Monday, May 14, 2012

Rocket #9....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend?
Did all you ladies out there have a Fabulous Mother's Day? Guys will
be next in line since Father's Day is next month! :o) How was
every one's week last week? Mine was busy as usual... Did
get to see my oldest son and have dinner with him... It was
nice seeing him and his room mate.... I was able to get
my new clothing racks for the store... They didn't have several other 
things that I needed..... I guess now I'll have to place an order
online for the rest of the items... I just dread paying the
shipping on it! UGH! That's business I guess! :o)
 I'm gonna have a BIG sale going on through the rest of this month....
I'm trying to shrink the LARGE inventory of clothes we have... I had to get a
3rd storage unit! (YIKES) And this doesn't include any
furniture mind you.... It's mostly CLOTHES!!! Seriously.... I should
have just a plain old clothing store at this rate.... :o) I have nooooo
room to sell Furniture so I've been telling people who ask to go to
Moab.... they have a Thrift store down there that has one building
for clothes and the other for Furniture.... I gave them what little
bit I did have cuz I just don't have the space like they do....
Even with the move, I don't... I just hope having this big clothing
sale makes a dent in my stock.... Of course it doesn't help when
people are still dropping off more clothes everyday cuz it's
sooo nice outside that they're having yard sales! LOL
I mean I never have to worry about inventory.... but I do have to worry
when I have wayyyy to much of it! And YESSS I've donated lots of
stuff already! We have a women's shelter that I've donated bags and
bags and bags of stuff to and the other thrift store in Moab and
I've tried our local churches,etc... I can see why the previous owner
had soooo much stuff... sometimes it's hard to get rid of.... no matter
what you do.... :o) But as you all know... I'm a trooper and will carry
on as usual and do what I can for my store... :o)

I guess you didn't come here to hear about my store issues.... Eh?
Here is the other Birthday card I made for Hunter Last week....
By the way he LOVED the Crab card and this one too! :o)

Yup... Another Imagine Card! Have I told ya
that I LOVE my Imagine? Well I do! :o)
I miss my original one... this newer one I'm still
getting use to... I mean it works and all.... but I can
tell the difference between the 2 machines... :o)

 Cartridge: Blast Off
Stamps: Megan Elizabeth
Card stock & Ink: Stampin' Up
Twine: Bakers
Corner Punch: We R Memory

I Cut the rocket & #9 out 2 x's..... Then popped them up
I added Twine to the rocket thruster to make it look like flames...
I don't have the sizes.... Sorry... It's on the CCR Program and
YESSS... I'm to lazy to open it and check the sizes! LOL

Any whoooo, Thanks soooo much for stopping by
and reading ALL the way down to the bottom of this post!
I hope to get a spare moment this week to check out
some of your blogs... Keeping Fingers crossed!
For now... I hope you ALL have an AWESOME DAY!!!!



Jovan said...


Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Great job with the card!

Amy said...

Very cute- love what you did with the twine! :)Amy

Sharon said...

WOW!!! Clothes, clothes and more clothes, huh?! People always seem to have an over abundance of clothes! Hope your sell is a success!
I love your adorable rocket card!! Can see why Hunter loves it!! Love how you used the twine!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Cute, cute rocket. This is really colorful. Love the card.
Get used to it, you will always have more clothes than anything. But if yu can make room for the really GOOD furniture etc donations, you've got it made. Happy move.

Sherrie K. said...

Awesome card:)
Sherrie K

Cricut Couple said...

Adorable! The twine for the flames is genius!

Tanya~Studio 5380 said...

What a cool card! I'm betting Hunter loved this. The twine coming out of the rocket was sheer it!

Jayne said...

Just love your card and how you used the twine.
Jayne x