Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello Series #6 & #7.....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone! How's your week
going so far? Mine isn't to bad! I'm not feeling
like making cards again..... I don't know why... I know
I need to get some made but I'm just not feeling it....
What to do? What to do? I've even try looking at
some inspiration and saying ohhh.... pretty...
I need to make something like that.... But then I got
NOTHING! UUGH! I guess I better find some
craftiness somewhere or else I'll go crazy! :o)
Here are my 2 cards for today! :o)

#6) This sweet little birdy card is a Hybrid Card!
It's ALL Stampin' Up! I actually designed this card
a really looong time ago (like Last Year) But never
printed it out! Actually my youngest son helped
me to create this at that time... I was showing him my
program and he thought it was cool so we created this
together! It's nice to finally see it printed out!
I added the Pink Ribbon and Popped up the
"Hello"! The image was printed on Photo paper
to add some shine... :o)

#7) I designed this from a sketch I seen in the
New Card Ideas for Paper Crafters Magazine!
I used my Imagine to create all the Designer Papers
Card stock, Ink, Stamp - Stampin' Up
Top Note small shape - McGill Punch
Designer Paper - Lori's Garden Imagine Cartridge
Cartridges - Art Philosophy (Center Shape) Cut @ 3"
Sophie (Bird/Cage) Cut @ 2 1/4"

Well I hope you like my 2 cards for today! I'll
be back tomorrow with something different to show you!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


Diane Hodrick said...

These are cute! I hate those crafty slumps. Hope yours eases up soon.

Tara said...

Super cute! I have been in that same craft slump lately...weird. I hope we both get our mojo back soon!

Sharon said...

Love these!!! That bird is just super cute. Hate hearing you are in another slump. Must be the weather!! Sending some mojo your way!!! :)

girlia said...


Tanya said...

What great cards...doesn't look to me like you are in a slump! The first one is really cute , I love the colors and that cute little bird. How cool that your son helped you with this one! The second card is so light and airy with those soft, muted colors...just lovely. Slump...yeah...right....

Stephanie said...

That little bird is so cute. Love the bright colors. I also love the softer colored one. They are both wonderful.

Shelly said...

Both are very pretty! I love the soft colors in the second card, very serene.

Blue said...

For not feeling crafty, your doing a great job. I especially like the birdcage card.

Cricut Couple said...

Oh Theresa, these are fantastic! You cards are always so good, but I have been there. I hate when I have those big crafting brain farts! I really do. It's terrible. Sometimes, I just have to go back to basics. I can sometimes get more obsessed with buying more and more and then it becomes more than what I need and I have so much cool stuff but can't think of a single thing to make out of it all. Hee! Hee! I was kind of that way this morning. I actually went in and got out the address book and realized how many birthdays were coming up and I just picked a name and made a card. By the end of the day, I made 13 cards and completely caught myself up. YAY! Once I got to work, everything just started clicking and I got so much done. Not all days work out that way, but I hope you have a very successful day the next time you try. Been there. I totally feel your pain. Crafting hug and positive mojo coming your way!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

These were made without motivation!!!!! I am looking forward to the next card you make...with motivation! It will be a doosey!! LOL!!!

Jayne said...

Great cards Theresa.I've had lots of cards to make for family and now I'm joining you in the card slump!!Lots of fun challenges out there but feel I'm more in need of a glass of wine and some mindless telly!!A break can be good too.
Jayne x