Monday, September 22, 2014

Say Cheese....

Hello and Happy Monday to you all! I know it's been awhile!
I'm still in the process of moving and selling my store. So I thought
I would just "POP" in to say HI!!!! And I MISS YA! :o)
I've got everything just about packed and can't wait to start somewhere
new! Our move in date is next Wednesday! And I have someone interested
in my store... So PLEASE, PLEASE pray for me, that She gets approved
for the loan and I can leave my business behind with someone new to
run it! I've had my craft room packed for weeks now and it's been
driving me crazy that I can't craft! But guess what I did do????
My son called me 1 1/2 weeks ago, begging me to make him
a birthday card for his girlfriend.... Which I replied...
Son.. my stuff is packed! I can't! And he said...
This is ALL YOUR FAULT MOM!!! Ever since you started
 making cards I CAN'T BUY ONE! And she's seen your cards....
You HAVE TO make me one for her... PLEEEASSE....
Seriously... that is what he said... I said, I'll see what I can do...
and well... look at what I did:
Now, let me start by saying.. She LOVES Photography...
So, he wanted something with a camera on it.... And luckily for
him... I knew where my Cameo was and some paper... Of course
I did a bad thing.... and opened some boxes to find my cutter & adhesive...
But... I did make him one... I used Memories Captured by Fancy Pants
I added some Twine & a Button I got from a friend to complete the look...
I know it's a simple card.... but I'm happy with how it turned out with
my limited supplies at the moment! :O)
Any who... So glad I could share this with ya! Hope to be back up
and running in just a few short weeks...
Thanks for stopping by!
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


  1. It is wonderful Theresa!!! I love the camera and you pulled out the best papers to use! I bet she loved it!! Praying that everything goes well with the sale and move!! :)

  2. Aaaw, your such a great Mom! I think I would have done the same:) She will love your card-it is awesome! Good luck with the move and hope you sell your store....sending prayers my friend!
    Sherrie K

  3. Hello dear friend:) This is a fabulous card for his girlfriend and yes, you are an awesome mom!! I will pray for a good move and the selling of your store:) I was thinking about you the other day and was wondering that I hadn't received an email from your post and now I know why:) Best of luck and keep us posted.
    Big hugs,

  4. Sons!!! What are you gonna do?
    You made him a fantastic card. Moms just come through, don't they? I pray everything goes well with the sale and the move. You deserve a little down/crafting time. After all, moms are people too!

  5. That's just too funny! Having just moved in June, I can so relate. In fact, some of my crafting things were the very last things to be packed!

    Your card is wonderful! I'm so glad you could add a camera. This will make it even more special. Such pretty colours too!

    I'm praying that the nibble on your store turns into a big chomp!