Monday, February 24, 2014

Mine Crafters.....

Hello and Happy Monday Morning Everyone! How was your weekend???
Mine was ok... I felt so tired this weekend that I didn't do ANYTHING!
I mean.... I could have cleaned.... but I didn't!
I could have slept.... but I didn't!
I could have crafted... but I didn't!
Oh wait... that last part is a tiny bit of a lie...
I did have to make 1 Birthday card for my son's friend.... :o)
So I'm gonna just show it to ya today....
How do you guys feel about Mine Craft???
All of the men in my family play this game....
all of their friends do too! I do not, nor do I care...
But apparently this is a very popular game
with kids and adults alike....
So I thought it would be fun to make a
"Mine Craft" card for my son's friend!

My son wanted the inside of the card to have the hisssssssing
because this "creeper" makes that sound, then blows up...
Hence the inside sentiment! :o)
I found the digital Mine Craft papers online at an
Etsy store... Can't remember the name right this second...
But if anyone is interested in purchasing this
digital paper.... Let me know and I'll get the name for ya....
Black Card Stock - Stampin Up
Everything else was digitally done using my
Computer & Cameo.....
My son just loved it (So did his Friend)
 He couldn't believe I could make a Mine Craft card!
Boy, he under estimates his MOM! LOL
Well, it's gonna be a looong week for me, so
Thanks for stopping by and I hope all of you
have an AWESOME WEEK! :o)


Caryn S said...

I personally am addicted...which is bad because I'm not doing REAL crafting like I should! But I love doing this with my kids and husband for family time, sometimes. Surprisingly, we actually talk and interact a lot while playing this! This card would be adored by my son and nephews especially!

Jayne said...

See you are soooo COOL Theresa!Love your card and have heard of the game but personally don't know it! See I am so NOT cool! LOL. x

Sharon said...

Never heard of this game. But then, I really don't play games much. Daughter and Son-in-law keep trying to get me to play Candy Crush, but I keep telling them no. Don't have time!!!
I love your card. You will now be known at school at the Super Cool Mom!!! Hope you have a good week!! :)

Stephanie said...

Fabulous card, Theresa. Minecraft is big here, too. I don't understand the first thing about it. Makes no sense to me. My sister gave all the younger niece and nephews the creeper boxhead for Christmas. They looked so funny outside with those bug square boxes on their heads and the crazy pickaxes from that game.

Nana said...

Too cute.
Have a creative day.
Hugs Nana
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Karen said...

This is perfect for a Mine Craft lover! My niece adores the game, as well as her treasured shirt with the green pixelated creeper. Fantastic work on this card so perfectly tailored to the recipient! :o) Also, thank you for your kind words on my gate flower basket today, as well as your support at My Craft Spot all week! :o)

Hugs and blessings,

Sherrie K. said...

Fabulous card Theresa! I haven't heard of this game but no young kids at home anymore. I am sure your son's friend will love it!
I hope things are slowing down just a bit for you:) I am sure you are busy with the store...but that's a good problem, lol!

I also want to say "thanks so much" for all your support this week for My Craft Spot's release! I enjoyed you visiting when you could! You are so sweet and thoughtful to take the time :)You are sweet! Have a great evening!
Sherrie K

Norma said...

Fun and fantastic card!! You know my kiddo is crazy about Mindcraft and I can say I'm hip to it now LOL!! My son has even tried to get to play it but I really don't have to patience for any kind of video games but to be a hip mom I will play once in a while with him LOL!! I hope you are well my friend and enjoying this weekend!

Kate (Small Bits of Paper) said...

My youngest LOVES Minecraft. It's not my thing though!! Knowing how much my guy loves it, I am sure this card will be a hit with your son's friend! Great job, Theresa!