Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Dino Gift set.....


Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! Sorry I've been
MIA lately... I've been so busy with work & Life! 
I was working on some projects to... 
and there just weren't enough 
hours in the day did get stuff done! :o) 
So I had to let somethings suffer... 

I thought I would post something today to show
you what I've been working on... One of my
really sweet, good friends was pregnant....
Baby #8 for her! All I can say is WOW to that! :o)
Any who.... She said it was her last baby and knew
it was a baby girl... That's when I stepped in with
an idea.... A couple of weeks ago I got 3 brand
new lite cartridges.... that I showed you.... Well
one of those cartridges was my inspiration 
for what I'm about to show you!

This is the card I created for her!
As soon as I saw the (DINO PLAY) Cartridge
and looked at this image.... I knew what I
wanted to do! I know a Dino for a girl???
Hey.... Why not? Right? :o)
The design from my card was inspired by
my wonderful blogging friend AMY!
She sent me a fabulous "Thank You"
card awhile back and I LOVED IT!!!

I had to add an action wobble, just to 
make it more fun! I used my Imagine to
flood fill the rosette and parts of
the baby dino....

Since this ended up being a heavy card...
I add support by put CS on both
sides on the inside.....

Then I had another idea!! I found this really
nice wood crate out in my storage unit...
and though... hummmm.... I could
totally decorate this and put her gifts inside....
Sooo.... I took some time painting it.... Trying
to make it match the paper I was gonna use....

Forgot that I bought this 12 x 24 paper pad by
K & Co. a looong time ago.... So glad I
still had it... :o) I used Scotch Quick Dry
Adhesive to attach the paper to the wood...

Then I thought it could use a little sanding
so it would blend together better....

Now comes the part where I added all
kinds of CUTE Baby Dino's and
Rosettes.... Used different baby
stamp sentiments as well.....
This is side 1....

On both ends I wanted some type
of scenery to group it all together...
So I designed this while at work one day....
Good thing the "Boss" didn't see me.... LOL
(Both ends are exactly the same)

This is the other side of the box...
with more CUTE Baby Dino's and
rosettes..... I added bows and wiggly
eyes to all the dino's.....

Here is the final product!!! I went a little
"BABY" crazy... so not everything fit in
the box.... So of course I made some
more Dino's.... this time in bigger sizes....

On these,  I added gems, just to
fancy them up a little bit more....

Here' s a close up of the other package....
This project took me some time to
do... but was sooo worth it!
I LOVE how everything turned out and
so did my girlfriend!!!! Which made me 
thrilled to no end! I'm also happy to report that
Saturday night, she gave birth to a GORGEOUS
7lb. Baby girl... I live down the street from our
hospital and she gave me a call, so I went to go
meet my newest little friend! She's sooooo
stinkin' CUTE!!!! :o)

Anyway... thanks so much for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!



Sharon said...

Love your darling card!!! That baby Dino is adorable!! Love love love the crate!! Just perfect! All of the baby Dinos and the rosettes are great!! Now, I could not image having 8 babies! Congrats to your friend! :)

Jovan said...

That card is so super cute...I love the little dinos! All the dino's are super cute...great gifts!

Jayne said...

LOVE your card is just adorable. The crate looks amazing,you made it so pretty.
Congratulations to your friend.
Have a great week.
Jayne x

Tanya/Nonna said...

Oh my gosh...what a fabulous friend you are! When I have baby number 8 I want you to make me one just like mind. Baby number 8??? Wow. Ok, this is seriously adorable. I love the card...what a fun shape and the ribbon and the rosette and the action wobble - girl you pulled out the big guns for this one! And,that little crate is just full-out cuteness! Bet you had fun visiting that sweet little bundle and I know your friend really loved such a special gift!

Stephanie said...

Congrats to your friend. Theresa, this is serious cuteness. That is the cutest girly dino. And the crate, mega cute. You spent a lot of time and love on this one. (with baby 8, she deserves it) You're a wonderful friend.

Cricut Couple said...

Completely Adorable! Love it all!!!

Nicole said...

That is an amazing gift set! I love the baby dino, she's adorable! The crate is so cute. I love how everything is coordinated and just so sweet! Wonderful job. Congrats to your friend! :)

miislucky said...

I think your card is awesome!It is so adorable! I also love the crate you made it is so cute! Awesome job sis!!! ^.^