Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zucchini, Corn, Cucumbers, and a CARD!

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone! I have lots
of pictures to show you today! :o)
I told you about my wonderful neighbor.... Dave the Corn man (As we call him)! He was kind enough to bring me some Corn, Cucumbers and a HUGE Zucchini for my family to enjoy..... Well I thought the zucchini would be great for a casserole I like to make so of course I said yes to bringing one over... I had NOOOO Clue it was gonna be sooo big! I didn't know what to do with it at first.... then I thought Zucchini Bread... Why Not? Sooo I'm planning on going away for a family reunion and this week has been very busy even today is busy... Soooo I spent the ENTIRE day Yesterday baking Bread, bread, and more Bread! I Made 18 loaves of Zucchini bread with this 1 gigantic Zucchini.... And YES that is a lot of bread!!! Soooo we ate the first loaf and I wrapped the second loaf up for my wonderful neighbor who brought it over to me..... and well the rest.... They are all going with me to this Family reunion..... It's a good thing I have an SUV! LOL Soooo here are the pictures of the Veggies he brought me..... and further down from that will be today's Halloween card that I made! :o)

Here is the Corn before I took the Husks off....

Here is the corn after words.... YUMMY!!!
I had to toss out 2 of the corns cause the worms ate through them pretty bad...

Here are the (2) Cucumbers he gave us....
I gave one to my mom... she loves cucumbers!

This may not look big in this picture....
But trust me when I say it was....
Think about it... 18 loaves of bread was made with this sucker! :o)

OK... Here are 10 of the loaves.... (2) are in the oven at this time and we at (1) and gave one to Dave the Corn man! I still had (4) loaves to go and this picture was taken at 8:15pm last night! I started baking at 10AM and I finished after 11PM... I told ya I would be busy! LOL
They are real tasty though.... They taste more like a cake than a bread... It will be a LOOONNNGGG Time before I want to make this bread again!
On with the card!!!!!

Here is my Card for today!!!! Finally!!!
Thanks for reading this far! :o)
This card was made with (3) cartridges...
All Card stock and Ink (Stampin' Up)
Designer Paper (K&Co)
(Happy Haunting) cut @ 1 1/4" from the Happy Hauntings Cartridge Pg.46
(All of the colored circles) cut @ 1 1/4" from George & Basic Shapes
(9 Spooky Characters) cut @ 1 1/4" from the Pumpkin Carving Seasonal Cartridge
NOTE: ALL 9 Characters were cut out with Core'dinations Black Magic CS

And of course a side view.... To show the Dimensionals that I used.....
I was going to cut them out (2x's each) but they are soooo small and they were hard to cut
at that size, that I thought I better just stick to (1 cut) :o)
Well as I said... I have a very busy day ahead of me,
laundry, packing and such.... I will be gone all weekend and
I should have a Fall card posted on Monday for ya..... It's a pre-post....
I hope you all have a WONDERFUL LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!
Miislucky should have something to show you!
Thanks for taking a peek, let me know what ya think!


Sharon said...

Beautiful corn!! Great cucumbers and that zucchini is big!! Eighteen loaves of bread! WOW!!! You have been busy. How in the world did you get a card made?! Looove the card! The hand in the middle looks like it is saying, 'Hey, look here at me in the middle!' Have a wonderful weekend at the reunion. Ours is the next weekend. Can't hardly wait. We didn't have one the past 2 yrs. Be safe and careful!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Veggies are gorgeous. And that bread looks so good. I love your card. Aren't the new Halloween carts fantastic? Hope you have a great time this weekend.