Monday, July 26, 2010

Been Busy!

Hello everyone! I don't have anything to post today! :o(  The reason for that is I got a NEW COMPUTER this weekend! Hip Hip Hooray!  And so did my hubby, soooo I've been helping him get his set up then I had to get mine set up..... I still haven't installed some of my digital scrapbooking programs yet .... I did get my basics in it though..... (printer, scanner, cameras, monitor) This thing looks beautiful! hehehe I got a 24" Monitor and I'm trying to get use to the large screen.... it's been fun messing with it, and I do hope to make something today to post for ya for tomorrow.... I also had some surprise guest show up on Sunday as well.... My hubby's parents stopped by from a trip they took to New Mexico seeing his sister.... So we sat and chatted for awhile which put me further behind schedule.... lol Oh well, I guess that's's always full of surprises! :o) Check back tomorrow because I know I will have a card made to show you! Have a GREAT Monday!!!!! :o)

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Sharon said...

How wonderful to have a new computer!! Congrats!! I keep hinting to my DH about needing one, but I think it goes in one ear and out the other. It's just not stopping in between. Mine is getting where it is a real pain at times. I swear it is a male! You know, a pain in the bu**!!! Glad you had a fun weekend. :)