Monday, May 9, 2011

Celebrate Goodies...

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope all of you lovely ladies out there had
an AWESOME Mother's Day Yesterday!
I had a pretty darn good one myself... I didn't
do anything except wear my PJ's and tried to
design some cards in my Design Studio... Talked
on the phone and that's it! Ahhhhh... My kind of day! :o)
I also got my oldest sons Graduation Announcements
done and mailed out... Had a Birthday Party Sleep over
for my 8yr.old and, I went to my LSS on Saturday
and bought a bunch of paper that was 40% off for National
Scrapbooking Day! WHAT an AWESOME yet BUSY weekend
it was! :o) Now I've got to make a bunch of cards for my monthly
crop til ya drop that's this Friday! The LSS Owner had to change the
date cause she has a Graduation in St. George the end of the
month and I just found out about the crop over the weekend.... Sooo
I will be very busy this week preparing my cards to make and take at
the crop on Friday night! :o) Boy I can't wait til summer
vacation starts! LOL Here is today's post! :o)

Brown Card Stock - Stampin' Up
Clear Bags - Ebay
Red Filler Shred - Dollar Tree
Yummy Imagine Cartridge

I printed a 12 x 12 sheet of the Green Designer Paper
and cut it out at 1 1/4 x 5
Then I made the Celebrate Design @ 2"
I cut the assorted Cupcakes out @ 1 1/2" (2x's each)
added dimensionals to pop up the cupcakes and there
ya go... a nice treat for the Birthday Boy to take
to school for all the kids to enjoy! I know... Your
all thinkin' WHAT? nooo cupcakes? NOPE!
I like to make different things each year
 so no cupcakes... the kids really
liked the assorted candy much better! LOL
The Sleep over was fun for the kids and I
ended up with a headache! LOL 
It was fun seeing how they all played together and got
to sleep in this huge tent in my living room... My Son
Hunter was soooo tired Saturday after the sleep over
 that when I got back from  shopping at my LSS
he was sound asleep on the couch....
We all know sleep overs are not the place to get any SLEEP! LOL
I just want to remind everyone that My sister and
I are coming up to our 1 year Blogaversary and I
will be giving away A CARTRIDGE A DAY for 7 DAYS!
So be on the lookout for that and tell your friends about it....
Everyone who leaves a comment must be a follower in
order to win a cartridge... That's pretty much it! :O)
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Mandy said...

Those are great! I love that cartridge

iluvmybugs said...

What fun goodie bags...I'm sure all the kids were thrilled to get them! Happy that your son's sleepover went well (except for your headache!) and that you had a great Mother's Day Theresa!!
Hugs, ~Terry~

karen rae said...

I like the goodie bags. I wanted to let everyone know that I loved the Mother's Day Card and also the gift bag was done up with style.

Tanya said...

Love those goodie bags and the kids are gonna love them! Happy to hear you had a great Mother's Day...sounds a lot like mine. I spent the day in jammies playing with my new E2 (love it). Around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, my hubby kept after me about going out for supper...told him I didn't want to get dressed and go out, could he maybe pick up something. He wasn't happy, but agreed. About 20 minutes later, in walks my son from Auburn with the food! They had planned a surprise visit for me and planned to surprise me at the restaurant! Next time I'm asked to go out, I'll get moving! It was a great surprise! Oh and ...congrats on 1 year..that is awesome...hope I make it :0)

girlia said...

These treat bags look yummy! Great job on those toppers

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Great little treat bags! Wonderful blog! I was reading my posts and found an award from you in November! Thank you so much for the award. Check out my blog for a thank you...

Stephanie said...

Your goody bags are so cute. You had a perfect Mom's day. My kids have such a busy schedule that they look forward to a "home cooked" meal like when they were growing up. My mother-in-law came so I had a "mom" too. It's tiring, but they love it.

Stephanie said...

I left you a blog award. Pop over and check it out.

Sharon said...

Super treat bags!! Kiddies do like candy. Glad the sleepover when well for the boys anyway. Sleepovers always gave me a headache, too. I think it was noise level that did it. Sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day. I went to church with Mom (we always go together) and then worked 3pm until 9pm. Hubby cooked me supper after I got home from work. Don't usually eat that late, but he wanted to cook for me, so I let him!!! Better that a takeout burger!! :)

Jovan said...

Theses are so cute! I have to get that Yummy cart.

Jayne said...

Hi Theresa,glad you had a good Mother's Day.Great gift bags.The toppers are amazing.