Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Bag...

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!
How is your week going so far? Mine?
Well kind of Slloowww! I was suppose to
be making cards yesterday for my crop on
Friday.... and you know what I did instead,
pretty much all day??? I was checking out
blogs! OMGOSH! I love to check out your
blogs, but I also know I gotta get some work
done.... sooo today is the day! I will get to work
and try very, very hard to NOT LOOK at your
BLOGS! Stop making such nice things people! LOL
I also was taking care of my 8 yr. old... He caught the
stomach flu from his 2 older brothers and has gone through
some not so pretty things... This week at school they have special
testing that they are suppose to be there for... So I called and talked
to his teacher and warned her that I would send him but should he
start having to go to the bathroom to please just let him go... She said
the testing is the first hour only so hopefully he would get through it....
And he did... he called me around 11:30AM Sick to his stomach so I
went to pick him up.... and let's just say my house smells bad from all
the time he has been spending in the bathroom.... NOOOO amount
of Lysol is working on it! LOL He should be fine in a couple more days....
My older boys had it for about 5 days.... I feel really bad for all 3 of them
and pray that I don't get it! :o) I wanted to show you the bag that I made
for my mom on Mother's Day..... :o) Here ya go!

Brown Card Stock - Stampin' Up
Border Punch - EK Success
Lori's Garden Imagine Cartridge
I Flood filled a 12 x 12 Sheet
of paper with that pretty pink
Designer paper then cut it in half....

Here is the side view to show that I
 designed both sides of the bag... they
look exactly the same... And the Butterfly
was cut @ 2 1/2" (4x's) For Dimension

 Here's a close up of the butterfly and the
Sentiment/Frame.... I cut out the
"I LOVE YOU" Frame @ 4" and
added the extra frame layer and
another flower cut... So it has 3 layers...

Mom really liked the bag and the card! :o)
I put the Simply Charmed Cartridge inside the
bag for her as her Mother's Day Gift! :o)
That's it for today! I gotta get to work so
I'll see ya tomorrow! Have an


Tanya said...

Theresa that gift bag is just beautiful! What a nice gift for your Mom! I know she will also enjoy her new cart...what a good daughter you are!
Sorry to hear about the stomach bug....uuugghhh...
makes me feel queasy just reading about it...poor little guy. Throw open all your windows, Frebreeze, light scented candles...ummmm...that might not be a good plan...all those smells may make him sicker...sorry. Sure hope you don't catch this bug, Mom's don't have time to be sick! Get everyone well and remember to take care of you!

Mary said...

Beautiful gift bag!!

Stephanie said...

That matching bag is beautiful. The card, bag and a new cart, she must be on "cloud nine"!
Theresa, I have an award for you. Now I need to leave a message for Mimi too, becaue I think she deserves it also.

Sharon said...

I was looking at a photo of your craft room and it disappeared!!! LOL Love love love the gift bag. The butterfly is just awesome!! Your Mom had a fantastic Mother's Day, too!!! Hope your little guy gets better really soon. :)

Jayne said...

Sorry to hear your son is poorly,hope he feels better soon.
Great gift bag,it looks amazing!

Kristen said...

YOu bag is beautiful. I hope your son is feeling better.

Nan said...

another awesome creation!

Ms. Daiquiri said...

What a great idea!! Totally cute... love it.

Kate said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm not surprised that your mum loved it - especially as it came filled with a cartridge!!
Your life last week (when you wrote this) sounds like my week now. My daughter has the same bug so I am home reading through blogs!! (But I DO need to get work done, too!)