Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet Little Mermaid....

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!
I Know... You're thinking... HEY? Where's
Miislucky??? Well, she called last night and said
she wasn't feeling well.... so she asked me to post something....
Soooo... Here I am!!!! :o) I hope you guys don't mind seeing
a Little Mermaid Birthday card that I made.... :o)
First I gotta tell ya something... :o) My middle son
Juston who is 15 1/2 yrs. old comes inside
last night to tell me... Mom.... You are not gonna
believe who I just seen! I Laugh at him and say WHO?
Remember we live in the middle of no where!!! :o)
He and his friend are out in the freezing cold walking
around when they go stop by the Shell Gas Station
to warm up a bit.... and who walks into said Gas Station???
TIGER WOODS!!!! I was like Naaaaa... No way! And he
swears up and down and so does his friend and the guy
that worked behind the counter.... Tiger Woods walked into
our local gas station and bought something to drink... I then
ask him.... Well... did you get his autograph???
And he says NOOOOO!!!  He and his friend were
in complete SHOCK that this man came into the
gas station and all they could say was OMGOSH....
That's Tiger Woods.... they said it about 15 times
 while telling me this story... They still cannot believe they
seen him and they were soooo nervous they
never asked for his autograph! LOL
 Sooo of course I told them both that
the moral of this story is to make sure you
Ok... On with the card!

Today my GREAT NIECE turns 4!!
That would be Mi-Mi's Granddaughter...
My Niece said she was having a Little Mermaid
Birthday party for her... So of course I had to whip out
my Cartridge and make a Mermaid card! :o)
I'm not gonna lie... This card was SOOOO HARD to put
together! OMGOSH! Trying to put Ariel's face together
was sooo hard with such teeny tiny pieces! But after 2 tries...
Yes I said TWO!!! I really was not happy with the first Ariel
so I made her a second time and was much happier with
how she looked! :o)

Everything is Stampin' Up
except for the cuts I used to make Ariel and
the flowers... I used Core'dinations Card stock...
Glitter Card Stock is DCWV
Bling is Bazzill
Sorry but I can't remember what size I cut
her at... I designed it in my Design Studio
first but I guess I forgot to save it! OOPS!

I was in a hurry to get it in the mail so
I tried to make it quickly.... :o)
Anyway thanks for stopping by and Mi-Mi
should be back tomorrow with a card for ya!
Have a great weekend!


karen rae said...

I really love this card. It is sooo very girly! Great Job!

girlia said...

Awww this Ariel is just so cute. Everything turned out so well. I am sure your great niece will love it.

Sharon said...

You did an awesome job! I've made one Little Mermaid card for one of the Granddaughters. Her face is hard to get right!! Hope Mi-Mi is feeling better. :)

Stephanie said...

Cute, cute card. Some of the Disney cus are so small. (not fun) But they come out so cute when they are done.Yours turned out great Theresa. Liked the story about Tiger Woods, too.

Ms. Daiquiri said...

Very cute mermaid card!! Bet she loves it. Hope miis is feeling better soon!!