Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yummy... Cookies....

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!
How's your week going so far? Mine?
It's alright... Trying to design some more
cards... Making a grocery List and deciding
what day I should have my Cricut Class on....
Nothing exciting... just a normal Day! hehehe
I got a Challenge card for ya! :o)  Over at
Their "Challenge me Monday" is to
make a Shape Card! Something other than
a square or rectangle!
And over at http://jitterbugginchallenge.blogspot.com/
They have the same challenge!
Sooo I'm submitting this card into both Challenges! :o)

 I also forgot to mention
in yesterdays post that I was able to make 4 of those
baby boy cards... Yup enough strips for 4 cards... that's
pretty good use of some scraps... Right?
Well... on with today's card!

I thought it would be fun to make a shape card
with one of my Favorite Sesame Street
Characters! Cookie Monster!!! :o)

I used my Design Studio and Welded
Cookie Monster together...
Everything is Stampin' Up
Cut @ 5 1/4" He just barely fits into
a regular A2 size Envelope...
I used the Shadow feature to weld together
Then used the Reg. Feature, Body/white Feature,
Layer1/Layer 2 Feature, Layer 3/Extra Feature
I then inked up everything for a shadow effect...

 Of course I used the Blackout feature for the
white card stock inside the card... this way
I could write something on the inside.... :o)
 Well... That's my shape card for this challenge....
I hope you guys participate too... The Challenge
ends at Midnight on March 6th for the Fantabulous blog
and the Jitterbuggin' Challenge ends tonight I believe
so hurry up and get your cards in! :o)
I know I was gonna post another scrap card...
but decided to do the challenges instead... tomorrow
I'll have another scrap card for ya! :o)
Thanks for stopping by! Have an


Sharon said...

Oh how adorable he is!!!! I've always like Cookie Monster, too! He likes cookies, like I do! LOL I try not to eat them like he does, though. I hate to have to clean up the mess! HaHaHa I know you are bummed about someone else doing the same card as you. Try to think of it as great minds think alike. I know, easy for me to say...... Wow, 4 cards from those stripes. Awesome!! You go girl!!! Have an awesome day!!! :)

Lisa said...

Very cute card! I LOVE Cookie Monster!!! Thanks for playing along with us at FCCB! :o)


Maquel said...

Too cute! Great job on your card!
Thanks for joining us this week at FCCB!!


BugBites said...

Nice job. This is a great card.
Thanks for joining us and playing along at FCCB.

Emily said...

This is adorable!!

Jamie said...

Adorable!!! Thanks for joining us this week at FCCB!

girlia said...

This card is AMAZING!!!

Sherri said...

Wonderful job on this card.....it turned out perfect!!

Thanks for Jitterbuggin'!

iluvmybugs said...

What a fun card Theresa...love Cookie Monster!!!

Dana said...

Very Cute. Do you think Cookie Monster will share his cookies with me? Thanks for playing along at FCCB.