Monday, May 2, 2011

18th Birthday Card #1.....

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I certainly did! My oldest son turned 18 yrs.
old on Saturday and we had a nice family celebration....
I let the birthday boy decide on what we're going to
have for the Birthday Dinner and Dessert. Since it was
my oldest boys 18th... I told him he could have a party if
he'd like... But he said noooo I'll just invite a couple of
friends over for the dinner... Which was fine with me....
His Birthday dinner consisted of.... Pancakes, eggs, sausage,
bacon, french toast, hash browns and for his Birthday Dessert
I made him my Cinnamon Coffee cake..... It was a lot of food
but so worth it to make my baby happy! His friends really
enjoyed having breakfast for dinner and my house smelled
like breakfast the rest of the evening! LOL After the gift opening
and dessert he and his 2 friends went camping....
It was really cold this weekend and the mountains
are even colder... I tried to warn them... but just because
my son has turned a legal age doesn't mean
he has his smarts about him! LOL anyway...
I guess it had gotten sooooo cold that by 4am
they all headed back into town to sleep for the night! LOL
He came home around 12:30pm yesterday and told us all
about the freezing cold and how he just couldn't
sleep until they drove back to town! It's a good thing we
live right by the mountains... It certainly didn't take them long
to get home and warm up! tehehehe I guess this is one
of those Live and Learn moments! LOL Any who....
Here is one of the cards I made him for his Birthday!

Grey Card Stock, Ink, Stamp - Stampin' Up
Cartridge - Martha Stewart All Occasions (Scallop Shape) Cut @ 4"
Everything else was from the JT Imagine Cartridge
(Banner) Cut @ 1" (2x's)
(Skull) Cut @ 2" (2x's)
(Circle Frame) Cut @ 3"
Orange Striped Square Cut @ 2 3/4"
Blue Background Cut @ 4 1/2"
This is a 4 3/4" Square card....

Here is a side view to show the Dimension of the Skull
and the Banner... as you can see I also did the
inside of the card... This is what the inside says....

Mat, you're 18 today-
Celebrate! Go Crazy!
But not too crazy-
You can legally
be kicked out of
the house now!
Happy Birthday!

I LOVE that sentiment! I got it from my Hallmark
Program and this is the card my younger boys gave to him...
I'm going to put this into the Challenge over at:

Birthday Sundaes - Anything Goes

Anyway- That's my card for today! I'll be back
tomorrow with the other Birthday card I made
him from his father & Me.... Have an


Stephanie said...

Great card. I'm sure he loved it. Sounds like a wonderful celebration. They never get too old for mom's little extras.

Just Jenae said...

That is a great card! I love the sentiment too! I'm glad he liked the banner... Kinda funny that you have three boys and ended up with a pink banner, but I'm glad it worked! :) It has other colors too... right? tehehe. I laughed at you tricking him! That is so something I would try. :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Awesome card and I'm sure your son loved it!! The breakfast diner sure does sound delicious!! They will always be our babies not matter how old right? TFS

Sharon said...

Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful weekend!! We love having breakfast for supper. Great birthday card and I love the sentiment.. :)

Cindy Vernon said...

Cool card...thanks for playing with us at Birthday Sundaes.

Candice said...

I love your card! I have that cartridge but I haven't used it yet. Thanks for playing along with Birthday Sundaes!

Kate said...

What a great card - and such a funny sentiment!! I'm glad to read that your son had such a fantastic (albeit cold) weekend!

Jayne said...

This is a 'cool' card as well!Sounds like you all had a great time.