Thursday, October 21, 2010

Card Swap Tonight!

Hello and Happy Thursday Everyone!!!
Today I'm really excited... A friend of mine
and I have finally gotten together to start
up a Card Swap! We haven't done one in about
2 yrs... maybe a little longer than that... We've
talked about it a bunch of times and now the day
has finally come! Tonight a 7pm we will have our
first card Swap... Since she and I are hosting
it we will be bringing the first cards for
everyone to make... I found out last night that
there are 14 of us... How great is that! She called
to tell me to make more cards and I laughed and
said I already made 15 cards soooo I'm covered!!!
She couldn't believe that I was sooo prepared...
But if anyone knows me... Well I'm always PREPARED!
I'm a little toooo prepared as some might say
but prepared none the less! :o)
It really doesn't bother me that I'm WAYYY
to organized... I just like it and it works for me! :o)
Anywho... I'm gonna show you the simple
card we will be making tonight....
MOM if you are reading this STOP!!!!
You will need to wait til tonight!!!! OK
Ok... Back to the card... teheheheh

These are ALL the packs that I prepared for tonight's Swap....
Yup... We are doing a Halloween Card! :o)

YUP... It's a JOY FOLD! :o)
I don't think a lot of the ladies in town
have made one of these yet... Sooo
I thought tonight would be there lucky night! LOL
Everything is Stampin' Up
In fact... I used My Digital Studio Software
from SU to make the Background paper
and the Crow and the Happy Halloween w/ Spiders....
It was fairly quick once I decided on what to do...
I just printed it out on White CS and Cut it...
The Stripe Background paper was color printed on
white CS as well.... I didn't have enough Designer paper
to make that many cards soooo I just used what I had on my Software
and printed enough out on 12 x 12 paper... :o)
It works for me! Tehehehehe
Anyway... That's it for me...
I'm hoping Miislucky will be here with something
tomorrow for you.... If not... well
you know I will!!! LOL
Enjoy the rest of your WEEK!!!

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Sharon said...

A card swap. Never been to one of those but it sounds like soooo much fun! Saturday I'm going to a Pink Crop at my LSS-Scrappin Kats from 10a-10p. Never been to one before and I'm excited. Don't really know what to take. I love that cardstock you printed. Just perfect for your Halloween Joy Fold card! Have fun tonight!! :)