that day up at the school!
So I called the school to let them know what had happened
and if they could please reschedule it for him.... Which they did!
They finally arrived at his apartment around 3:45pm. Mind you he left
after 8am and it's about a 4 hour drive! LOL They got him to his
apartment and helped get everything into his apartment, then took him
to the store to get food and other supplies since he doesn't have a car
now. My poor kid was out in the heat/sun, got sunburn and was
dehydrated by the time they got to him. He used up all his
water on the fire, he's OK! But I feel terrible for him.... I mean
what a way to start your College experience! LOL
I spoke with him last night and he's got most of his stuff
organized and he said the interview went alright.... His
roommates should be up there by Saturday so hopefully
all will be well after that! Hubby's Aunt told me to get ready
for the roller coaster of College Life! LOL Well I guess were
off to a good start! :o) Here's my simple project for today!

 Ink, Pen - Stampin' Up
Card stock - American Crafts, Stampin' Up
Cartridge - Enjoy the Season
(Brown Square) Cut @ 4 1/2"
(Pumpkin Set) Cut @ 4 1/4"
I used the "Separate" and Cut an additional
small Pumpkin and Squash? & Banner
(Leaf/nuts) Cut @ 1 3/4" (2x's)
Sentiment was just written out

 Here's the side view to show the added dimension!
After I took the picture I felt it needed something else.
So I added some Hemp Twine and made 2 bows to
place on the pumpkins... I was just to lazy to retake the picture!
Well, that's my quick card for today! I'll be back
tomorrow with something! Have an AWESOME DAY!!


Ms. Daiquiri said...

Oh my!! What a way to start college! My dd goes off next week... now praying she has a much calmer transition!
Very pretty card... love the fall colors and the pumpkin pattern is great.

Amy said...

Great dimensional card! After his excitement- your son's college transition should be much easier. I still remember taking my oldest dd (4 hours away)- my husband & I cried the whole way home :)Amy

Jovan said...

This card is so cute! I love the fall colors and look.

Stephanie said...

Your quick card came out rewlly great. Love the papers. What a way to start. If that was my Monday, I don't think I would have gotten a card made. You are truly "Super Mom".

Victoria S. said...

WOW! what a story! I have a senior this year soo i will be getting ready for that wild ride soon enough!
Love your card- cant believe you made a card- i would be exhausted after all that and say forget it. So kudoes to you and i love it! Makes me want fall to be here ♥

Jeannie said...

Wow! Your poor son. He's going to be telling folks about his 'first' day on his own for years to come.

miislucky said...

Wow! My poor nephew's first experience into college and it turned out to be a bad one. Well I guess it's a live and learn one for him and unfortunately for you too, dear sis. I love this card! I would like to see the twine and bows added to it. It's a very nice fall card. Great job! And your an awesome MOM!

CathyinMN said...

I hope this was the worst of your son's college experiences! At least he'll have quite a story to tell about his first day going off to college! Really like your fall card!

Sharon said...

Bless his heart!! Hope all goes well from here on out!! Hope you are over your bug. I think that same bug is going around in my neck of the woods, too. Several at work have it. Love your card. The Fall colors are great. :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

OMG!!so glad he's OK!! I hope you are feeling better my dear:) WOW!! that was a roller coaster for you, I'm glad everything turned out good. Love the card Theresa:) I always have a hard time making fall cards you know that, I don't know why:) TFS

Carolyn/MamaC said...

All that and you still felt like making a beautiful card! Girl, you are something! I know that your son will never forget his first trip to school...and you all won't either! I am so glad everything turned out OK. Good luck getting the car fixed.

Nan said...

ya think maybe it's time to give up on that car? Let's hope that that the worst is behind him! Love love your card

Wendy said...

Whew, what a day you, your son and your family had! Glad that your son finally made it to college safely!

Wendy T.

Cricut Couple said...

Love it... I have to get this cartridge! I almost ordered it today and talked myself out of it. I guess I will have to go ahead and get it. Hee! Hee! TFS!

craftylizard said...

Your poor son! Hopefully the rest of his week went smoothly. I can't believe you found time to whip up such a cute card! TFS!

Shona said...

Talk about having a bad day! WOW.
I hope things go a lot better for him now. It's so hot, the pumpkins remind me that I should enjoy what little summer we're getting as it will soon be over.