Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Late Christmas Card.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Well I got through my monthly shopping
yesterday thank goodness... I really wasn't
expecting the store to be sooooo busy but
boy everyone from my little town was
there shopping too! I think they were all
getting their shopping done before the snow
storm hit us today! We got NOOO snow
on Christmas just lots, and lots of rain! And
now after an actually dry Nov. and Dec. we are
getting some snow... Not that I like snow mind
you.... It's not my favorite, but it was going
to come sooner or later... :o) I was going to
post another wedding card but because I was
gone all day and by the time I got everything
put away my 7yr. old son wanted me to help him
put together a hole bunch of Dragons he got
for Christmas... That took up the rest of my evening,
so I didn't get to take a picture of my card... Sooo
I'm gonna post a Christmas card instead! LOL
One I haven't shown you of course... I know
Christmas is over... In fact I know because I've
already taken down the tree and all the outside
decor and inside decor.... :o) You guys are saying
WHAT??? YES... I take all that stuff down shortly after
Christmas.... This is my thinking on it.... I believe Christmas
is Wonderful... and it is apart of 2010 sooo.... When 2011 begins
I like to start off fresh and clean.... and soooo I take all my
decorations down and put them away for next year and start
my New Year off with a clean slate! I know you guys may not
think it makes any sense but it does to me! LOL Soooo, that is
why I take down all my stuff before the New Year Begins... :o)

(Click on the Picture to Enlarge)

I sent this card to my sister Mi-Mi!
I believe this is a sketch from Mojo Monday #152!
They really have some great sketches over there!
Anyway everything is Stampin' Up
I used the Double Scallop Punch &
Snowflake Punch by Martha Stewart
And the Oval Circles are Nestabilites
I promise to have another Wedding Card
ready to go for ya tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope
you have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Nikki T said...

This is beautiful, very elegant. I take my Christmas stuff down before New Years too, I have the same thought as you...start the new year fresh and clean :)


Sharon said...

Love your card! So beautiful!!! The time spent with your son putting together dragons was an awesome way to spend your evening! :)