Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making the Grade....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! Wow 2 weeks in a row that
I'm showing up to share a project with you... Try not to get use to this
since my time online will be short lived once my move gets on it's way...
I'm trying to post at least 3 times a week for the month of April! The
month of May, June, July will be a different story, since I will be tooo
busy to even think straight! LOL I still haven't decided what I should
give as a Birthday gift giveaway on my Birthday!!! I'm thinkin'
about a Cartridge???? Just not sure which one yet! Or maybe
just some Scrapping supplies???? Hummmm
I guess it will be a BIG surprise for YOU & ME! LOL
Sooo, here's my Tuesday Layout for ya! :o)

Trying to take pictures of a double layout is really, really
hard for me! Sorry about the photo quality.... It's just
not something I'm use to doing or prepared for! :o)

I can't believe this was taken almost 4 years ago!
My little guy isn't so little no more! :o)

I'm just gonna post what cartridges I used for this LO!

Cartridges I used on this page are:
April Showers
Nate's ABC's
Cricut Alphabet
George & Basic Shapes
Makin' the Grade
Accent Essentials

The Children of the future! :o)

Cartridges used on this page are:
Makin' the Grade
George & Basic Shapes

 You know I gotta add some twine to everything these days!
Well I hope you like my Layout! I'll be back tomorrow
with another HYBRID CARD!! Thanks soooo much for
stopping by.... I hope you all have an AWESOME DAY!!!



Ms. Daiquiri said...

Oh, this came out so cute!! Love it, will def. need to use this for one of my kid LO's!!

Debbie said...

Great LO!!! I really like how you did your title!!!

Diane Hodrick said...

Love your layout, Theresa. So cute...these school pictures are always baffling for me to figure out what to do with. I absolutely love what you came up with!

Amy said...

Great layouts- they sure do grow up quickly don't they??? :)Amy

Nadia (WithGlitteringEyes.com) said...

How precious is that face!!! I love how you created a page from the class pic-- I find those very challenging but now I know what to do!!!! Great unexpected color choices too-- how did you think of using the brown? Perfect!

Sharon said...

Fantastic!!!! I love all the cuts you used. I so admire the fact that you got both in the photo! I have a hard time getting one page! :)

Cricut Couple said...

Wow Theresa! I love the entire layout, but I really like how you added the group photo on the second page. It's such a great way to show it off!!!

L.B. said...

super cute layout and hope the move goes smooth

Norma said...

Fabulous layouts with all details and the adorable pictures.... awww he's cute. OMG!! your birthday! YAY! when is it?? Enjoying your projects and keep them coming ...

Stephanie said...

This is a great layout. The cuts are great and I love the way you designed the whole thing. When he is grown he will so appreciate all the love you put into these pages.