Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone! It's already the middle of
the week! WOW! This week is speeding by quickly! :o)
Well, I've made 2 cards using my New Cameo... And I gotta
tell ya that I'm liking it more and more... :o) Here's another
difference for you between the Cricut & Cameo... You know when
you cut out a "CARD" with your cricut machine using the card feature...
It leaves those "Cut" lines... RIGHT? Well the Cameo doesn't make lines like that....
This machine makes the preforated lines... which gives the card a
better look... more subtle.... (I think) And I don't have to make a
score line cuz it adds those light preforated marks... Looks more
professional in my opinion... :o) Folds really easily too.....
I'm working on more cards for my MIL! She got the Birthday
cards I made her and she asked if I could make her some
Hi/Howdy cards again! I did a series on those before... Now
I gotta make some new ones... UGH! Let's hope I get them done
in a timely manner compared to the last set I made her! LOL
Here's 1 of the cards I made using my Cameo....

This card is one of the downloads I got... She likes western
type stuff and it looked pretty quick and easy to do.
 The "Hat" is a card download which came with 2 other pieces
to add on it.... I used Stampin' Up Designer paper for it.....
 I added the "Howdy".... Which is another AWESOME
feature... It's a FONT from my COMPUTER!!! How
 COOL is that? I can use ANY FONT FROM MY COMPUTER!!!
And it cuts it out! That's totally AWESOME!!!
Then I just added some twine to tie it all together!
I did the hat shape on the inside in white cardstock so
she can write a little note to someone... This only took me
a couple of minutes to make and I think she's gonna like it!
They also had a western boot that looked neat that I'm gonna
make a card out of.... :o)

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you have an



iluvmybugs said...

What a fun masculine card Theresa!! Happy you are enjoying your new Cameo and can't wait to see more of your projects!!!

jennyplace2 said...

What a fun looking hat! Great job, so glad to hear you are enjoying your new toy.

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Thank for giving the information on the Cameo. Your card is awesome!

Stephanie said...

This is a terrific card. Glad you are enjoying your new toy.

Jovan said...

I haven't read nothing but GREAT reviews...I'm glad you're enjoying your new toy! I wish I could get one, I don't have a computer in my craft room. It seems when you get that machine you don't really wont your cricut anymore. Anyway, I love your shaped card!

Jayne said...

I knew I wanted a cameo and now I really want one!
Love your card(and your new craft table!).
Jayne x

girlia said...

so cute. It making me want one. Glad you are having a good time.

Amy said...

Cute shaped card!!! You are really enabling me to get that Cameo- don't you feel bad??? :)Amy

Sharon said...

Amy-I don't think she feels bad at all for enabling you! Hahahaha I love this cowboy hat shaped card1! WOW!!! Love the twine you added. Can't wait to see the boot one!! :)

Sherrie K. said...

Love it!! So fun!
Sherrie K

Cricut Couple said...

Howdy Partner! It's just adorable! I love it!

Tanya/Nonna said...

awww...loving the cowboy hat! That is one cute card! And I agree with you about the perforated lines, so much neater and smoother looking on the Cameo as opposed to those little cut lines you get with the Cricut. I do love this machine ♥ and I do love your card!