Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peas & Carrots - with a Story....

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone!
You will not believe what happen yesterday!
I was working on some cards for a special order
and As I was doing this my Son Juston comes
yelling at me to take "DAD" to the Hospital!
I was like WHAT??? What the Heck Happen?
He tells me my Hubby Cut his finger off with
a Table Saw!!!! I Was like OMGOSH! Now some
of you know about my hubby and some of you may
not. My hubby had a stroke at the age of 36! He is
Medically disabled due to it and he can't work. He has
always been a worker.... LOVES WORK!! Soooo
since he can't work I've taken care of him over the past
7 yrs. due to his condition and other conditions that
have happen after the the stroke... Any way... Since he feels
 the need to work I always ask him to build things for me...
He's not a builder by trade but he makes wonderful items...
Like my turntable punch holder and things like that... Anyway...
He was out in his shop cutting up some wood by himself and he
cut off his pinkie finger!!!! He bleeds really bad due to the medicines
he takes.... so I'm taking him to our little local hospital since we
live down the street from it and I can't even look at his finger... YUCK!
Soooo they do an x-ray and can you believe it... he didn't lose his finger....
He cracked the bone and some of his finger was gone but I thought he
chopped it off at first from what my son was saying! Soooo they stitched
up what they could and gave him some meds to get through the next couple of days....
Boy.... was he lucky! This is the second time this has happen to him! YESSSS!
He's done this before with a different finger... And I remind him that he only
has that 1 good hand so he should really take care of it! He was also helping
my oldest son fix his car and now he has to put that off for a little bit... The Dr.
Wants him to "NOT USE" his hand for anything for at least 2 weeks! Well
that's gonna drive him and ME crazy!!! Cause if he has nothing to do guess
what happens next????? YUP he'll be bugging ME!!! UGH!!! Anyway... I'm
just grateful everything turned out OK! He's in a lot of pain at the moment
cause they didn't give him strong enough meds.... Ohhhh... And before the
Dr. sewed his finger up..... He was suppose to numb it.... right? Well he gave
my husband some numbing stuff but it didn't work and he told the Dr this....
Soooo the Dr. tries to give him some more.... and STILL doesn't work!! So
when the Dr. puts the saline on the open wound my hubby starts moaning
a lot! It's still not numb!!! So the Dr. sprays the numbing stuff directly onto
the open wound which helps some... sooo the Dr. ASSUMES that his finger
is numb and he starts to put the needle thru to stitch him up and my husband
starts groaning in PAIN!!! He's Not numb and he's stitching him up without
anything now! OMGOSH! I could not believe this... My husband is a really
tough guy! I mean he can tolerate a lot of pain but MAN that was awful to watch
the Dr. doing this to him.... Like I said his finger really hurts a lot right now and
I can only hope that he will fall asleep soon and the pain goes away....
I guess I will share a project with you after my LOOONNNGG Story!

I used my Imagine to make this card.... :o)
Card stock, Ribbon, Stamp, Ink - Stampin' Up
Designer Paper - Blossom Art Imagine Cartridge
Baby Food (Peas & Carrots) Cut @ 1 1/2" (2x's each) Using
The Nursery Tails Imagine Cartridge

Here's a close up side view... You can see the
baby food overlapping....  Perfect for someone
who doesn't know if it's a boy or girl.
Thanks for stopping by and
have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Amy said...

Oh My Gosh- thank goodness your husband is okay!! I am sure that was super scary for both you and him-! On a happier note- the card is really cute! Amy :)

Nan said...

Oh Theresa it would only happen to Shane! Poor fella and you (having to take care of him). Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Tell him he MUST keep his fingers!

Sharon said...

Bless his heart! Bless 'your' heart!! How awful for both of you!! My Granddad built wagons and cut himself on a regularly basis. He had several tipless fingers. Hang in there my friend!!
Love the card!! Love the dp!!! :)

earthspirit927 said...

wow!! Amazing that he still has his finger thank goodness:) Hope today goes Better!!Will send healing thoughts his way!
Great Card:)

iluvmybugs said...

So sorry about your hubby's accident Theresa...hope he feels better real soon(and doesn't 'bug' you too much)!!!

Great card btw!!

Stephanie said...

Theresa, your hubby was so lucky it wasn't worse. So sorry about the pain.And you're right, he will be bugging you if he can't keep busy. Maybe you could get him a loom and he could make some scarves. (just a thought) Your card is adorable. I'll say prayers for both of you.

girlia said...

I am glad that it was not worse. I hope he has a speedy recovery. Love the card!

Jayne said...

Hi Theresa,OMG!! Glad he didn't cut it completely off! Great card.

Ms. Daiquiri said...

Yikes!!! Hope the rest of your week is much calmer and that hubby heals quickly.
Adorable baby food jars.. love them!

Kate said...

Yikes! What a story! I'm so relieved to read that your husband did not lose his finger. How frightening for you all! (And 36 is SO young to have a stroke!)
What a super card, Theresa! I love those little veggie jars!

Cricut Couple said...

Ok... Well the card is really cute, but OMG!!! That is terrible! I hope he gets better soon! That has to really hurt! Give him a hug for us. We hope he has a speedy recovery!

Cricut Couple said...
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Cricut Couple said...

Oops... The deleted comment was mine. Sorry about that. Sometimes, Blogger and my MAC just don't get along very well. Hee! Hee!

Tanya said...

Love your card, hate the news about your hubby! I am thankful that he did not lose the finger, oh my goodness. I'm like you, I cannot look at a bad cut or injury..makes me feel all weird inside. I did not know all of this about your hubby, girl you do have your hands full don't you? And on top of all that, you still manage to create such lovely cards like this one! Love those baby food jars...very cute! You remember to take care of you also lady! HUGS to you!