Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Awards.... Awards...

Boy oh boy lots of awards going around like crazy...
I've received 2 awards... (1) came from 3 different
people... WOW! I just want to THANK everyone who
stops by My sister's and My Blog.... My Sister doesn't
post as much as me on here, but she is here and she and I both
appreciate all the comments we get! I Love checking out
everyone's blogs when I get free time... There is soooo
much crafty talent out there... I'm always in AWWWEEE
of Everyone's work! :o) So here are the awards and the
wonderful gals that gave it to me! :o)

I want to Thank
They are all wonderfully talented ladies and
I appreciate this award... The rules for this
award are as follows... Thank the person(s) who gave you this award!
Write 7 things about yourself!
Send it to 15 other bloggers...
Well I won't be sending it out to 15 other bloggers (Sorry)
There is just sooo much talent out there that it would be
hard to do that.... :o)
But I will list 7 things about myself...
1. I thought my Husband was married when
he asked for my Phone Number to go on a date
2. I LOVE drinking COKE
3. My Favorite Color is BLUE
4. I LOVE shopping online for the best deals!
5. I LOVE sleeping in and staying up late!
6. I have a HUGE addiction to Punches!
7. I have 142 Circut Cartridge...... :o)

I want to Thank
She is super wonderful and I LOVE checking
out her blog and so should all of you if you haven't already!
The rules are to thank the person that gave you this
award and link it back to them
Award it to people who stop by your blog and
leave comments often! Now this I will do because
there are a couple of wonderful ladies who come by ALL
the time and are sweet as can be! And I could not thank
them enough for showing there support in me! :o)
Sharon -
Stephanie -
Jovan -
Tanya -
Now... Gloria also comes here all the time
but I don't want to send the award back to her
after she just got it... But I do want to send her another
Shout out! Because she does come here and leave
comments all the time! Thanks Gloria! :o)
Tanya also just received this award so I won't send it to
her again... but she is awesome and always leaves such
wonderful comments too! Thanks Tanya! :o)

Thanks again everyone! Have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Tanya said...

Theresa...Congrats on your awards! Don't know why I didn't think of this myself, but after reading your comment on my blog, I went back and added your link under my award! I didn't send it to had just received it yourself! Just didn't think to go ahead and add your name anyway! Believe, were one of the first people that came to my mind and then I saw someone had beat me to sending it to you (always a day late and a dollar short). I do appreciate your kind words and your great sense of humor! And, we are of like mind on #5 of your list...wish everyday began at about noon and ended around 2 in the morning!

Jovan said...

Theresa you are just so sweet! Thank you!

Sharon said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I will be back either this weekend or first of next week to pick these up and add them to my blog. I am so honored!! :)