Monday, June 25, 2012

Howdy Pardner....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! Sorry I've been MIA!!!
But the store closed on Friday and we've been moving all
kinds of stuff out of the old store and into the new one...
I'm already exhausted and I'm not close to being done yet!
My sister came down to help us out for a couple of days....
She's really not in the best shape to help due to her medical
issues... but she said she could handle it and has been a trooper!
I know she's in pain but she still keeps trying to push herself to help....
I was up til 4:30am Sunday morning working with my hubby.... We
had everyone else go home and we stayed to work some more.... Normally
I don't work on Sunday.... but I did this weekend.... after finally getting to bed at
5:30am we got up at 11:30am and back to work I went... About 10pm I got sooo
worn out that I said it's time to go home so I could shower and get some laundry done.
I need to have clean clothes to work! :o) Any way... it's really just been a lot of packing
and moving right now.... I'm hoping to be completely out of the old store by Tuesday!!!
Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can do that!
Ohhh and that drill we rented WORKED!!
Yesss.... I got my shelves up in the book room and my mom is pricing them for
me today! :o) I have lots of stuff to put up on shelves and the new place is really
starting to take shape.... I'm looking forward to opening day! :o) 
As it gets closer I'll take some new pictures of the store so you can
see the big difference! :o) But for now... I have a card for ya!

Now... just an FYI... I don't have any time to craft right now!!
This is one of the cards I made my MIL last month...
I got a bunch of cards done before June 1st so I could focus
on getting the store done.... :o)

I used my Cricut & my Silhouette on this card!
I LOVE how this turned out... and so did she! :o)
The card shape & Banners were made on my cricut and the
boot was made on my silhouette.... I inked the edges
around the boot and used a zig pen for the design shape
on the boot... it really looked like a worn out boot in real life!
I HAD to add the gems and I wrote the sentiment out myself....

Well that's about all I have for ya today! I'll be back on
Wednesday for the Cricut Cardz Challenge!
Thanks so much for stopping by and have an



Jayne said...

Theresa I am playing catch up!Firstly I love your card and cute boot!
I'm exhausted just reading your exhaustion!!! LOL.
Loved the piccies you posted of your new place and just remember it is all going to get easier soon.
Jayne x

Norma said...

Hello my friend:) OMG! I can't believe you have time to make a card:) The new place looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it all done! Love you super cute card you used one of my favorite base shapes!! Have a wonderful Monday!

Sharon said...

I don't know how you are walking girl!!! You have totally worn me out!!! And I worked all weekend, too! Tell you sister that I sure miss her on here and that she has been on my mind lately. I pray that she gets better.
Your card is fantastic!!! I can see why your MIL loves it!! It is awesome!!! Love the stamp shape and that great pattern on the boot.
Don't wear yourself out so much that you can't go!! :)

Cricut Couple said...

YEE HAW!!! This is a rootin' tootin' great card!

Stephanie said...

First love, love the cute card. I need a nap just reading your post. I hope after all is moved you get a much needed break. Can't wait to see the finished store. I wish you every success. All your hard work will pay off big time.

Debbie said...

This card is wonderful!! I love the postage stamp shape, and the boot, and everything!!
Glad to hear things are moving along for the store!! And hopefully, you can get some rest soon!