Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring/Summer Wreath -

Hello & Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a Fabulous Weekend!
It rained around here... not that we don't need the
rain, but it certainly always makes me want to
do nothing! LOL Not to worry... I did craft and
today's project is one of the things I made! :)

This is a 1st for me! I've made some wreaths in the past
but never made a Mesh Wreath. After watching a few You Tube
Videos, and I felt I had the confidence to make one
I headed to the store to pick up my items & made this -

Now I gotta say.... I'm pretty HAPPY with the outcome!
I need more practice of course.... but for my 1st ever Mesh Wreath
I think it looks pretty on my front door! :)

The Mesh has Yellow, Pink, Orange, & Purple in it, and
I tried to show a little bit of all the pretty colors -
Mesh was only $4.44 at Walmart - the Green Ring was
only $2.47 at Walmart and then the flowers that are in
Pink, White, & Purple were 99¢ each -
I had some wire & Hot Glue already - so my
Wreath only cost me about $10.75 including tax!
Now I know these wreaths cost Way more than that if you buy
one already done....So, I'm pretty excited about making a wreath
that looks nice and cost me pennies on the dollar!

I plan on making a different one I saw on You tube - 
but that'll be a different post much later on! :)

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Marilyn said...

Pretty wreath!!

Stephanie said...

This is the first one I've seen in lighter colors - gorgeous!!! Love it!

M Samuelson said...

it's so fluffy!! I love it!

Lisa said...

It's absolutely stunning, Theresa!! I love the colors!! That mesh is gorgeous!! You did a perfect job with this!! What a beautiful welcome to your visitors!! It's fabulous my friend!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Sharon said...

Beautiful wreath Theresa!! I love it! I've got mesh to make one, but haven't taken the time to get it even started yet. :)

Karen said...

Theresa, these colors are gorgeous! It's like a tropical summer vacation. :o) The flowers are so pretty and I am in love with the FLUFFINESS! :o) This is spectacular. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration, my dear friend. This is a treat for everyone who walks or drives by your home. Have a lovely day! :o)

Hugs and blessings,

Gerda said...

WOW Theresa this wreath is beautiful!! Love the colors and the pretty flowers!!! You did a awesome job my friend!!! Love it!!! Have a great day.

Sukie said...

Such a gorgeous wreath! I love the pretty flowers and those colors! Such a great way to add some festive curb appeal to your front door, I love this idea!

Kate - Small Bits of Paper said...

This is gorgeous! Wow!! It looks amazing in the photo and I'll bet you'll get lots of compliments from visitors at your front door!

I'm so glad you made this and posted it. I bought a spring bowl of flowers today and put them by my front door but need to bring them in at night as it's far too early for flowers here. You triggered something in my brain when I saw the colours of your flowers - so thank you!!

Karla Yungwirth said...

What a lovely spring wreath! You really can find anything on YouTube! You did a great job!

Tanya~Studio 5380 said...

Wowzers lady...this turned out beautifully! What pretty colors and you got just the right amount of "fluffiness"! Gorgeous AND less than than 11 bucks? Yes, please!!