Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Gift....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had
a Fabulous Weekend! We had some snow and I had a Baby
shower to attend and my boys were under the weather and I
still had some time for crafting between all the other "things"
I had to do! Was a little busy for me don't ya think? LOL
But now it's Monday and back to the work week... I do have something
to look forward too.... FRIDAY! It's our Monthly Crop til ya Drop!
We haven't had one since November and I was really tired back then because
of taking over the store that month and tons of long hours.... But now that
I've kind of settled into my work schedule I think I'll be OK for Friday night!
I've been making card sets to put together while I'm there so I should
be plenty prepared this time around!  Most of the card sets are cards that
I've already shown you... I try to make one complete card and then cut all the
pieces for the rest so they'll be super easy to put together and I can spend
more time chatting away with my friends! Ahhhh that's the way crafting
should always be anyway! LOL Well here's today's project for ya!

I told ya I had a baby shower to go to... And the "Mom to be"
knew she was having a boy.. so that made things a lot easier
when creating this gift bag & card! I keep an assortment of Gift
bags and wrapping paper on hand for any occasion that might come up...
But I also keep plain colored ones as well, so I can dress them up
accordingly! Which is what I've done here! I had to take the pictures in
my living room on the floor cause of the snowy weather... Good lighting
is soooo hard to come by these days! tehehehe

Here's the info on the bag....
Card stock - Stampin' Up, Bo Bunny Double Dot,Georgia Pacific
Designer Paper - DCWV Baby Boy Stack
Cartridges - B is for Boy (Stamp shape) Cut @ 12 1/2"
(Square shape w/rounded corners) Cut @ 9 3/4"
(BABY) Cut @ 2 1/2"
Baby Steps (Baby in Stroller) Cut @ 7 1/2"
I used my White Signo Gel Pen for some Faux Stitching
around the hat and stroller....
I also did both sides of the bag, because I don't like leaving one
side plain.... The "Mom to be" was so excited about it, that
she took one of the sides off so she can put it in her
babies "Baby Book"! AWWEEE!!! :o)

So of course I had to make the matching card....
Double AWWEE!! Right? tehehhehe
Any who... Here's the smaller specks on the card...
Card stock - Georgia Pacific, Stampin' Up, Bo Bunny
Designer Paper - DCWV Baby Boy Stack
White Signo Gel Pen
Pink Stampin' Up writer pen
Cartridges - B is for Boy (Stamp Shape) Cut @ 4 1/2 x 5
(Square Shape w/rounded corners) Cut @ 3 3/4
(BABY) Cut @ 1"
Baby Steps (Baby in Stroller) Cut @ 3"

My good friend Tanya over at Nonnascraftcorner inspired me
to make this gift set... She recently made an ADORABLE baby
girl gift set for someone and I thought why not? I was actually
just planing to use one of the pre-designed gift bags I always
keep on hand.... But I loved how hers came out and thought I
would give it a try.... Not that I haven't made gift bags in the past,
cause I have and they are posted on my blog.... I'm just to lazy to find
the links for ya right now! :o) But hers was cute and I thought that's
one bag I haven't done yet so why not! Soooo Thanks TANYA!
You got "me" to be a little creative instead of "me" being LAZY! :o)
Well That's about all I have time for today! Thanks so much
for stopping by and I hope you all have an AWESOME DAY!!!



Diane Hodrick said...

adorable...this is my favorite thing about cricut...the ability to make the gift bag and card coordinate. You and Tanya make it look easy!

Amy said...

What an adorable baby card! Great job- any new mom would love it! :)Amy

Kate said...

Whew! What a weekend you had. I feel tired just reading about it! I do hope that your boys are feeling much better.
What an amazing bag and card! They are SO cute! I especially like the tiny sailboat. It's such a fabulously sweet little detail!

Jayne said...

You 'lazy'...I don't think so!!
Love your bag and card set,they are completely adorable.
Jayne x

Jovan said...

What a lovely bag and card!

Tanya said...

♥Love♥ this! Oh my sweet! Where to begin? I love the postage stamp mat, I love the patterned papers, I love that sweet baby face and I ♥LOVE♥ that you made a matching card...caaa....ute! Now, on to the "lazy" part....are you kidding me? You are about the least lazy person I know!! Decorating both sides of the bag...ha...nothing lazy about! Hope your guys are feeling better and so happy that you are finding some time for yourself and your fabulous crafting these days!

Cricut Couple said...

Perfectly Adorable!!! I agree with Tanya... where to begin? Stunning!

Sharon said...

Oh My Gosh!! These are just totally awesome!!! I love the postage stamp shape. Then that sweet baby in the carriage! Adorable!!!! The matching card is just perfect!! And I agree with the others. You lazy-no way!!!! Hope the boys are feeling better! :)

iluvmybugs said...

First, hope your boys are feeling better Theresa! Second, this is just the cutest baby card and matching gift bag! How nice that the mom-to-be is going to use this in her baby's book!!
Terry :o)

Stephanie said...

Oh, Theresa, this is so cute. And both sides of the bag...lucky recipient. I love the cuts you chose and the papers. Glad things are somewhat settling down for you. Hope the boys are better. Have a wonderful time Friday night, you deserve it.

Ms. Daiquiri said...

What a wonderful gift.. of course she loved it!!

Debbie said...

These are both too cute!!!! I especially like that stamp shape!!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hello Sweet friend:) WOW!! you sure did have a Baby shower and what a Super SWEET bag and card!! I'm sure the mom loved it!! I'm glad to hear you are all settled at your store and A Crop til ya Drop my kind of party LOL!! I hope your boys are felling better! Thank you for always stopping by:) I truly appreciate you taking the time!!!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

How adorable! You are so creative! I know this was the hit of the shower!