Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! How's your week
going so far? Any of you have snow yet? Surprisingly
we haven't had any! I personally don't mind it...
 I know we need it... especially  for the farmers around here, They do!
Sooo, yeah I feel a little bad about it! :o) 
Just not that bad!
Here's another card for ya...

Just like yesterday's card... This is another
99 cent Silhouette card. I added a couple
of things... and I took the tree from the outside
of the card, and put it inside the card...
Couldn't see wasting it... :o)

Thanks again for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!



Sharon said...

Oh I love it!!! The tree is really cute. Love that patterned paper, too. One of these days I'm gonna have to get me a Cameo. :)
Oh, and we don't have snow. Not looking for any either. In fact, we are above normal on temps. Yesterday and today in the 70's.

Stephanie said...

Another cute one. Guess you're busy as usual.

Tammy said...

Love your card. I made this card a while back and I did the same with the tree as you did. I love the predesigned cards you can buy from Silhouette cause it makes it so easy to create them.