Thursday, June 17, 2010

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts...

Happy Thursday Everyone! I don't have a card for ya....but I have my donut story to tell...:) Ok, so like I said yesterday I was trying to make homemade donuts.... And the recipe that I had gotten from (I think) was suppose to be rather easy (so I thought)..... The recipe said you can make the dough in your bread machine and I thought GREAT! And the reviews were just under 5 stars soooo I thought noooo problem... this should be great right.... WRONG!!! Ok I tried to make my first batch the day before yesterday and it took longer than what the recipe says.... according to the recipe it should take a total of 1 hr. 35 min. to make... well my dough cycle is 1hr. 24 min. and that's the 1lb. setting... ok sooo after doing all of that I have to let it rise....well my donuts would not rise very much and I fried them anyway and that's how we got our BRONUTS! You know bread/donut blend.... at least that's what my son said... Sooo I was going to try it again that day and then my Bread Machine decided not to work..... seriously! Sooo I started to freak out and went online to see if there was a fix for it.... well come to find out that my particular machine has an electronic glitch??? HUMMM Didn't know that and I've had this machine for like 3 yrs. now... anyway they said to let it sit over night and see if it works... and sure enough today I got my machine working again! YEAH!!! Ok... so I proceed to put the ingredients in again thinking I had it set on the 2lb. dough instead of the 1lb. and that was my problem... NOPE! I made my second batch and it came out the same as the first! I was like WTHeck???? SOOO This time I tried it by adding bread flour instead of the all purpose flour it called for and I didn't wait an additional 20 mins. like it said I just rolled out the dough and then let it rise 30 min. in my oven at 175 degrees... and well that seemed to work... here is a picture of the dough after I got it to FINALLY RISE!  :)

Ok the recipe said I can make 16 you see 16 donuts? NOOO of course not... I got (9) 3 1/2" good ones and (1) 2 1/2" one and then a SAD ball my hubby said to make... :)
More pictures below...

This is what they looked like after I fried them up in my deep fryer... a nice golden brown.. I was starting to get happy they looked like donuts! :) well sort of anyway! hehehe

Then I used a glaze recipe I found online as well.... the glaze recipe said I could glaze 25 donuts...well I got to glaze these with it and that's it! I guess if I were only to glaze the tops I might have gotten more with that...but I didn't have more... hehehe
More pictures below....

This is my cute 7 year old trying out Moms donuts for the first time....

                             This is my 15yr. old son giving me the thumbs up on my donut.... :) Even thought this took me 3 tries to get it somewhat right...  I think I will try another recipe I seen online to see if that makes a difference.... It won't be in my bread machine this next time... but I think I'm done trying to make donuts for the rest of this week.... I know once I get the hang of it they will get better... Just like anything else we try and do, the more we do it the better we will be... Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Donut Making 101! LOL - I hope you all have a terrific day, I know I will! :)

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  1. Oh Theresa! I've loved your donut stories!!! So funny!! Keep trying and you'll be the best donut maker in town!!! Have an awesome day! :)