Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Driver's License.....

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! One day left til my Birthday!!!
I hope you guys come back tomorrow since I'm gonna have a
BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!! I'm sooo excited to share my birthday
with all of you that I thought one of my blogging friends deserves a
special gift on my Special Day! :o) Of course I have to work on
my birthday! BUMMER! But that's life when you own your own store!
I mean I guess I could close for the day but that would be silly...
I'm certainly not that special! LOL But I'm happy to turn another
year older.... Getting older really doesn't bother me.... I feel good and
I certainly don't act my age most of the time so it's all good in my book!
This will be the first year that 2 of my boys won't be around for it....
My oldest is off at school and won't be coming home this summer
either.... He's got a summer job up north and I'm sooo busy with
my store that I may not have anytime to visit him.... So this will be the 1st
year without him being here for my Birthday or Mother's day or Summer...
My second son has to work that day too! Sooo after school he'll head
to his job and won't be home til after 10pm.... Sooo It's one of those things
that life just gets in the way of... I'm OK with it of course.... Cuz I raised
them to be independent and I want them to have AWESOME lives!
Soooo it's something I've got to get use to.... At least my little guy will
be here! He's wayyyy to young to have a job or leave me just yet!
That's the price you pay when you have a baby later in life! LOL
Well... enough about my ramblings.... Here's a Layout for ya! :o)

I think this turned out pretty neat! :o) Let's hope my son thinks so!

I'm just gonna tell ya the cartridges and sizes of the cuts....
Cartridge - Locker Talk (Driver's) Cut @ 6"
(Car) Cut @ 3 1/2"
Disney's "Cars" - (Yield) Cut @ 3"
(Speed Limit) Cut @ 3"
(Caution) Cut @ 3"

Cartridge - Locker Talk ( License) Cut @ 6"
(Key) Cut @ 3 1/2"
Disney's "Cars"  (Stop) Cut @ 3"
(One Way) Cut @ 3"

I did use Glossy accents on the Key & on parts of the car!
I hope you like my Layout! Thanks soooo much for
stopping by! I hope to see you all tomorrow for my



Linda said...

Wow, this is great. I really like the street signs! I think you son will love it. He looks very happy in those pictures too :-) Happy early birthday.


Tanya/Nonna said...

Oh my goodness...what a fabulous layout Theresa! I love the black background with all those great traffic signs...they really pop! I know what you mean about "independent boys". I wanted mine to be the same way ...and they are. But, it sure makes for fewer visits and get together. One of mine leaves 2.5 hours away and the other is 5 hours away and they both have crazy work schedules. Makes me kinda sad sometimes...but in a good way. Anyway...Happy Birthday to you and I do wish you could close up the store and take the day off...maybe even two days! And yes, you do deserve it!! I just know your day will be awesome anyway and I hope you enjoy it ♥

Caryn S said...

I love this! My nephew just got his learner's permit over Christmas break and this just made me think of that whole experience. Thanks for enabling BTW, I haven't got the Cars cart and now I want one! LOL!

Diane Hodrick said...

This is such a fun and colorful layout. You got some major cuteness going on here. You got the right attitude about those birthdays. Like would be bad if they stopped coming. ;)

Amy said...

Cute layout! Love all the elements of it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful day- and birthdays are great- if you didn't have one, you would be dead.... :)Amy

Sharon said...

Great layout pages!!! Love all the cuts. That car and the signs. Love the key and the photos are the best!!! See ya tomorrow my friend!!! :)

Sherrie K. said...

Great layouts! The cuts are awesome-love that card:) Thanks for sharing-awesome pics too!

Happy birthday tomorrow:) Have a sweet day my friend!
Sherrie K

Ms. Daiquiri said...

What a fun LO! The colors, signs, photos..it just really works.

Diane Hodrick said...

Happy Birthday!

Stephanie said...

Theresa this is a terrific layout. I wish you a wonderful birthday. You are such a special person your b-day can't help but be special too.
I love the cuts you used from Cars. You've got lucky kids.
Happy Birthday!!!

Cricut Couple said...

What an amazing layout! How fun! I love all the signs and the font work is amazing! Perfection!!!

Kate (Small Bits of Paper) said...

This is such a super layout! I love the look of the street signs that you've used!
Life does change as the children get older. My daughter missed our family Valentine's Day party as she preferred to go to dinner with her boyfriend. I'm like you that my littlest guy is much younger than the others. That makes me feel young too though!
And PS - you ARE very special!!