Monday, January 28, 2019

I'm Back? What? Already?

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
What? I'm BACK Already??? YUP!
I couldn't stay away THAT long...

Actually, I could have, but I have way too many projects
to show you... This is what happens when you
take a break from blogging I guess? You actually
can find your creative side... Or not?
I guess that would depend on the person...

I've decided to do a few things differently...

#1) I'm NOT going to list
all the products I use... It's TIME-CONSUMING
and I don't get paid for it... so Why Should I?
I will list a link to a Company/OR Blog if I'm participating 
in their challenges of course - 😉

#2) I'm gonna try and do a theme every week
like... Using a particular Stamp or technique
or inks or cameo projects only... I think you get it?
If not... you'll see what I mean... LOL

#3) I'm going to use what I have already
which is a lot... I have tons of Stamps
and Dies which have not been touched in forever
or Brand new Stamps & Dies I've never ever used!

#4) I may not leave as many comments as I normally
have in the past... As you know... it's very time-consuming
and you all know I follow you and I love to leave you love, but I
can't when you post 2,3,4 times in a single day. that's a lot...
I will check blogs 2x's a week and leave my comments then and
only for 1 post... Sorry bout' that... But I got lots going on
as I'm sure you do too... So if you can't leave me a comment
I'm totally cool and understanding of that... 😘

I think that's about it... nothing life changing
really... I'm just rethinking things as I go along.
I will POP onto FB every once in a while.
I really have no need to be on it unless I'm on a Design team...
Which at the moment I am not and happy to be free to create
whatever the heck I want when I want... I miss that! 😊

Anyway... I have a Theme post for this week starting tomorrow
if anyone wants to take a look -
P.S. Thanks for always sticking with me!! 💝💝💝

Have a Fabulously Crafty Day!!!



Beckie Williams said...

Well I am glad to see you coming back, you have been missed.

Sukie said...

Welcome back, I've missed your creations! I truly appreciate all of your sweet comments on my blog! Great rules to live by, they completely make sense to me!

Greta said...

I'm working on priorities, too. Keep trying to write less for blog posts as I don't want to go to Instagram which is not relationship building for me. Of course, I'm pretty old--haha! I'm glad not to be on a DT this year as it's fun, but also pretty stressful & I do this for fun! I purposely put multiple cards into 1 post rather than multiple posts in 1 day. My next thing is to actually do the purging & organizing I've needed for years!

Cut It Up Challenge Blog said...

What great ideas!!

I have a "challenge" jar that has strips of paper with different techniques or products on them. If I want a challenge, I pick out a strip or two and try to make a project using that technique or product. It's fun!!


Marilyn said...

I understand how you feel. It is time consuming posting and keeping up with a blog evreryday, but since my husband is pretty much retired we are always out and about. When we are home I try to get in my scrap room and work on things but he always want to watch something on tv. So I don’ t get in there often.
Have a great day!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hey there, Theresa! I really like your new guidelines! I might even adopt them myself! I'm posting less this year, as I just don't seem to have much time any more. Brian has had a few setbacks lately, nothing life-threatening, but we've been going to a lot more appointments for him (he can't drive since the stroke). My own health hasn't been the best either. Glad to see you back and just wanted to pop in and say hello! I've looked at your penguin and coffee cards and they are adorable! Your digi designer friend is very talented!


Georgiana said...

Sounds like you have a good plan. Now stick to it!

Karla Yungwirth Designs said...

I think that’s a great approach! You should only do what you enjoy. This is your hobby, so make it work for you :)

Lisa said...

I am so glad you're back! I totally feel that everyone does what they can... and I'm happy whenever I see your name in my inbox whether it's once a week or once a month! Never feel pressured... and never feel bad if it takes me a while to get back here! Yay you!!