Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Frame Welded...

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Boy... I've missed ya! :o) Well I'm back from
my trip up North and I was actually without a computer the
entire time.... I think I was having withdrawals... :o)
I 'm glad I went to check out the school my son will
be attending in the fall and help him look for an apartment
as well.... They had some really nice places and some not so
nice places.... I'm sure you all can relate to that! :o) We then
went further North to get some much needed shopping done...
And not the crafting kind I would have liked to do but shopping
none the less! We even stopped for my Husband to get his eyes
examined... After his test he was not happy to hear what the
Optometrist had to say.... He needs Bifocals!!! Yes I said it and
he's not gonna be happy I wrote that... but it's the truth! He thinks
because he needs them that he's getting OLD! I laughed of course because
that is soooo not true... My husband has always had poor vision and knowing
that he need Bifocals really didn't surprise me... I'm just glad it will help him
to read items better... My son and I had to tease him of course... It was just fun
to watch him get all upset over glasses... To me that's nothing compared to all
the medical issues he has faced over the last 7 years.... So this is a walk in the park!
 I'm gonna dedicate this post to him! I made a home decor project last week
and I wanted to post it to show you... Here it is and I hope you like it! :o)

Can you believe it... I used my GYPSY on this project!
I know, I know, SHOCKER! For me to! LOL
Any who... here's the specks:

Cartridges - George & Basic Shapes
(Shane & Rectangle Shape)
Lacy Labels (Shape #5 on keypad)
Happy Hauntings (Backside stand)
Shift, Layer 1

Here is a side view for ya, to see the stand in action!
I used chipboard for the frame and stand
Got it from the back of a DCWV stack!
Designer Paper is the NEW My Mind's Eye
Stella & Rose (Gertie)

Here is the back to show you that I took Shane's
name and flipped it in the designer paper...
I didn't want any chipboard to show, so I also covered
the back and the stand as well....
The picture is 4x6 and it's a picture of
Shane from our cruise we took a couple of years ago!

Well... that's it for me today! I gotta get 16 cards
done for my card swap tomorrow... Yes I know I'm
a SLACKER!!! But trust me... it will get done! :o)
Thanks for stopping by and thanks everyone for
leaving me comments... I so enjoy reading them! :o)
Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

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Sharon said...

Oh Theresa, I just don't think I would call you a slacker!! You've been away and noone can get things done that way!! Glad your little trip was enjoyable. Love the frame with Shane's name across the top!! I'm proud of you using your Gypsy to design it!!! Way to go!! You did awesome!!! :)